Life in the Making: 28 Weeks

Hello 3rd Trimester! 

I think I start off every pregnancy post with ..
'I can't believe how fast these last few weeks have gone'
But really I can't.. 

I am so happy I've made it this far in my pregnancy and have felt 
relatively healthy and good. 
I am starting to feel a lot slower though
which has been interesting considering I am not one to sit still
or walk slow when shopping or anything..
But I am trying to go slow and listen to my body and not overdue anything.

This last week I felt mostly great..
Still having swollen ankles and feet. I am thinking at this time
I may need to run to the store and buy different flats.. wider  flats :)
My feet kind of swell and my go-to flats are starting to get uncomfortable.
I haven't really been craving anything this last month or so..
at least craving to the point of running to the store for something specific. 
I still am trying to eat relatively good for baby boy.. 
I have been eating a clementine in the morning and a banana in the afternoon
just trying to keep up with a few fruits a day at least..
I'm horrible at eating my veggies though.
And he's still getting a good dose of cookies and yummy treats.. oops.

We had a little bit of a scare this week. 
I haven't really felt any huge kicks or jabs  yet but
I do feel his small movements and little flutters here and there. 
I felt a lot more movement last Thursday only that day though and
then back to small movements and not that much..
Usually I can feel him everyday, which I usually feel it most when I'm at
work and really paying attention. 
On Tuesday I had decided to call my doctor just to make sure that this was normal
since I'm 28 weeks now and I just wanted to make sure.
First time mom -- kind of scared! 
My doctor's office ended up calling me back around 4:45 on Tuesday
and told me that they actually wanted me going over to Labor & Delivery
at the Hospital and have a few tests ran just to make sure he was okay.
I immediately started to panic but tried to hold it together
enough to tell Chad I needed to leave a few minutes early. 
I got really anxious and started to cry when I got to my car..
After a few seconds I hurried and called my mom, I knew
Adam was working so I thought I would try her first.
She told me she would meet me over there in a few minutes..
I then called Adam and couldn't even hold it together and burst into tears..
All he got from my conversation was..
"Going to Labor & Delivery"
Needless to say he was a wreck! 
He drove like a manic and was totally panicked the whole time. 
We also had my mother in law in town and she came with us. 
We got into a room and they started putting monitors on me
and asking me all these questions. 
They got the heart rate monitor hooked up and were immediately
able to find his little heart beat.. 
pheww... sigh of huge relief.
I can't tell you how scary it was those first few seconds as they were
trying to find that little sound. .
They monitored me for a little bit and took my urine 
sample, blood pressure etc. 
Every nurse that came in said my urine sample was perfect  because 
it was so clear and
they weren't even going to test it for protein or sugar. . 
Basically I had perfect pee, thank you. 
We only stayed and were monitored for maybe an hour if that. 
Luckily, everything checked out normal and great. 
They did have me drink some concentrated grape juice so 
they could see if he woke up and started to move.
I guess he was asleep when we got there
and then once I drank that sugary drink he perked up
and started to move. I was able to feel a few of the movements
and mostly we could hear it because of the heartbeat monitor..
it kind of sounded like a swish, so that was good. 
I felt a big sigh of relief.. and they told me if I ever feel nervous
to drink that juice and lie on my left side and pay close attention to movements.
I hadn't ever done fetal movement counts before, but I will try to do that more now.
The whole experience was a little surreal and scary at first
just facing the unknown for this little boy
I am hoping I'll start to feel a little more power from him so I can
distinguish those movements and not get worried. 
Today as I sit at work he's been so quiet and I haven't really felt anything from him.
That dang babe.. 

Besides that experience everything else has been great.
Adam and I decided to register last Saturday at Target.
I had brought my lists of things I was going to need that 
friends had written for me
It's amazing how much there is to know about one very small little human
I hope we can get everything we need and feel prepared. 
Adam asked me after we went to the hospital if I would
pack a hospital bag like now.. hahah.
I have a great list of things I saw on pinterest that I'll need
so I think I'll start getting that all ready here in the next few weeks.
I am not the type that would want anyone packing for me
so thought I better get on that. 

After little babe was being quiet I decided to get home from
work and lay on my side after drinking some concentrated juice..
just to make sure I could feel him wiggling in there.
I counted about 7 or so kicks within the first half hour and I felt
so relived and happy to feel those little movements. 

I have my glucose and 28 week appointment next Monday

so I'll have to blog about how that goes on next weeks update.
I have heard the glucose test is no fun, but hopefully I'll make it just fine.
I have an early  morning appt so that should help! 

Still haven't bought any other nursery items..
I've been holding out for Target to have a big baby sale on the
specific crib and dresser I want! 

Adam has been pretty amazing through this whole pregnancy
thing. . I am so lucky to have someone experiencing ( kind of ) with me! 

Few random pictures for my records:
 Getting some practice in.. Doesn't he look fantastic?

I think this pup isn't quite sure what's going on..
but she still is trying to squeeze on my lap. 

Date: Friday January 31st, 2014
How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: haven't weight myself since last appt which was 3 weeks ago.
Maternity clothes? most definitely
Stretch marks? yes :( I looked at myself in the mirror one morning this week and all the sudden my poor belly has red marks all over it. I'm kind of sad, but hey I am growing a human!?
Sleep: Still good for the most part. Adam got me a wonderful body pillow at Costco last weekend and that has helped me get comfy fast. I still hit the pillow and am out within a few minutes. 
Best moment this week: Hearing his heartbeat at the hospital.. scariest moment, but great all in the same. 
Have you told family and friends: of course.. 
Miss anything? probably just being able to get up easy and roll out of bed easier, hahah... prego problems.
Movement: well not a whole lot this week..hence the story above.. but I am trying to keep better track and I am feeling him in there. . 
 Food cravings: Nothing this week really. . I haven't wanted anything specific. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: no, thank goodness. 
Have you started to show yet: uhh yeah. 
Labor signs: No nothing yet.. and I want to keep it that way for a little while.
 Belly button in or out?  In still!
 Wedding ring on or off? On although I've noticed little puffiness the last few days
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy for the most part.. I've been kind of stress this last week with a few things going on like school and trying to decide how everything will work out once he gets here with family and stuff. 
How’s hubby doing?? He's doing awesome. He's been helpful as usual. 
Baby preparations: Nothing major this week that we've done for him.. I am hoping to purchase a few things next week for the nursery and maybe even get the crib here in the next week or two! 
Looking forward to: Seeing my sister in law, brother in law and niece and nephews this weekend. Haven't seen them since September! 


Life in the Making: 26 Weeks & a few Nursery updates

I am bound and determined to get all caught up on my posts! 
So I am actually still in my 26th week of pregnancy.. 
Will be 27 weeks tomorrow but that's okay! :) 
I'll keep up to date now! 

This last week was great! I feel that Adam and I got 
a lot accomplished as far as deciding on baby things for the nursery
and getting 'ready' for his arrival..
Even though I still have a ton of stuff to do! 
We should be getting our Britax travel system soon and I can't wait! 
I guess those big purchases really make you realize you
are going to be having a little one soon.
I haven't had any weird cravings this week..
I still have had some crazy emotions here and there..
I still feel like I can cry very easily which is always fun... 

This weekend Adam and I went on a nice date night to the movies.
I am sure going to miss having carefree nights like those! 
Although, we are already preparing for impending parenthood
because we chose the 5:45 movie and were tired and home by 8..
I think I was even in bed by 10.
Here's a little shot after the movie.. 

I am still swelling up at my ankles
I noticed this weekend I didn't really swell
because I was up moving around a lot. 
I haven't had any weird cravings that I've noticed
or experienced anything different. 

The past two Sundays I have gotten a lot of compliments or
comments about my belly..
Everyone definitely notices I'm expecting. 
Some of the comments are just so nice and others have
been kind of funny.. Like..
'Aren't you do really soon?'
'No.. not till April, end of April' :) 
The first counselors husband came up to me and he always
compares his belly with mine, I think I've passed him up.
He's really sweet and always tells me how beautiful I look. 
He said I was really glowing.. 
I said I was just really warm from running the halls, haha :) 
Most of the people are really sweet though. 

Here's a quick picture of our paint color in the nursery.
It's gray and navy. 
Pictures don't really do a very good job.
Luckily we had some help from my parents with the paint
and the edges.. I like how it turned out. 

before: Adam tapping 

the colors

We had reinforcements come over to help! 

I purchased this mobile from Pottery Barn and I'm in love
I think it's so so cute. . even though it cost me a pretty penny.

I still have a bunch of stuff I want to get on Etsy for his room.

During my 26th week Adams mom came to stay with us for 
a few days while she isn't working. 
She helped a lot with cleaning! She did a lot of organizing and
cleaning that I don't really have time or energy to do.
It was helpful! 

Also during this week of pregnancy Adam got 
a few hairline fractures and torn ligaments on his wrist from a work-related
injury and I feel so bad for him. 
He's being a trooper though and trying to work a little and do what he can.
Him with his brace and ice pack. .

Little pregnancy questionnaire.. 

Date: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 
How far along? 26 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: I'm so sad to say.. up 22 lbs I think. . according to my last visit. 
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? there are a few showing up on my belly.
Sleep: Mostly awesome. . I've experienced some funny dreams. Like I was on the Bachelor dating Juan Puablo and Sean and Catherine (last season Bachelor) were helping me on the show.. 
Best moment this week: Feeling more movements! 
Have you told family and friends: of course.. 
Miss anything? having the same stamina.. like when it comes to standing around, exercising or cleaning. 
Movement: yeah.. still no huge kicks yet but I can feel him rolling around in there I think. 
Food cravings: still wanting like ice cream, cookies, chocolate.. oh did I mention I gained 20 lbs already? Besides that.. nothing really. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: no, thank goodness. 
Have you started to show yet: yeah I definitely am showing now.
Labor signs: No nothing yet.. and I want to keep it that way for a little while. 
Belly button in or out?  In still! 
Wedding ring on or off? On 
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy.. but stressed.. school started back up for me yesterday; and I have felt really anxious about getting everything 'ready'.. I have also had a few mood swings, where I feel angry and I feel like crying.. Adam gets quite the experience. 
How’s hubby doing?? Speaking of Adam.. he's doing pretty great. Besides his injury.. he's been awesome at trying to get our house ready and keep up with cleaning and cooking. He usually does cooking but he's been good at making sure I'm eating and helping me out when he can. 
Baby preparations: Nursery room is ready to be decorated and put furniture up. Still need to purchase our crib and dresser though, along with a few decorations. We got our stroller and car seat ordered just waiting for it to get here. Going to hopefully do some organizing this weekend. 
Looking forward to: Getting our travel system this week! :) And purchasing the other things we need. Also looking forward to registering soon.. That'll be fun I think. 


Life In The Making 25 Weeks..

25 Weeks Pregnant

So I had my 24-25 week check up about a week ago
(I am 26 weeks pregnant today no longer 25)
I can't keep up with my weeks! 

Anyway, my appointment went really good.
The doctor was able to find the little man's heart beat quickly
and it was just beating perfectly.. nothing better than that sound! 
She also could tell he was moving a lot by listening.
I have felt more flutters everyday but still no jabs or distinct kicks quite yet.
She said I can start keeping track, since I'm feeling him more regularly. 
My blood pressure and weight must have been okay since she didn't mention it.
Although I got really stressed when I saw that dang scale! 
But my last appt was 5 weeks ago... and Christmas wasn't good for this pregnancy..
haha hopefully I won't see a number jump like that again.
10 lbs.. bite me. 

I have been experience a lot of ankle swelling at the end of my work day.
My doctor told me to get up every 2 hours to walk around a bit.
I am trying to do this.. but still having some swelling.
I guess this is just part of the latter experience of pregnancy. 
I only have one more monthly visit and then I'm on to every 2 weeks.
That seems crazy to me! 
I have my Glucose Tolerance test scheduled for February 3rd. 
I am sure hoping everything checks out okay. 
I'm nervous for that test. 
Overall my appointment for this month went perfect
and nothing she was concerned about. 
I have been so lucky to have an uneventful pregnancy thus far.

I have noticed some lovely little stretch marks right on the front of my belly..
oh well I don't plan to wear a bikini in public ever anyways..
Adam has started to rub my belly more and more and talk to him.
He has started calling him by his name which is funny..
I am pretty set on the name but not set enough to make it permanent quite yet.
We will see.
I haven't had any crazy cravings.
I have just been eating the usual..
Still trying to keep it relatively healthy and include a few fruits a day
I typically just have my orange and a banana. is it bad that I have to have a piece
of chocolate with the banana? :) haha for now that's how I like them.
I have wanted ice cream more.. but I swear that is just me all the time anyway..
so I can't decide if I want to blame it on this babe or not. 

This month we started doing some major baby planning! 
I started to have small bouts of anxiety realizing I had nothing for him yet 
besides cute clothes. 
So.. I picked out our stroller/car seat system and crib.
We just got the travel system ordered a few days ago
and I'm so excited for it to get here! 
I had to have my mom's undivided attention a few Saturdays ago
to help me decide on a few crucial pieces.
I was glad I got those picked out! 
I haven't purchased the crib or dresser yet.. waiting for Target to have a nice sale! 

I am glad that we got the nursery theme and colors decided though.
I will post some pictures of that soon! 
We did some heavy duty painting 2 weekends ago..
Well Adam did with a little bit of help from my parents.
We decided on navy blue and gray..
We decided we are doing Baseball (NY Yankees) and Elephants 
Hoping that turns out cute. 
I am excited to start actually decorating it but I don't feel that I can yet
without having like the crib put up and stuff so I know where everything can go.
Adam's been pretty awesome lately and really is getting stuff done.
He finished a book shelf we are putting in the room.. although I might make him 
change the color of it.. :) 
He also worked so hard on painting and getting things organized.
I felt so relieved that we finally moved everything out of the guest room,
into the office, so we could make it a nursery! 

Lots of fun baby things happening around here! 
Still feeling relatively great besides more aches and pains 
that come with a growing belly..
I look down at my belly every day and am still in such awe that I have 
been given this opportunity! I know it might get annoying
but I can't get over how lucky I am to be able to carry a child
and experience all of this.
Even though I get super nervous and freaked out about actually
having to 'deliver' the babe.. I am still so glad I get to! 

2013 Holden Family Year in Review ..

Another year has come and gone and I can barley believe it! 
We had a great 2013 that was filled
with lots of fun trips, sad memories, great family time
and a very, very special gift we are anticipating
to arrive this Spring. 

I love to recap our year.. so.. 
here goes the 2013 Holden Family Year in Review.. 

We enjoyed ringing in 2013 in Las Vegas with my family..
It was so fun! 

My Grandpa Meserve passed away on January 18th.. 
I miss him so much! Such a cute tender man! 
We headed out to Colorado for his funeral and to spend time with some of my family. 

Baby Brother got married on February 8th in the St. George LDS Temple
It was wonderful to be a part of their special day.. 

One of my best friends had her baby girl, Oakley on February 7th.. 
She's such a tiny cute thing! 

Had a great Valentines Day with my honey. 

One of my other best friends had her baby girl Evelyn! Wish she lived closer! 

We went down to Vegas again for the NASCAR race in March! 
It was perfect weather.. great shopping and a great race! 

I threw my gorgeous cousin Kelsey a baby shower in April.. 
She looked so cute! 

Spent General Conference Weekend in Pine Valley...
Montana clearly loved it. 

Saw Keli'i for a brief moment as he came through town..
He was headed out to Missouri for his baseball season.
This was the last time we saw him since he's been living in Australia! 
Finally got to meet Chelsey's sweet baby girl! 

I headed up to Womens Conference the first part of May with my mom! 
Adam left me the cutest notes.. I would clearly be missed! 

Had such a great experience again at BYU with my mom.
I sure love going up there! 

My cousin Kelsey had her baby girl! 

Dad turned the big 5-0! 

 I got called to serve in the Primary Presidency as the Secretary! 
I was beyond nervous, but have been truly blessed for it. 

Enjoyed Memorial Weekend in Pine Valley with these guys! 
Such a perfect weekend.. 

I turned 26 on June 2nd. 
We went down to Vegas with my family and got to see Shania Twain! 
Such a great birthday weekend! :) 

This guy turned 27 a few days later! 

I got accepted into Adams State University- Counselor Education Masters Program
.. to become a School Counselor. 
It's an online program that started in August 2013. 

Spent 4th of July up at the cabin again this year. .
We celebrated Trevor's birthday and then headed down to St. George
for fireworks! 
Everyone also found out we were using an Ovulation Kit.. (to get pregnant) haha.
Went up to Fairview, UT for Pioneer Day July 24th with Adam's family. 
Then headed up to Salt Lake to spend some more time with them! 

Went to the Washington County Demolition Derby

On a sunny Sunday in August (18th).. We found out we are expecting! 

We are so thrilled for this special gift.. and the chance to add to our little family! 

Another fun beautiful weekend in Pine Valley over Labor Day weekend.. (6 weeks prego)

Adam working his little butt off in construction. .

First pregnancy belly shot...

Went to Colorado in October. 
My Mom decided she wanted to head out there and help my Grandma
organize and de-clutter since she hadn't done anything since my Grandpa passed.
I got the chance to fly out a few days earlier with my mom, Linzi and Trevor
Then Adam, Tay and my Dad came out later. 
It was so fun.

Got to see both of my Grandpa's burial plots. .

And Adam helped a lot with some yard work for my Grandma Meserve :) 

Came back home and celebrated 5 years of marriage! 
Adam got free tickets to the BYU game and I did not feel like going..
So Adam took one of our friends up with him..
I stayed and had dinner with my parents on our anniversary..
Luckily the next night we went to dinner and a movie! 

Spent Halloween eating dinner at Chilis.. being 15 weeks pregnant
and Adam enjoying dressing up like Troy! 

Found out on November 25th that we are having a Baby BOY! 

Had a fun Gender Reveal party for our friends and family! 

Had a great Thanksgiving in St. George! 

Made it halfway through the pregnancy in December! 

Experienced major snowfall in St. George the middle of December! 
So pretty, but so cold! 

Had a fun Holiday season! 

Ended 2013 in Newport Beach California..
it was the perfect way to end 2013 and was a great little babymoon for Adam and I! 

2013 has been really good to me! 
I got a wonderful calling in my church..
I got accepted and started a Masters Program for School Counseling
I also got the blessing to carry a child and become a mom.. 
I will always look quite fondly on 2013.. such a great year with many blessings.

I know 2014 has quite a lot of changes and pure joy in store for me! 
I really can't even wait.