Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year was way fun! We spent Thanksgiving day with my family here in St. George. My aunt and her husband & cousins came over to eat, we also had our roommate Keli'i come with us as well! We went over early in the day like around 10 - I had to be there so I didn't miss out on any of the Macy's Parade :) We then helped watched as my parents cooked! It was a delicious meal as always.

After we stuffed ourselves we went down stairs to enjoy my parents 'new theatre room' and so we watched The Grinch - love this Christmas movie! As I was in my turkey/food coma I enjoyed my kick off to the holiday season.. Afterwards we all stuffed ourselves again with some delicious pie and then topped off the day with a little hot tubbing. It was an amazing day and I really enjoyed the time spent with my family. This year was a little easier on everyone I think because we all knew it's my brother's last Thanksgiving that'll him miss, and we had more people to surround ourselves with than we did last year.

Adam & I decided not to split our day up with both families and decided we would spend time with his family through out the weekend, which made it a little easier on us.
My mom, sister & I decided to brave Black Friday sales and attempt to go shopping! I had the day off from work and so I really wanted to go out and see what the stores had. All the stores here in town opened up around midnight, but I wasn't going to miss out on that much sleep, so we decided to just leave at 5:30 a.m. the next morning. We did a ton of shopping! We went to Target first (they had nothing exciting) Krumpets (got tons of cute Christmas decorations 1/2 off) Kohls(cute slippers & leggings), Shoe Carnival (such cute shoes), the mall & outlet stores.. we got done around 3 that afternoon and I was just about dead. I was so tired.. All in all though, it was a successful day! My mom got a lot of good Christmas presents and we got smokin' deals :) That evenings we decided to go see Breaking Dawn (Twilight).  I haven't read any of the books but I do love the movies. It was really good, except for all the blood.. I almost barfed. We then ate tons of leftovers that night and I was falling asleep at like 8 - ha ha such a long day!

On Saturday we went over and had breakfast & leftovers with Adam's family. Their house is always a lot more busier with the 4 little kids, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I was really glad to be able to see them. That night Adam & I went over to see my parents again and I got to help decorate the gorgeous Christmas tree which was a ton of fun! :)

Sunday I had one of my really good friend's baby blessings in Cedar. I was so happy I got to go and see them for a little bit. Their boy is so adorable I almost die everytime I see him :) That night I decided to put up all my Christmas decorations. More on that to come :)

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and are getting into the Christmas spirit!


Thankful #23

Thankful #23

Today I am thankul that my mom is my best friend..
Seriously without her I do not know where I'd be.
She is the best mom in the whole word and the greatest
friend. I love spending time with her and learning more and
more from her. I am so grateful to be so close
to her and have such a great relationship :)


Thankful #19-20-21-22

Wow I am really playing catch up today with my 'thankfuls'

Thankful #19
I am thankful for my grandparents! I am so lucky to have
all 4 of my grandparents alive and healthy. I am also
blessed to be able to see them mulitple times in the year
even though they both live about 12 hours away :(
I don't see my dad's parents very often at all, but I am
so lucky to have them still around. And I love the close relationship
I have with my Grandma Betty (mom's mom) I love her!

Thankful #20
I am thankful for softball.. yes yes I know.. I can't believe I'm saying it either
but I am really grateful for all the awesome friends we have made through
Adam's love of the sport. I actually don't hate
spending some of my weekends supporting him & hanging out
with sweet wives! I love all the friends we have made
and gotten close too. I also am grateful for softball
because of the happiness I see in Adam when he's playing, 
planning and obviously winning. :)

Thankful #21

I am thankful for sleep. Yes I know kind of a silly thing, but I love
my sleep. I am so grateful for a good nights rest and I'm so thankful that
I have no trouble sleeping :)

Thankful #22

Today I am thankful for family traditions. I am so happy that my family
has so many fun family traditions and I love partcipating
in them all! Without family traditions life would be so boring!
I love our traditions around Christmas time, I love our tradition of going to
Vegas for New Years, I love the birthday traditions, I love our 4th
of July traditions and summer trips.
yep, I love traditions.


Thankful #18

Thankful #18

Today I am thankful for the WEEKENDS! :)
I am so thankful for my weekends..I love the ones that are packed with activities
and ones that are just relaxing and boring..
I am a pretty big 'planner' and so I usually like to plan out
the weekends.. but even when I don't plan anything
they always seem to be enjoyable.
I am thankful I have my husband, family and great friends to spend
my weekends with :)


Thankful #17

Thankful #17
Today I am thankful for all the small & simple things in life...
for those are what ends up mattering most.
I really do believe that the small things end up
making the biggest difference to us.
Small kind words, funny texts, mini vacations, nice notes..
A friend calling you and letting you know she is buying you
lunch today :)..
My husband making sure the T.V. is set to the exact channel I want
it in the morning so I don't have to change it when I wake up...:)
encouraging texts & words of wisdom:)
I truly am grateful for these great little things every day


Thankful #15 & Thankful #16

Thankful #15
Today I am thankful for music!
I love music and love dancing and singing!
I'm so happy we have music in our lives..
can you imagine if we didn't have any music?

Thankful #16
Today I am thankful for my brother who is serving an LDS mission.
I'm so thankful he is out there sacrifcing his time for 2 years
for our church. I am so thankful for his great
example in my life.. and I miss him like crazy!
Almost to his 6-more-months-to-go mark! :)

Just a few pictures before he left!


Thankful #13 & Thankful #14

Thankful #13

I am thankful for cloudy and rainy days! I think I like them because
they are so rare here in St. George where I live. I love waking up
and having a lazy Saturday or Sunday with a cloudy and rainy day!
It's so fun to be able to enjoy nice thunderstorms and beautiful
cloudy days! :)

Thankful #14

Today I am thankful for all of our changing seasons.. especially fall.
I LOVE fall and I am always wanting to drive around and see all
the pretty changing leaves. I'm glad that they don't disappear so quickly
here and I get a chance to enjoy them. I'm so grateful that mother nature
lets us have such beautiful seasons.


Las Vegas - Softball AFA Worlds 11/05-11/06

Last weekend was another worlds softball tournament for Adam.
Luckily, it was just down in Vegas for two days so it wasn't too
The team did okay, they took 5th or 6th I think!
We have gone every year now for the past three years. This year was actually
a lot of fun! We ended up staying with half of the team at the same place and
had a lot of fun hanging out. BUT I really enjoyed it because I got to spend
a lot of quality time with Adam, which is rare when we have a team
of 12 guys + wives etc. :) We had a lot of fun together, and I had a
lot of fun with all those wives (as I usually do) despite the fact
that it was absolutley freezing and like 40 degrees in the morning.
Here are a few pictures of the trip...

Adam doing his thing!

Traveling home.. w/ our little roomie Kelli'i!

Beautiful view of the snowy mountains

Thankful #11 & Thankful #12

Thankful #11

Today, Yesterday I am thankful for those who are currently fighting
and who have fought for my freedom. I am forever grateful for their continued sacrifices
for all that they do and have done for our country. I am so
thankful to be living in a place where we cherish our freedom and
especially today since it is Veterans Day I am so grateful for all those
fighting for that cherished freedom.

Thankful #12
Today I am thankful for my education.
I have been blessed to have gone to school and received my bachelors.
I am thankful that I endured those 4 1/2-5 years to receive that degree.
Education and knowledge is so very important and is one of the
few things that can never be taking away from us.
I am thankful for learning, and I actually cannot wait until I can go back
to school for my masters. :)
(i know crazy, right?)

Thankful #9 & Thankful #10

Thankful #9

Today I am so thankful for my cute little dog, Montana!

Thankful #10
Today I am so thankful for my job! I have been blessed to work at
an awesome place with great hours and a really cool boss!
I don't think I want to work there forever but I am so grateful to be working there
now. It really is the best job for me right now!


Thankful #7-#8

Okay so maybe I am going to do two posts every other day..
An every -day post shouldn't be so hard right?

Thankful #7
Today Yesterday I am thankful for my sweet ride..
I am glad that I have a nice/decent car that gets me from point A to
point B and keeps me warm and cozy
in the winter months & nice a cool
on the summer days! :)

Thankful #8
Today I am thankful for holidays!
Every holiday matter of fact. I love that I get to celebrate
some awesome holidays and take in all the fun
traditions. What would I do without holidays? I love decorating
for them, I love thinking about them, I love celebrating them!
I'm so glad that there is always something to look forward too
and an excuse to indulge in delicious foods or fun activities!


Thankful #5-#6

Thankful #5
(promise not to post all of them together)

Today I am so thankful for the beautiful place I get to call home.
I love St. George.
Yeah it's small and lacking on good shopping, but I still
love the environment and I am always excited and happy to
see it when I get back home. I am hopeful that I will get to
raise my own family here and that they will grow to
love it like I do!

Thankful #6

Today I am so thankful for the wonderful church I belong to!
I am forever grateful for a strong father & mother who held close to their values
and covenants. I'm especially thankful to my mom for
choosing to go to church on her own and getting baptized
at 12 years old. I'm so glad that her and my dad
were able to choose the temple and to have their future
 family sealed together.
By their examples their children have stayed close to the gospel & have
received all the wonderful blessings. I'm so glad to have the
gospel in my life and for it's continued guidance
it gives me. I would be so lost without it.
I am grateful for my strong testimony and
glad that I live so close to great church buidlings and
a beautiful temple.


Thankful #3--#4

Thankful #3
Today (really yesterday) I am so thankful for my hubby!
He's my best friend, always makin me laugh and being goofy!
I am so lucky everyday to have found my eternal companion.
(Obviously my list is in no particular order, but he's definitely there at the top)

Thankful #4
Today I am so thankful for technology.. mostly my iPhone! :)
I know for a fact I would be lost without it. I am so thankful to live in a world where technology is
always evolving and changing. I am so thankful I have
the ability to connect with people far away and always stay connected
no matter what! Where would we be without all of our tech-devices? seriously?


Thankful #2

Thankful #2

Today I am thankful for good health.
Not only for my own good health, but also my family's good health.
I am so thankful that I can still do all the things I love and
be active.
I am grateful that my family members are still healthy and active as well.
I think health is something we should never take for granted and
really strive to stay healthy and active. I am blessed to have great people
surrounding me and helping me stay healthy. 

Thankful #1

Thankful #1
(decided to do my 'thankfuls' for the month of November)

I know I am already a day behind, but whats new? :)
So today for day 1 I am thankful for obviously family & friends!
I do not know what I would do without certain special people in my life...
I love my family. family is most important by far!
I am so blessed to have my mom & dad as best friends..
I seriously don't go a day without talking to my mom.
I am very lucky to have wonderful sib's who love me constanlty..
& I'm thankful for a great new in law family who loves me so much.
I seriously am blessed.
I am also thankful for great great friends.. ones I've had FOREVER and
ones I've only had a few years, but I'm so blessed to have and still have
great friendships that are so important to me!

Thankful's :)



This year my mom took our whole family to Thriller at Tucahan.. if you haven't been you need to go.
It's so awesome! A few years ago Adam & I went with a few of our friends and loved it, and then this year my mom and dad wanted to go.
It's a really funny/creepy show, but I would say a must for the Halloween season.
For the actual Halloween night Adam & I didn't really do anything.. yep we are boring. We sat at home with a few friends and watched one of my favorite movies.. Hocus Pocus! And I did get one group of trick-or-treaters, better than the usual - 0, so that was fun! Maybe next year we will do a Halloween party?! I have always wanted to throw one!
I am kind of sad Halloween is over.. I do like this holiday, but that just means I am that much closer to my most favorite holiday every.. Christmas! :)

...bring on the Christmas music & my favorite..N'SYNC Christmas C.D.