Hawaii.. and some.

Family Pictures we took out there!

Okay.. So it's been a few weeks since I have written anything on here! geez! My last post was right before we left on vacation for Hawaii. I LOVED it there. We flew in on Sunday May 30th and then flew home on Sunday June 6th. We went to the Dole Plantation (pineapple ice cream), the North Shore to the famous shaved ice place! :) We went snorkling a couple of times, played in the ocean, went to Waimea Valley and swam in the waterfalls. We also went to Pearl Harbor which was really awesome to go there with my grandpa and Adam. Adam loves loves history and historic sites and so it was way fun to go there with him! Then we shopped at the swap meet and got super cool stuff, and we saw some big turtles that were so cute! While snorkling Adam and I saw a huge turtle swimming right under me! It was THE coolest thing ever! I love snorkling! The island is so beautiful and the place we stay at is gorgeous also! It was so nice because Adam and I got our own room/bathroom/ and mini kitchen, and then my brother and sister got their own room/bathroom as well. The room also had a huge kitchen and living room and balcony. It was huge! I also celebrated my 23rd birthday out there! That day we went to Pearl Harbor and then to the swap meet, and then we ate dinner at this yummy mexican place! I also had a really fun night my last night there with Adam. We walked around the pretty pools on the hotel grounds and on the beach the night before we left and I drank the best drink ever.. a virgin lava flow.. amazing! :) I had such a great vacation I really did not want to come home! It was so nice to spend a week with my family, and also with my grandparents. They live in Colorado so I rarely get to see them! it was awesome!

I had got a tropical infection over in Hawaii. Look how gross that is! ewww! The last day we were there in Hawaii my feet and ankles started to swell up pretty bad and they were very itchy. By the time I got off the 5 hour plane ride I could barley walk because my feet/ankles and even my calves were soo swollen and tight! The next day luckily I didn't have work so I was able to stay home, but my feet were not getting better, it was horrible. By Tuesday I went to the doctor to figure out what was going on. He said it looked like a tropical infection I had contact on land somewhere. He gave me medicine and everything, but it still wasn't getting much better. They started to turn a really weird purple color and were still huge and fat! :( I had to call the doctor and then keep my feet elevated as much as possible. Last week I could only wear flip flops, nothing else fit my feet, and I had to keep them elevated as much as possible! By last weekend, the swelling went down, but they were still a very ugly purple color. This week they look better! They are defintiely back to normal size and are not soo purple either! it was the weirdest thing I have ever have! And... it sucked. I couldn't really walk because it hurt to walk and it was just so hard to not be able to wear any shoes really! I am soo glad they have gotten back to normal! :) yay!

This last weekend Adam played in a softball tournament in Heber City, so we went up and stayed in Park City for the weekend. It was soo fun and gorgeous up there! They came in 5th for the tournament, but it was fun to just hang out and be w/everyone up there! Trish and Tony and his parents came to watch some games, and then we went to dinner w/Trish and Tony and did some shopping!
Anyway- I think that about sums up these last few weeks! :)