Florida here we come!

We are heading to Florida tomorrow afternoon! I am excited! That's our resort we are staying at! I hope it's nice..it does have a huge pool and lazy river, so that should be great right?
 We are leaving tomorrow night from Vegas and then we have a lovely lay over in NY for a few hours and then we will arrive in Orlando, FL Wednesday morning. The boys start their games on Thursday and could end up playing (I believe) until Sunday! I am hoping they play well and maybe they could even win it! :)
I'm excited for Adam to see Florida because he's never been!
I'm so ready for the..
pool & lazy river
laying out
down pours
eating yummy food
softball games
Florida sunshine
the beach
New York airport (hoping to see some of New York while I'm @ the airport)

I'm so NOT ready for the..
humidity! ah!
long red eye flights
lots of sweaty ball players
sweat sweat and more sweat

Maybe i'll be able to post on my blog whie I'm there.. who knows? See ya'll in a week :)

remembering 9/11

All I could watch on TV yesterday was the history channel which had numerous documentaries on 9/11. It was so sad and chilling to watch everything that happened that day.  I am so grateful for our wonderful country and everyone who has fought and is still fighting for our freedom.
Adam and I can still remember that day very clearly. He was a sophmore and I was a freshman. I remember going to school like normal and then going into Mrs. Lee's class at Dixie Middle and she was crying and all of us were wondering what was going on & then I remember going next door to Mrs. Carter's room and she was crying and then we all sat and watched the news. It was pretty scary just thinking that anything could happen & then it was obviously just extremely sad to watch everything that was happening. I will have to look through really old boxes and see if I happen to have a journal entry or something from that day because that would be cool to see what I wrote.  :)
 I am so glad that they were also able to make a beautiful memorial for everyone to be able to visit. I saw pictures of it on TV and it looks beautiful, I thought it was really neat that they let the families go in yesterday on the 10th anniversary. When I finally make it out to New York that will be on my must see list.


labor day!

fun Labor Day weekend in Pine Valley...

This weekend in Pine Valley we had so much fun! The whole family came up for the entire weekend. We made tons of treats and played fun games! We played sing-a-long which got a little crazy and then my grandparents and cousins came up and we had a yummy bbq and then just lounged around. We had a camp fire one night which is one of the few times we have done that in the fire pit and 

We also went on a really fun hike on Forsyth Canyon Trail! No else wanted to come besides us girls and we dragged my dad along ! :)

My grandma has never been a animal person, but for some reason Montana always jumps on her and gives her attention haha and my grandma just acts so funny!

Beautiful morning on my walk in Pine Valley - Couldn't of asked for a prettier day!

Adam making some homemade pizza's again and my dad attempting to help him out. Most of our meals Adam makes!

This was the sing star/sing-a-long game we played! Adam only played one song I think ha and me and Linzi were pretty good as partners! Cute little Parker came up to hang out with us too even though him and Adam are usually inseparatable! My parents actually rocked the sing star game, they also did extremely good dance moves with their song... kinda grossed us kids out a little but it was good entertainment :)

This was on another morning walk - this house plants a beautiful flower garden, you can't see the flowers really well, but they are so pretty!

And like I said above.. we made lots of treats.. I attempted to make the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies which are pretty delicious! :)

My cute little cousin Emily's birthday was on 09/06 so we all went to dinner at Sakura which is delicious and then over to Coldstone for her ice cream cake! It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the family. I am pretty sure the boys here are making fun of my cute little grandma :)

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I am always sad to see them go by so fast. We are actually heading up to Pine Valley again this weekend because my Aunt Amy is getting married up there on Saturday! So incredibly happy for her and Kelly!
Then next week we are off to Florida! yay!