Baby Boy Shower..

 I had my baby shower on Saturday, March 1st! 
It turned out so cute and was so fun! 
One of my best friends Krystal put it all together
with the help of my mom and sister! 

She did the cutest decorations and
my mom made the cutest treats. 

Doing last minute decorating.. 

Presents & Presents and Games & Games.. 

This cute little elephant is from Taylor! 
It's for tummy time and it's the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. 

Baby boy sure got spoiled that day! 
I feel so lucky to have all these great family and friends! 
it was so fun to see everyone and to see all the fun
things they got for our little guy.
He got a lot of clothes and blankets..
His grammy Meserve sure spoiled him (& me)
by making several minky blankets, receiving blankets
burp cloths and bibs! 

It was such a great day with all the people I love! 

Happy Grandma's

This girl knows how to throw a shower.. and 
how to totally spoil us! 

The boys came by after to see the presents and help load the car..

Twins! Love my dad! 

My hubby looks so good! 

It was such a great day! I couldn't of asked for a better shower.
I was lucky enough to have my Holden family come down and stay 
at our house. My sweet sister in law totally helped me go through
all of our gifts and decide what we needed/wanted to keep.
It was great to have them around and be a part of this special time! 

We only had to get a few additional things but even after our shower
we've had people send gifts and that has been so incredibly thoughtful! 
I think baby boy is pretty set now for awhile at least! 
We feel so blessed to have great family and friends around us
and we know we are in for a wild ride, but can't wait! 
As we've gotten closer and closer we are both
feeling excited and nervous! 
We can't wait to go from a small family of 2 to a 
crazy family of 3.. (oh plus 2 dogs, oh geez!) 

We just can't wait to meet our little man.. 

Life in the Making: 35 Weeks..

35 Weeks! 
 Alright no picture this week! 
This last week totally flew by for me
so unfortunately I never got around to taking
a picture.. but believe me I'm still huge :)

So we are 35 weeks.. 5 weeks to go or less :) 

I had my 34 week check up this week
technically I was 34 weeks and 6 days so basically 35 weeks. 
I had to do the Group B Strep test and already get my cervix checked.
Not a good experience.
It hurt like hell to get checked.
I was not expecting it to be that painful..
I thought just like a pap smear
but no it was much more intrusive. ha.
Everything at the appointment went great though.
I got checked for Strep B so I'll wait and see what that says
and I am not dilated at all.. which she says is good
considering I'd be 5 weeks early 
but she did say that baby's head is down
so that is good. 
She said she loves when babies come at like 38 weeks
but not any sooner (or later for my benefit)
Luckily blood pressure and weight and everything is fine
and I don't have any complications.
I'm so grateful! 
I've heard other stories so I am just glad that he is 
growing and being the perfect little babe already..
hopefully he is when he is out as well :) 

I got my tdap/whooping cough shot last week.
It didn't hurt at all but the day after my arm
was so sore! I am glad I got it.
Adam also got his so that makes me feel good.
I did instruct the grandmas/possibly grandpas to get it to.

This boy sure has been squirming a lot lately.
Usually I can see my belly move from one side to the next as
he wiggles and rolls. 
It's really awesome! 
And we love distinguishing his little body parts as they
protrude out! 

This week we decided to get some maternity pictures taken.
The girl we did them with was so nice and fun! 
I am hoping they'll turn out good for a pregnant woman at least
and I'll love having them as a memory! 

I have been having more aches these last few weeks.
I love my heat pad.. it's ahhhmazing. 
And my inner left knee has been really achy and sore lately.
Especially while trying to sleep.
Oh the joys of these last few weeks! 

Everyone keeps telling me that I'll come early
and they can't imagine me going close to my due date or after..
but I am scared if he decides to come late and I am
having to deal with all these lovely symptoms for 4 more weeks.
Only time will tell! 

Well I'll do a better update at 36 weeks! :)


Life in the Making: 34 Weeks..

34 Weeks..
and boy is baby boy growing! 

I really can't believe that I can meet this little guy 
pretty much at anytime! 
I have so many emotions about it.
I'm so nervous and anxious about the delivery
and about afterwards and bringing him home..
But I'm also super excited to meet him and see
what he looks like and to make sure he's as healthy as can be.

I'm so happy I got the chance to be pregnant.
It's been such an exciting time in our lives.
I have been so blessed with a easy pregnancy
and with having the joy of carrying a child.
I have definitley complained as I've gotten bigger
and A LOT more uncomfortable
but in hindsight I am so glad I got to be pregnant!

We just can't wait for this little addition 
and surely have a lot of stressors and worries already! 

34 weeks has been relatively good for me!
I am feeling so huge and uncomfortable though
I have a really hard time getting up and down out of the
couch or our bed or the truck.
We bought an F250 a few weeks ago and traded
our chrysler 300 in. 
We both really like it a lot but it has a big lift on it
so it is hard to get up and down and out of that thing
Adam has to boost me up into the truck. 

I have been experiencing more Braxton Hicks 
the last week or so. 
They are not painful it's just like mild cramping
For me, my whole stomach does not tighten or anything
like I've heard some peoples does. 
They have been consistent in the fact that I have a few each day..

I have my first appointment tomorrow where they will 
check my cervix. 
I am nervous for that appointment just because
I have no idea what to expect or what it'll feel like.
My  mom told me that at her first cervix check her water broke
that night with me and I came 3 weeks early. 
I am hoping that is not the case for me
as I am only going to be 35 weeks this week! 
I also don't feel quite ready yet.. I don't know why!
We have most everything we need for him
I guess mentally I need to prepare for all that is to come! 
Of course I am sure you can't do much 'preparing'.

Whenever Adam and I run to Walmart for something
we always end up wandering through the baby section. 
We have gotten a few random things for him these last few
trips we have gone there.
Adam picked out a onesie and a cute little rattle.
We also like to look at everything we will be getting him
like all the fun toys and cute clothes as he gets older.
It sure is feeling more real and real everyday! 

I really can't believe that in 6 weeks or less.. he could be here! 
People.. this is getting real.

He sure did lots of rolls and stretches this week.
One night we were sitting eating dinner and I was kind of laying
back on our couch when he decided to be incredibly 
bouncy in my belly.
Adam was watching it like, holy crap! 
He would bulge out one side of my tummy and 
then the other.. He was kind of going crazy for a minute
and I loved every minute of that! 
I'll definitely miss feeling these fun movements of this 
little life inside of me! 

I haven't had any complications so far.. thankfully
and I am still feeling good besides feeling huge and uncomfortable.
I noticed the last few days my hands have started to swell more.
Yesterday they felt really swollen and chubby but have since gone down.
The peeing in the middle of night is getting ridiculous. 
I'll usually get up around 12-1 a.m., 2 a.m., and then 5 a.m.
Its crazy! 

I have started packing my hospital bag.
I really thought I would be the type to have it packed by 20 weeks
but for some reason I was just so lazy getting it ready.
I threw in a few things but know that some things will have to 
be thrown in as we are leaving.
My lovely friend, Kris loaned me some of her nursing tanks
and nursing sports bra to wear, which is awesome.
I was wanting to go out and buy some but that was so helpful
She also gave me a bunch of things she didn't or hardly used
that will help in recovery. 
I have made a major master list of things to pack and have 
for when I'm home. 
I have a little controlling personality and am usually pretty organized
so I want to have everything ready to go before he comes
although I'm realizing that might not be the case. 
I wanted to do a huge Costco trip and pile up on things we need
but we will see if we have time for that! 
Although my mom keeps reminding me that I'll want out of the house
and Adam can watch him while I run errands or something..
and I can always call people to bring me things. 
I guess my weird personality is not able to plan these things out
as much as I would like, because you just don't know what to expect. 

My parents and sister were gone in Hawaii last week for Spring Break.
I for some reason was very anxious all week
.. just thinking baby don't come now.
So needless to say I am glad that they are back and are not leaving
on another trip until after he's born.

I've noticed lately a few of my shirts do not fit anymore or are just too tight.
I am depressed about that, but I guess he's just deciding to grow a ton right now.
I haven't had any big cravings either. 
I mean I still stock up on ice cream, so my husband will say ice cream.
Oh and I guess as the weather has gotten nicer outside
I have wanted a slurpee/icee for some reason at Maverick..
which is kind of weird for me..
And I did have a big craving for Cafe Rio this last weekend..
it was SO good.
So I guess a few cravings this week :) 

We took a cute family photo this week too.
Minus my face and Adam..
Aren't we all cute? belly and all! 

Date: March 17, 2014
How far along? 
34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: well I've started to not track/care at this point.
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? oh yes. :(
Sleep: Honestly I kind of dread it because I can't ever get comfy or it just takes awhile.. And I am up like every two hours for the bathroom..
Best moment this week: Running to Walmart with Adam and getting a few random baby clothes just because we can.. And Adam working on his project for the nursery for our babies name.
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss anything? Being able to do things around the house more like I'm used to. . and feeling comfortable getting up and down.. It's just such a chore now.
Movement: yeah! I will see my belly rolling around here and there and that's fun to see him moving now and feel it. I love when Adam feels it and talks to him.. melts my heart.
Food cravings: I really wanted an Icee the other day but other than that not really.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No. I've been so lucky about that.
Other pregnancy symptoms: soreness.. Like getting up after sitting for awhile or getting out of bed.. it takes awhile to adjust and have the stiffness where off. My belly is stretched to the max to and hurts really bad around my belly button! This babe is pushing hard on that stomach of mine. . My stomach is itchy too even though I put cream on it and everything. Still experience some back pain after a long day or my feet just really hurting.. I always heat up a hot pad and that feels wonderful. I am also still swelling a bit.. my ankles and feet obviously, and a little bit in my hands, some days are worst than others.
Have you started to show yet: 
Gender prediction: Boy!
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks is really all that I've felt that is 'new'.
Belly button in or out?  In but so squished I can't even look at it.. it looks so weird.
Wedding ring on or off? Off :(
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy for the most part.. still getting my bouts of anxiety or stress!
How’s hubby doing?? He's doing well! He is just trying to be a part of everything and help me out as much as possible.
Baby preparations: Getting his clothes washed and put away .. getting my hospital bag packed this week! I am trying to work on getting that done. Finalize more stuff in the nursery!
Looking forward to: taking Maternity pictures.. Hopefully we can here in the next week or two! I am probably already too big and fat, but oh well :) 


Life in the Making: 33 Weeks..

33 Weeks 

Well I've made it to 33 weeks! 
Baby boy is measuring  around 4.2-5.8 lbs and
17-18 inches, he is measuring a week ahead 
but we will go off of '33' week measurements. 
He is still getting the hiccups here and there
which is so fun to feel! 
Dr. Winward said that is completely  normal and actually 
a really good thing! 

We had our 33 week visit on Thursday this week. 
Adam couldn't come because of work 
but it was pretty quick anyway
His heart beat was strong and so sweet to listen to!
I had been feeling period-like cramps
a few times this week and last
and she said that was Braxton Hicks and
it was totally normal and that 
they will get more intense as I get further along..
oh dear.
I have been retaining a lot more fluid
and my blood pressure was a little higher than last appt
but she didn't act concerned only if it gets worse as 
time goes on. 
I told her I was afraid of giving birth to a huge baby
and told her Adam was 9 lbs but I was only 6 lbs..
She just laughed and said hopefully he is a
happy medium in between you two.
And unfortunately by hospital law
cannot induce me until I'm a week past due..
Geez let's hope he doesn't want to come a week late and be huge.

At our next appointment on March 18 
They will check my cervix! 
I am kind of nervous, it'll be crazy to think I'm already getting this close! 
They also will check me for Group Strep B I think is what its called?
When my doctor was asking me about the baby's movement
I was telling her I think he's grown because now
I'm feeling more rolls, pushes, stretches etc. 
not so much kicks
and then she asked if I can feel 10 in two hours
which I really don't think I feel that many in two hours
or I'm not good to pay attention. 
So she suggested we do a fetal monitoring there at
the office for about 30 minutes.
I did that after the appointment.
I sat in a nice lazy boy recliner and they taped my belly up 
so they could hear his heart beat.
I did get to listen to his heart beat in a quiet room 
by myself for at least 30 minutes..which was awesome
I loved listening to it.
I was supposed to push this little button every time I felt something.
The nurse brought me back some orange juice to drink.
This helped to wake him up and
after about 20-25 minutes Dr. Winward came in and
said everything looked perfect and he was moving around
in there just normal. 
She said you can't make a 'good baby look bad or a bad baby look good'.
I'm so relieved everything looked normal.
I guess sometimes I think maybe I'm paranoid or something
but at least it gives me a piece of mind 
and the doctor suggested it..so I feel better! 
Adam's cousin Charity goes to Dr. Winward as well
and so I told her that and she absolutely loves Charity
and said oh your family is just the best anyone of them 
can come see me! 
It was cool. I feel like this appt has been one of my better ones
where I got a lot of questions answered and didn't feel rushed.

I have been really experiencing the 3rd trimester symptoms
of not being able to do like anything..
I am trying to keep up on my house work
but that is becoming difficult. 
Last night Adam and I went to Walmart and were probably
gone for like 1 1/2 hours or so
and I was struggling! ha! 
My feet, back and stomach was hurting.
I am sure feeling large and its really starting to take its toll.
I also can't really sleep.
I find I usually get up to pee around 12, 2, 4-5 and then I'm up by 6ish.
I guess that's how you get prepared for this little babe
to keep me awake all hours of the night.
It's getting really difficult to sleep at night and 
obviously to be comfortable. 
I have a body pillow so that does help and makes me feel better
our bed is so high up Adam sometimes has to push me
out of bed as I'm rolling out, haha its probably hilarious to watch.
I also am struggling to get in our little chrysler car.
I prefer not to drive that, its pretty difficult getting in and out of it.
Again, Adam has to help me out or push me to get out, haha..

Stranger comments have started getting a little annoying.
When we were at Walmart the cashier was chatty. 
She was nice though and said she never looked cute like me
when she was pregnant..
ha, have you seen cute? I haven't, thanks though.
But then she asked of course when I'm due, and 
oh you aren't going to make it to your due date.
You look so uncomfortable your probably going to go early.
You must have a really big baby  in there..
Asked how big Adam and I were and I said Adam
was a 9lb baby and she said oh well yeah I figured you were 
probably pretty big! haha, it was funny
but also kind of crazy! 
Then I was leaning up against a wall at work
and I was on the phone.
I see these two people walking down the hallway and
I think it was a mother and older son. 
And he says oh She's pregnant! and then I hear the mom say as she turns 
the corner from me, Oh glad that's not me! 
And then her son says be nice mom! 
It was weird! 
I wanted to get off the phone and be like yeah I'm pregnant.
what?! :)

I took a bath in my parents huge tub the other night.
It felt wonderful.
Adam even gave me a wonderful little pedicure..
No I can't have him paint my toes
but he did a decent job! 

I've had my baby shower already! 
It was amazing! 
I will do a separate post for that soon! 
We have gotten a lot of things we need for the nursery
and for baby boy! I feel a lot more prepared
but still have a lot of anxiety about the delivery
and just him coming I guess.
I'm obviously anxious good and anxious scared! 
Adam and I still have to organize and 
decorate the nursery a little bit 
but that stuff is kind of fun.. if I can find the energy to do it!
I'll post pictures of the nursery soon too once
we have accomplished something in the room! :) 

I have loved feeling this little man squirm in my belly.
I don't think I'll ever get sick of that. 
I love feeling him stretch and roll 
and make one side of my stomach protrude out and
become hard, its just fun and I will always cherish
the times I got to feel this little life growing inside of me! 

Date: March 7 2014
How far along? 
33 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  oh I think I am up 30 lbs... :( i am not going to look at the scale anymore.
Maternity clothes? Yep.. nothing else will fit!
Stretch marks? Yes.. I've had horrible stretch marks and it happened almost overnight.
Sleep: It's getting a lot harder to sleep. I think I might need a little step stool for my bed.. it's a little high and its getting hard to get on and off..
Best moment this week: Definitely my baby shower.. baby boy got spoiled.
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss anything? Just exercising a little bit (can't believe I'm saying that)ha!) and being able to just move without feeling so uncomfortable and huge! Like going to Walmart is exhausting and makes my whole body feel sore after being on my feet for so long.
Movement: Yes! In fact at my appt I had to monitor his fetal movement. . and he is moving around in there and his heart beat is strong! I kind of like this stage where I feel rolls and hiccups.. it's so fun.
Food cravings:Honestly, nothing really. I haven't been a real crazy pregnant person with my cravings.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing making me sick.. I've been so lucky to not feel any sickness.
Other pregnancy symptoms: very swollen feet and ankles these last few days.. which is uncomfortable. not being able to sleep. and having a hard time struggling to get in and out of chairs, cars etc. (all of these symptoms still like last week.. I guess these will probably stay the same for now) OH and I have been experiencing a few Braxton Hick contractions as well. 
Have you started to show yet: 
uh yeah..I guess I'm probably having 'a huge baby'.. ha as strangers say.
Gender prediction: little boy!
Labor signs: not yet.. but I have had a few small Braxton Hick contractions.
Belly button in or out? It's kind of in still but it's really stretched so I'm curious to see if it pops out.
Wedding ring on or off? Off...  I now am wearing my grandma's ring I got from her and it's pretty, it's adjustable too so that helps!
Happy or moody most of the time: happy most of the time! So excited to be having this blessing.. but then feeling extremely anxious for delivery and raising a child :)
How’s hubby doing?? Hubby is doing awesome. He is trying his best to take care of me and help me get around. He's really getting into baby  mode and got our car seat installed and has helped get some nursery stuff put away. he loved looking through all the gifts with me that was fun!
Baby preparations: Well after our baby shower we got a lot of stuff, thankfully! I also made a Target run this week with my mom and we got a few more items on the list that no one had purchased for us that we really need! He has a lot of blankets and clothes! :) I think we are basically ready except for doing preparations to the nursery.. It's getting more real and real everyday!
Looking forward to: A prenatal massage that I'm hoping to get in about a week! I seriously can't wait.. I want to be pampered haha. I am also looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend!


Life in the Making: 32 Weeks..

Happy 32 weeks! 

Time seems to just be whizzing by me still.
Everyone kept telling me 
"Oh wait till your 3rd trimester it'll creep by" 
but so far.. not for me! 
I still feel like I have so much to do! 

This week baby is the size of a squash measuring roughly 2.5 lbs to 3.8 lbs. 
I know my little man is on the bigger side of these numbers
since he was measuring 3 lbs about 2 weeks ago. 

The last few days I have had a very itchy lower belly
and I think even more stretch marks.
Is it possible to wake up with more of them just over night? 
I think that is happening to me.
Supposedly all my ligaments are expanding and stretching.
I still haven't bought any bigger shoes, but I am not opposed
to getting some. I feel like my feet are a little snug..
but they are also swollen so that is just pregnancy.

Over the weekend my wedding ring decided to fit very snuggly on my finger.
Friday night we had Ladd & Kris over to help put together our
new dresser and by the end of the night 
I could not get my ring off.. after chilling out for a minute,
running some cool water on it
I finally tugged it off .. so Saturday comes around
and I'm determined to wear it.
I wasn't doing anything or going anywhere until the afternoon
so I just put it on then and well Saturday night same thing happened again.
I could get it off but it was really tough and left a huge indentation on my finger.
I decided not to wear it the next 2 days.. and then try it again
Well it was fine getting on in the morning
but then got very snug again by like 10 a.m. so ..
it's off.. probably for good :( 
My mom said sometimes it can get so bad they have to cut your ring off.
I definitely don't want that, so I guess I am going to resort to wearing
a nice fake ring! My grandma gave me a few of her rings
and I really like this one that is expandable so that'll have to do! 

The last few days I swear my belly has dropped a little bit.
Even one of my friends said she thinks it looks like its dropped..
she then scared me to death telling me that the baby will probably
be here in like 3 weeks! whaaat? 
I'm obviously hoping he doesn't come that early, but I don't
mind a little bit early :) 

I'm getting more and more anxious for his arrival and the delivery.
I am just hoping that I won't be in a ton of pain 
and I'll be able to handle everything that comes my way.
I'm usually a huge planner and always have my own ideas of what 
I'm going to do or how it'll go..
For some reason with the delivery I am kind of just open to whatever
as long as he gets here healthy and I have an epidural. .ha yes, 
this is the biggest request I will have. . epidural and probably 
for me sooner the better. 
Some girls go into delivery though with a very definite plan 
and I've just been a bit more calm and think I'll just do what I 
have to do as long as I get those pain meds. 
I'm not against a c section completely but also do want to avoid one if I can.

I've ordered a few more things for the nursery. 
I ordered a cute little print off Etsy. I love Etsy! 
I also finally got our mobile arm and Adam assembled our elephant
mobile that I'm totally obsessed with! 
I hope the nursery will come together and look good! 
It'll be baseball/yankees/elephants.. haha hopefully he likes it.

I am having my baby shower tomorrow! I can't hardly wait! 
I'm so excited to see all my family and friends
and my cute dear friend Kris is throwing it for me
she's awesome and great at planning so I'm sure 
it'll come off without a hitch! 
I also found out that Adams mom, my sister in law Jen and Emily
will be coming and I'm so excited! 
Hoping it's a great day for me and baby boy! :) 

My belly getting squished against my desk at work now..
So fun :) 

Date: February 28th, 2014
How far along? 
32 1/2 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  oh I think I am up 30 lbs... :( :(
Maternity clothes? Yep.. nothing else will fit!
Stretch marks? Yes.. I've had horrible stretch marks and it happened almost overnight.
Sleep: It's getting a lot harder to sleep. Rolling over and finding a comfortable position is hard.. not to mention peeing like 4 times a night and feeling a lot of pressure on the bladder.
Best moment this week: Feeling a huge roll inside my belly! :)
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss anything? Yes.. I miss having the ability to stand for longer than like 10 minutes and to not swell up, ha, I also miss being able to clean my house fast and not be completely worn out!
Movement: Yeah.  I think he has grown these last few weeks and his movement has kind of changed to more like rolls where we will feel him in a certain area where its so hard, and then we still feel little jabs and stretches.. funnest thing ever!
Food cravings: ice cream has come back around. . haha but really nothing!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing making me sick.. I've been so lucky to not feel any sickness.
Other pregnancy symptoms: very swollen feet and ankles these last few days.. which is uncomfortable. not being able to sleep. and having a hard time struggling to get in and out of chairs, cars etc. 
Have you started to show yet: 
uh yeah.. people think I'm due a lot sooner than I really am.
Gender prediction: little boy!
Labor signs: not yet. I thought maybe I was having Braxton Hicks... but not sure if that is what I'm feeling.
Belly button in or out? It's kind of in still but it's really stretched so I'm curious to see if it pops out.
Wedding ring on or off? Off... :( Depressed. One weekend it just was really tight on my finger and I did not want to risk it any longer. So I now am wearing my grandma's ring I got from her and it's pretty, it's adjustable too so that helps!
Happy or moody most of the time: happy! overwhelmed though with all the planning I feel like I have to still do.. and once in awhile I get really grumpy towards Adam.. poor guy!
How’s hubby doing?? Hubby is doing pretty awesome. I think he is now realizing I can't do a whole lot on my own. he's very helpful, and makes sure I put my feet up a lot when I'm home. He also makes sure I'm eating healthy and I think hes getting way excited and anxious for out new adventure together.
Baby preparations: Well I have his nursery just about set up and ready to go.. we luckily have all our organizations stuff so I can start putting things away.. but then I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed realizing how much I need to buy still for baby boy.
Looking forward to: Baby shower!! I am so excited! One of my best friends Kris is throwing it for me and she's amazing so I can't wait.