First Vegas Softball Tournament of the Year

Well it was that lovely time again for softball to start up in Vegas. Thank goodness it was nice and warm and enjoyable for me! We decided to go down last Friday night and stay the night down there. We stayed at a Marriott out in Henderson/Green Valley area and it was SO nice! I loved the area. We also got to eat at the yummy Cheesecake Factory!

After dinner we did a little shopping and then called it a night since we all had to be at the fields early the next morning. The boys played on and off throughout the day. They did pretty well, coming in 4th. Wish they could have won the tourney though! It was a really nice afternoon but got chilly in the evening and I've realized how ghetto that part of Las Vegas is! Makes you grateful to come back to beautiful St. George!

The team did get new uniforms which I think look awesome! I love the blue/white/red.

Doing his coaching thing..

Here's to many many more blog posts about softball this year.. hopefully I don't bore anyone to death :) ha! It's always a good time though!


Blue Angels

So a few weekends ago I got the change to go see the Blue Angels here in St. George! I've never been to an air show before or seen the Blue Angels so I was super excited! Adam and I went with my whole family and had a blast. It's amazing what those pilots can do and how awesome those planes look!

This was a picture I got of the WWII plane and the raptor planes they use now.. crazy different right?

Dixie Regioinal Medical Center Life Flight

This is a shot of the huge plane they use for all sorts of things, but it's amazing how huge it is! 

It was really such a fun day and a great experience to see what all those planes can do! I was bummed that the weather turned windy and cold, but so glad I got to go and see them!


Nascar Race Weekend 3/10-3/11

Nascar weekend down in Las Vegas was March 9-11th! We went down Friday night and met my family down there. I always look forward to this weekend in the Spring. Not so much for the actual race part of it, but more just for the shopping and family time! I've been going down to Vegas every March now for.. I can't even remember.. since high school! When I got married Adam started coming along and now it's one of the many family traditions that I really enjoy..

Pulling into Vegas.. We stayed at the Gold Coast which is way out towards the west side of Vegas, but in a really nice area. Linzi came down again and I absolutely adore her! I love having her around.
 On Saturday we woke up and started on our shopping adventures. We, of course, had to stop at Krispy Kremes for my dad! Donuts are his favorite thing and we don't mind all caving in to his breakfast idea :)

 We spent a really long day shopping at the Outlets, Fashion Show Mall, and Town Square mall. It was a pretty successful day for Adam & I in the shopping department.. although I think Adam found more than I did! :(  We also had a fun lunch at P.F. Chang's.. never a dull moment with my dad!

These three were always waiting so patiently for the rest of us to finish up our shopping! :) Can you see Linzi?

At the end of Saturday we met up with Gabe's parents (Taylor's boyfriend and family came down Saturday on their way through town) We had awesome Mexican food, did a little gambling, and ate the best ice cream ever and then called it a night.

On Sunday Tay went off to California and missed the race ( she wasn't that sad )! We headed to the track just in time for some shopping at the trailers, for Adam to get a new Jeff Gordon get-up and for me to find a cute T-shirt of Kasey Kahne's.

Beautiful Vegas morning..

A little excitement this morning..

The race was a little boring this year.. as are most of them to me :) But we did have pretty good weather and it was fun just to be there!

The next Nascar Race Trevor will be home for! We just found out that he is set to come home July 14th! Can NOT wait!!

Until next time..


New Truck..

Well the time has finally come..

for a new truck!

This isn't the best picture but it does the job! We are super excited about this purchase.. because this  means no one has to drive our ghetto black truck! And we are so happy to have a second really reliable car! Not to mention Adam is loving it, since this is almost identical to what he got right before we were married! Anyway, had to document the new change! :)


March Madness..

The March Madness softball tournament was this weekend here in sunny St. George. I am loving this (almost) spring weather we are experencing. It's so close to being warm I can totally feel it! Friday night the tourney started for my hubby and it was completely freezing and quite miserable until some wonderful player brought us a portable heater. But Saturday morning we were up bright and early and enjoying much warmer weather. The boys played really well only loosing one game, and ended up playing in the championship game in the winners bracket and took 2nd place. They got a sweet trophy, shirts, and a team bat. Again had a blast with the wives and could not have lasted ALL day without them! I also got to see a few friends and a cute baby that I don't get to see very often, which always makes it more worth it! Besides softball we didn't have much else going. (I do have a small surprise hoping to post about tomorrow :) and No it's not a baby or moving or anything major like that..)

I love spending the weekends with my husband and couldn't imagine not being able to hang out together! I'm so grateful for his job and the time he has with me! :) Even though 1-2 weekends a month in the spring/summer are spent outside with softball, but I still usually end up having a blast (as long as wives are around & the weather is good) ha.

Attempting to sport my new fedora hat.. Hats aren't usually my thing, but it felt so nice and sunny outside I couldn't resist.

Just doing his coaching duties..

I brought Montana to a few games too and she loved every minute of it. She loves being outside and is a handful to say the least! but what would we do without her?

The boys got new jerserys (and of course are getting new everything now). I really like the colors.. navy and red.. but they are different.. ha. Isn't he just great in front of the camera? ha

Next weekend we are off to Vegas for the NASCAR race or as I like to put it a weekend of 'fun family time and shopping' - I'm not big into the NASCAR racing as Adam and my dad are but I love spending time with everyone and shopping in Vegas so I can't really go wrong either way! Can.NOT. wait for this work week to be over with! Please go by fast! :)

Hope you all are enjoying March so far!


Spring Fever..

Wow it's been awhile since I last posted.. Hello March!

We've been keeping ourseleves pretty busy over here! February has flown by and we are now into crazy March! March is going to be really busy.. we are definitely getting into Spring and I love it. Last weekend Adam had a softball tournament down in Mesquite on Saturday so we went down for that. It was actually a lot of fun and they ended up taking 2nd place. They had about 6 hours for a break in between games... absolutely ridiculous.. but on the bonus side we went to ghetto Virgin Casino and played our luck, ended up winning some bucks..

We then went on to play Keno. I've never played before we won like $11 bucks on this and it was SO boring. I think I was falling asleep when we were waiting for the numbers to be called out. Kind of like Bingo, but way more boring.

After our winnings we were able to go finish off the tourney. It was a really long day, but it was so fun being with the softball wives. They are such fun girls, I'm so glad I don't have to sit alone at these games! And... another bonus being outside in Mesquite.. I got my first little bit of a color this year! yay! :)