Fathers Day ..

I am by far the luckiest girl to have this guy as a dad! 
I am a little behind on my Father's Day post but 
had to brag about my amazing Dad for a bit!
I was so happy I got to spend the day with him! 
We had a yummy BBQ and got to hang out together all day! 

My Dad is such an important person in my life.. and I tend
to talk more about my mother or post more pictures with her
but I sure love this guy lots! 

He has always been there for me when I needed him, has constantly
been a strong source for our family and has loved and loved! 
He's the most hard working and giving person I think I've ever met.. 
which are two qualities I adore.

I can always count on having a great time when I'm hanging out with him! 
I think we have the same sense of humor.. 
And I know we have similar 
personality traits because my family constantly reminds us of this. 
We always tease and laugh and joke or make fun of people 
and these times, as small as they may sound, mean the world to me! 
We can just give each other these 'looks' and laugh.. .
I am so happy to have such a strong relationship with 
one of the most important people in my life! 

I also didn't forget about my Father-in-law! I don't get to see or spend 
much time with him since he lives about 5 hours away.. 
but I do cherish the times I do get to see him. 
He's a really sweet, giving and loyal human being! 
I am sure glad my husband has him for a Dad and I get the chance
to have him as a Dad as well! 

Of course my cute husband isn't a Dad yet.. but one day he will make the 
best.. greatest Dad ever! 
I can't wait to be a witness to that! 


Adam's 27th

My sweet husband turned 27 on June 11th. 
Seriously, where is the time going? I can't believe we are getting this old.
We both can't seem to fathom almost being 30
not to mention going on 5 years of marriage.. 

I am not so sure Adam had a really fun birthday.. 
Our plans kind of kept changing as his day arrived. 
His parents were going to come the weekend before his birthday
and I had gotten really excited to have a mini-birthday celebration
with them, and then they ended up not making it down.
Which was pretty sad.. but we understood. 
I knew his birthday we would both be working...
those adult responsibilities are not fun sometimes! 
I was hoping he'd get off early and I could take him out to lunch  or something
but my Dad and brother ended up taking him out, which made me feel good.

Then that night of his actual birthday everyone had things going on.
Both of my siblings and their significant others had obligations,
all of our friends (who am I kidding our like 2 friends) 
were busy as well.. 
so...... It was me, Adam and my parents. . ha.

Luckily, Adam was a great sport about it. When we both got off
work we went to my parents house and had yummy pizza, opened some
gifts, went swimming for a few hours and then had some
delicious cake & ice cream. 

I am glad my parents were around to make his night a little 
more fun for us and help me give him some what of an enjoyable birthday! 

It really wasn't anything special, but I will take just being with him on
his birthday and knowing we are definitely 
'growing old' together! 



26th Birthday..

This year my birthday fell on a Sunday but that didn't stop
the celebrating!

I've always loved my birthday and have been blessed to have great birthdays..
but as you get older and older you realize how sometimes they just
aren't fun. I'm on the downward slope to 30 now.. but some people
say their 30's were their best years, so that is something to
look forward too :)
I'm sure one day I'll read this and really laugh at myself! 

The weekend of my birthday we went down to Las Vegas. 
It wasn't exactly planned for my birthday. 
My parents had a time share to use by a certain date and thought
it'd be fun to have all of us come down. 
It obviously worked out to my advantage though, since it did
fall on my birthday weekend. 

We left Friday night and ate at Ruth Chris ( I Think) It was delicious! 
They had the best sweet potato casserole stuff that I've ever
eaten in my entire life and no I'm not exaggerating. 
That night us girls went back to our room and let the boys
go out and gamble. I don't mind sitting and watching
or gambling a LITTLE bit but I'm not way into it and
hate when my money goes to waste! 

Not a bad view for my weekend.. 
We stayed at the Grand Chateau Marriott which is kind of behind
the Vegas strip.  For not being directly on the strip, it has pretty
awesome views. 

The next day we got up and did some shopping at the 
Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood. 
It was mostly a long day of shopping but I did find some real gems :)
I had been eye balling this purse all weekend and my hubby surprised me 
with grabbing it and buying it for me.. only the 100th time
I had picked it up! 

After our long day of shopping we headed to see
Shania Twain at Caesars. 
I was so excited! I love Shania and grew up listening
to all her songs! I still had them all memorized! 
She put on a great show! My whole family attended except
my Dad who decided he would just gamble instead! 
I loved her show though and all the songs she performed! 

After Shania we were all starving and decided to go to Cheesecake Factory
since it was so close to us. 
It was super delicious as usual, but unfortunately we were all so tired
we ended finishing eating at almost midnight.
Even though it was only June 1st everyone made them sing to me.. 
but I did have a really yummy cheesecake. 

Having some fun after Shania.. 

 My all time favorite store.. 

The next morning on my actual birthday we had to check out and 
head back home.. but 
We did run over to the Cosmo hotel and enjoy their buffet brunch
which is heavenly. It has the best food! 
It was a great way to end the trip.. 

My  mom was cute and got me a delicious Dairy Queen birthday cake
so I had that waiting for me when we got back into town.

 Some great finds at Aldo.. 

I also got a special visit from this cute girl and her beautiful baby! 
I was so happy I got to see them on my bday! 

Well another year older and wiser.. I hope :) 

(the pictures are bit blurry and I'm not sure why)


The month of May & Memorial Day..

So I'm playing a little catch up..
Where did the month of May go? I seriously don't remember..
These months just continue to fly by for me! 

May was full of birthdays, babies & Pine Valley.. 
and a lot of work thrown in there too! 

May 12th was my Dad's 50th birthday! 
I am so lucky to have a Dad like mine! I'm not sure what I would do
without his contagious laughter and generous heart! 
His birthday was very low key and we just hung around
our house since it also happened to fall on Mother's Day.
The whole Sunday was perfect though and nice to celebrate
both of my parents on their special days! 

I got to see this little beauty of a babe a few times as well.
People may start thinking she's mine since I post
so many pictures of her.. but no.. I'm just obsessed a little 

My cousin also had her baby girl, Kenna on May 9th.
I finally got to see her a few weeks later and she is a doll.

This month I also started my Primary calling in my church.
I think I talked about that briefly a little while ago.
I am enjoying it and trying to just get the flow of things.
It's going to be a lot of work, already has been, but I'm excited. 

We've been swimming a lot here too! My husband is like a fish
and can swim all day, every day.. 
so that's been an almost daily occurrence. .
Especially since he's working in the 100 degree weather :)

This year for Memorial Day we continued our tradition and headed up to 
beautiful Pine Valley for the long weekend. 
We had my brother's in laws up there as well so it 
turned out to be quite the party. 
We mostly played corn hole, ate, slept, planted a garden, and
did more eating. 
The weather was perfect though and we had a nice fire one night
and lots of games! 

 I don't really get sick of Pine Valley.. if I could I would
stay up there longer. I'm hopeful that I'll go up a lot this summer
and be able to enjoy the cool weather and have some 
nice walks or hikes up there. That weekend went by too fast and 
I feel like I need to go back up soon! 
I'm so glad my husband and I get along so well with my 
sister-in-laws family! I love the Theobalds and we
always are guaranteed to have a pretty good time! 
They definitely help make our weekends less quiet! 

On actual Memorial Day we headed home in the morning 
to get some stuff done and then decided to go see 
Fast & Furious 6, which I thought was pretty good! 

It was a great Memorial Weekend and kick off to summer! 


Womens Conference 2013

I'm only a month behind on this trip but I'm posting it now
and that's all that matters right?
Back on May 1st I got to go up to Womens Conference at BYU in Provo 
with my lovely mother and a few of our friends. 
It was so fun, uplifting, inspirational, and fulfilling. 

We drove up early on Wednesday afternoon so that we could get into 
town at a good hour so I could go visit my best friends new baby.
Miss Evelyn Ann was born on March 8th and I hadn't got a chance
to meet her yet. I was so happy when I finally got to see her and hold her.
She's a sweet sweet baby girl and has the best parents. 

I love this girl.. well both of these girls so much! 
I don't get to see my best friend often enough and when I do
I totally cherish those times! I am sad we live so far apart
but so happy I get a chance to see her and her precious baby 
once in awhile! 

After my fun visit with Chelsey... My mom and I went and checked in and
then met Jade and Keri for dinner at Firehouse subs. 
It was delicious! 
We love going up there with Jade and Keri. I grew up with Jade and our
mom's and us have stayed close friends. 
We all stay up talking way too late in our fun 'dorm rooms' and 
we never seem to run out of laughs or good conversation!

Our first day at the conference happened to be my mother's birthday. 
I tried to make it a little special by leaving her a delicious birthday cake
and cupcakes for later in the day! 
The first day of the conference was pretty successful. 

The first general session was titled 
"Continue Your Journey and Let Your Hearts Rejoice..
I am With You Even Unto the End." 
It was a really great session.. I loved the points she made about
not giving up and saying you keep walking and trying
and all will be well in the end. 

I love going to Womens Conference and sitting there the first morning
with ALL those ladies in the arena. It's amazing how many women come out
and how strong of a bond you can feel with so many women in such a large place.

The first class I attended was "Keeping Laughter In Our Lives"
'A merry hearth doeth good like a medicine.'
-Proverbs 17:22
We've always heard laughter is the best form of medicine.
I learned how important it is to laugh
laughter helps reduce stress levels, and lower pain

The last class  I attended that day was 
"When You Are Married Be Fiercely Loyal, One To Another"
It was pretty good but it wasn't my favorite! 

Happy to spend time with this girl! 

That night we all went to dinner at Zupas.. one of my favorite places! 
Unfortunately St George doesn't have one so we always have to
go there when we are up there! 

After dinner my mom and I decided to go to the concert that they always
put on. It was actually amazing! They had a lot of different singers like
Hilary Weeks who we love! They all did an awesome job and kept
us entertained! I'm really glad that my  mom and I chose to go! 
Once the concert was out we headed back to our dorm for the night. 

The next morning was our 2nd day at the conference. This day I felt like I 
got a lot more out of the classes! It was a really great day. 

The first general session was titled 
"Yea, Lord, We Do Love Thee" 
I learned that we show our love for the Savior by how 
we act each day. 
'What finally matters is what we become'

The first class I attend that day was 
"Prayer, A Matter of the Heart"
This class was awesome! I felt like I got a lot out of it! 
It taught how we can pray in a lot of 
'different' ways.. and how much happiness it can bring. 

The second class I attended was 
"How Do I Love Thee.. Enjoying our Journey as Husband & Wife"
I really enjoyed this class.. I always love the marriage
classes and this one was awesome. 
The speakers were husband and wife and the husband
was a marriage therapist at BYU and so he had a lot of good pointers.
'Can't offend Her without offending him'
-President Hinckley (Great Quote)

The last class we attended was
"Come to the Temple"
It was very quiet and reverent. . but did have some good advice.

It was fun to be with just my mom for a few of the classes! 
I snapped this beautiful picture of the flowers. . they are so pretty when in bloom!

Our last session is usually a general authority that comes to speak to us.
This year it was President Eyring. 
I think I posted before about this, but I have actually been very lucky
to have some close encounters with President Eyring. 
He spoke at my husband's Aunt's funeral last year. 
It was pretty amazing. 
And of course he did great for this session as well. 
It's always sad to have the last session over with! 
He did almost completely pack the Marriott Center. 

I really do cherish these times with my mom. I am so grateful we are able 
to go up together and enjoy this special conference. 
I couldn't imagine going with anyone else, and it's kind of awesome
when you would rather go with your mom than someone else :)

That night afterwards it was just my mom and I. We decided to go do some shopping
around Provo and went and ate at Bajio! 
We spoiled ourselves at the mall and then once back at our dorm I
was persistent on getting this ice cream. I am obsessed! 
I love this! So we decided instead of getting a few scoops of it at the 
packed Creamery, we decided to just buy ourselves a carton..
It was delicious and don't worry..we didn't eat the whole thing :) 

This whole weekend was pretty amazing. 
I love this time of year when I get to go with my mom to Womens Conference.
 I truly love the conference itself and love the company I get to keep throughout the 
weekend.. If you haven't had the chance to ever go.. you need too! 
I hope I don't ever have to miss out on this girls trip!