Girls Dinner

Girls Dinner finally!

Can I just tell you how much I love these girls?
So I was finally able to attend one of our monthly dinner/get togethers! I was SO happy! And yes, I'm late blogging about it. It was over a month ago that we went but I wanted to upload all my cute pictures now!

Below you can see cute Tasha's prego belly! She is having a boy and due in December! She's so so cute!

Above is Tash me and Karalee! It's so awesome that we are able to all keep in touch and see each other often! I have known these girls since I was little and now we are all on crazy adventures!
Tasha has been married for 2 years now and is expecting her first baby in December!
Karalee just recently finished serving a mission for the church in Brazil! She is amazing!
Carrie has the cutest (almost) 3 year old girl named Lilly who is adorable!

Sarah (missing the dinner I attended) but she is getting married in less than a month!!

Chelsey & Liz . I miss them and love them! :) They both moved away from St. George! Luckily I see Liz quite often, thank goodness! But Chels I do not see enough!!!

Here are some more cute pictures of us at dinner w/Tasha's belly! :)

It's so crazy that not too long ago we were all having sleepovers talking about our 8th grade crushes, going to high school games and dances together, and playing summer night games in Diamond Valley!! And now.. we are all married, old, have or having children, and going after our careers! Life has certainly changed for us all, but not our forever friendship and bonds we all share!
Love you girls :)


5k run #2

My mom, sister and I decided we wanted to do this 5k run here in St. George. It is on October 23rd at 9:00 a.m.! I am really excited because it is the Save a Sister run and 50% of the registration fee goes to Dixie Regional Medical Center's Breast Cancer Division! I think that's awesome! Obviously I am excited since this is the Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am getting to contribute in some way! I haven't really been trainig that often.. so I hope I can make it! :) I have only ran a few times since the last 5k run in August... so since I am a procrastinator I realized I only have like a week and half so I better start running now! It'll be a fun race to do w/my sister (who hasn't ever done a race before) and my mom (who has ran the marathon a few times).. and me (who has only ran one 5k).. good combo! haha. We are happy to support Breast Cancer and I hope there are a lot of surviors out there running it!


new update!

Well I haven't updated on anything in awhile! September flew by for me! I can't believe it has already come and gone! September consisted of

1) Labor Day weekend in Pine Valley with the family!
2) Softball tournament for Adam in St. George
3) Brother -in-law had back surgery so Adam & I helped his family out and watched our cute niece and nephews!
4) Every Saturday went and watched Adam coach football! It is actually fun to watch!
Well that about sums up our September! It wasn't a super eventful month but it seemed to be busy!

Now the month of October! Oh how I love thee! October has always been one of my favorite months. I love fall time! I love the beautiful red orange and yellow leaves, I love pumpkin pie, apple cider, hot chocolate, crisp nights, and everything else about fall :)

I also have an extra love for this month because it is the month I was married! Adam & I got married on October 25, 2008! yes.. this year is our 2 year anniversary! CRAZY I know! It's on a Monday so unfortuntley we can't really do anything far away or go anywhere, but oh well. It'll still be special!! And... my parent's annversary is October 11, and now my dear sweet cousin Kelsey will have her wedding anniversary on the 9th.. For me.. it's a big month of love :)

Also.. I love the fall/Halloween decorations! My cute hubbie suprised me last week and went out and bought some cute Halloween decorations for our house! I didn't buy any new decorations last Halloween so the very minimal decorations I had were older. Adam picked out the cutest things. He really knows my style and for some reason has a really good eye for decorating! (haha love you).. anyways, here is a little picture of our front door! Cute new wreath and rug!
Cute isn't it! :) He did a good job! Now my house is all ready for Halloween!
I have a lot going in October as well! I am so ready for everything! Here is my list for October!
1) (already) had a great weekend last weekend! Had a fun day in Mesquite for Adam's little league football game! Then spent a great day in Pine Valley to watch General Conference.
2) Tomorrow night I get to go to the temple and see my cousin kelsey take out her endowments. 3) Kelsey's wedding day on Saturday October 9th!
4) Adam has a softball tourney the 23rd!
5) I want to do this 5k race for Breast Cancer on the 23rd! I am hoping to get my butt in gear for it!
6) Adam & I 2nd wedding anniversary!
Again.. love this month and am excited for these fun activities ahead!
On a side note.. I am feeling really grateful today for my husband. Yesterday was a great day! I came home for lunch as I always do and Adam had the garage door open for me so I could pull right in since it was pouring rain outside! See my garage door opener doesn't work, so I thought it was super thoughful that he opened the door for me so I wouldn't have to run in the rain! He also.. had warm chili cooking for me for lunch! :) And... last night as he was watching Monday night football he was browsing through channels on the commercial break and one of my all time favorite movies was on and I so wanted to watch it!... well he was so sweet and sat there and watched the cute movie with me instead of football! :) These are probably little things to everyone, but I love the little things! They mean so much to me, and I am so happy that I have a thoughtful husband who thinks of these little acts!
That's all for now! :)