Once I got married I became introduced to a long lasting family tradition! The BYU vs UTAH game! My husband is in love with BYU.. they are his favorite most favorite college team! He has  loved them since he was little! So.. every year since I"ve known him we have had a little 'party' at our house w/friends and family to watch the game! When I was growing up I never was really into football and honestly had no idea how intense and crazy the 'Holy War' really is! haha.. well anways we had our annual party this last Saturday! It was fun to have family and friends over but unfortunately the game was not in our favor this year. BYU lost by only 1 point! I really couldn't believe it because the Cougars were up the whole entire time until the 4th quarter and then the stupid Utes beat them by 1 point. It was a sad night after that! But all in all our party was a success! Here are just a few pictures I took!

Adam & Ladd wouldn't smile for me!

mom & I

sister & mom

Kris & I

Mom & Dad


Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving #1 at the Meserve Family! Adam, I and our roomie Keli'i went up to my parents house first around 11 and then had dinner with them at about 1. I love Thanksgiving dinner! It was so good! My favorite dishes are green bean casserole, my dad's homemade stuffing, and of course pies! This year it was a little different at my families house because we didn't have my Aunt's family or my grandparents or Trevor...but it was still really fun!

Tay & I

Parents Cooking

Adam Cooking


Yummy Thanksgiving Dinner

She is stuffed and sleepy

Adam & I

After we finished at our first Thanksgiving house we went down to St. George to have our 2nd dinner at the Holden's! This house was definitley more busy and had a lot more people! We got to spend it with aunt & uncle, brothers and sisters and Adam's parents! It was a delicious meal!
I love Thanksgiving time! I had a really great holiday and a great weekend! It always goes by too fast which makes me sad, but I am looking forward to Christmas! I have some awesome presents in the works and I am excited to spend time w/our families again!
Thank you everyone I love you!


p.s. sorry for the picture overload! :)


Great Quote for Thanksgiving

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

-William Arthur Ward


quite a different Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving is going to be quite different! 
See every year we always have family around for Thanksgiving!
 Well this year is different...
First things first, my brother is gone on a mission :(
He is going to be missed this year during the holidays! He has only been gone since August and so to not have him around for the holidays will be an adjustment. And Trevor has always been involved in all holiday traditions/festivities and so it will be weird

Last year we had the great experience of having my grandparent's (mom's parents) come to our house for Thanksgiving. They usually always come out for Christmas but hardly Thanksgiving, so this was a great time! Well this year, unfortunately I don't know if we will be getting that special opportunity to see them at either holiday. They are going to for sure be staying in Colorado over Thanksgiving. boo, i am very upset about this!

Grandpa Shifflet & me

Other changes... One of my favorite cousins and one to who I am most close with got married this last October so she is now splitting up the holidays between 3 families.. her mom, dad and new in-laws.

These are my Shifflet side girls! I love them all!

My Aunt Amy got divorced a few years ago and usually we can count on having her around for the holidays, but this year she will be spending it with her boyfriend's family (i think) and her kids will be with her ex-husband. Therefore.. that leaves me with 4 people..
Yep, just us five this year! I know dinner will still be AMAZING, because my parents are cool like that! My dad is a great cook and I know dinner will be fabulous but it'll be just different! I am not really use to having just us 5 for a holiday!
But I think we will make it special since it will just be us few!

For Adam's family
They all come down here to St. George! Which I am truly blessed for because this way Adam and I get to spend the holidays with both of our families and enjoy activities with both sets! I am thankful that they don't live too far away and we get to see them often!
We will be seeing them on Thanksgiving as well! Luckily, our families do Thanksgiving dinner at different times of the day so we get to have 2 dinners and hit up both places!
Both houses are very different. See Adam is the baby in his family, while I am the oldest by 4 years!  My family this year will be the 4 of us(as mentioned above) and no young children, or older children that are married yet (except me :))
but you see in Adam's family he has two older siblings who are both married and then we have 4 little niece and nephews! The house is full and so fun! Both houses I wouldn't miss out on!

It's kinda fun because I get to be the baby in Adam's family....
and I've never gotten to be the baby of any family!

can't wait for next week..



monday model

One of Adam & I's good friends own the hair salon, Colour. I finially was able to get in to see Jess and she dyed my hair (see previous post). She is amazing! Anyway she had asked if I would be a model for one of her hair shows this last Monday. I was more than willing to do this, it sounded way fun! I didn't realize that we would be getting our hair styled by a very talented person and I didn't know I was going to have a crazy up do! There were six models and we all had super awesome hair! As you can see in the above picture I have like tooel in my hair and a styrofoam circle that we wrapped my hair around! And yes, that is all my natural crazy hair! Jess did my make up - I had some tooel over my left side of my face, so they only did make up for this one side shown! We had to model up a little run away and then sit and pose as Jess did her presentation! It was a really fun experience! Thought i'd share the crazy hair do with all of you!


New Hair!

One more thing...

I got my hair done! FINALLY. You probably can't really tell in the picture below but I dyed it red and put a few blonde highlights in the front! The red is actually quite intense in the sunlight and I loved it! (yes I realized that sounded retarded) :)

Vegas November 2010

Yet again another softball tournament! But this time it was in Vegas and it was actually a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures of the trip!

We went down to Vegas on Friday night and had dinner with my parents who were down there for one of Linzi's races! She is freakin good, although sadly, I haven't been able to see her race yet! Anyway, we stayed at the Sahara our first night because it was cheap.. haha.. well cheap prices=cheap rooms :) probably enough said! It was crappy.. I dont really recommend stayin there to anyone! Then Saturday was the all day tournament! Lucky for me, most of the wives come so I have fun hanging out with them! Liz, Karla, and I kept each other company through out the day! The boys ended up not doing so well, and were done by about 7 that night! (I didn't mind) So we went back to our room.. Thank goodness though that we ended up reserving the Riveria hotel for Saturday night. The Riveria was actually a really nice room.. SO much better than Sahara. That was the first time for me staying at either hotel. That night we went out to the Planet Hollywood Casino and ate at PF Changs which is one of Adam & I's favorite places to eat! It was a fun night out with everyone! I am so glad that everyone on the team gets along well and we can all hang out together. Sunday we spend most of the day shopping and then had dinner at the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Casino- which was really really good! I'll defintiely be going back there next time I'm down!

I have more pictures which you can check out on Facebook! All in all it was a fun trip! :)


2 years ago

So two years ago on October 25, 2008 I married Adam Davis Holden! Now I know that October 25th has already come and gone but I thought I would re-cap our day and our 2 year anniversary! I loved my wedding! It was the most amazing day ever! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect beautiful day! I am so grateful that I have my wedding video that I can look back on and watch over and over again! I also am so happy that I had great friends and family there to support us! Even though we have had our up's and down's the past 2 years it has been one amazing adventure, literally! We have both gotten new jobs, left old jobs, made new friends, fizzled out old-friends, gone across the country together, experienced plenty of road trips, played in the snow, had 2 amazing holiday seasons, gone to Hawaii together, sat at the softball fields, watched great friends get married, bought new cars, sold old cars, had hospital visits, got a cute puppy, fought, snuggled, cried, laughed, kissed, hugged, lived and loved!
I love this little boy... (He's little at heart!) :)
This year was Adam's year to plan our anniversary! Now.. we are a poor married couple so we couldn't really go on any elaborate trips so ... Adam decided that I was taking work off and we were going to Pine Valley to stay at my parent's cabin. We went up to the cabin after church on Sunday and packed a bunch of groceries! The weather was pretty chilly we had to bundle up to go outside, but the leaves were gorgeous! I love fall and so does Adam.. it's our favorite time of year so we were both excited to get out and take a drive to look at the leaves! Pine Valley is a beautiful place and had was sure ending it's fall season we were up there!

We didn't do a whole lot when were up there. We mostly lounged around and relaxed and then went for a little hike and a drive to look at the leaves!

This is a picture of us at a beautiful spot where the leaves are changing! I love the yellow!

Adam has a special attachment to dogs! This black lab comes over to our house whenever we show up there! She loves Adam! .. oh and montana!
I had a great anniversary weekend! It was really fun to just hang out and get away for a few days! I am so happy we have now been married 2 years I cannot picture myself with anyone else and look forward to many more years ahead! love you Adam!


Save a Sister 5k

Two weekends ago ( I know I've been terrible at blogging lately) was our Save a Sister 5k Run for Breast Cancer! Me, my mom, and my sister all ran it! It was actually really fun, especially being able to run it with my family! And it made it even better since it was for a good cause! The weather was also perfect. It had rained the night before and so it was a little chilly but not bad and it was nice and cloudy! I placed 20th in my age division, which is like 19-25 i think, so it wasn't horrible but wasn't the best either! I am trying to beat my times each time I run! My last 5k I did in 44 minutes and this one was done in 41 minutes... okay 4 minutes, not a big deal, I was hoping for a little more than that, but oh well!
I will be posting more soon! I have a lot more to blog about my days have just been so busy lately! :)