2012 Holden Family Year in Review

As our 2012 year came to an end I wanted to go 
ahead and re-cap everything that happened and do our
'Holden Family Year in Review'..
2012 was filled with lots of great things! I always enjoy
looking back and re-living all the great memories I have
been able to enjoy! 
So here goes.. 2012 Year in Review..

Rang in the New Year again in Vegas with my family! 
Wonderful and fun trip! 

Enjoyed my parents annual Superbowl Party in February..
even though our favorite team wasn't in it..

Had a great Valentines day even though my hubby
had to work.. He decorated our house, got flowers and chocolates!

Enjoyed a March softball tournament and a good glimpse of Spring..

Nascar Weekend in Vegas with the family.. Filled with lots of
shopping, laughs and Nascar..

Bought a new truck...

Blue Angels in St. George.. Such a cool experience

Spent a weekend in Vegas for a Softball Tournament..
Fun weekend with my hubby..

Baby sister turned 16

And heaven gained a beautiful Angel.. a dear friend of mine
 passed away from cancer..

My mom and I headed to the annual Womens Conference in
Provo at BYU. It was spiritually fulfilling and so awesome
as usual.. I also loved the quality time with my mom...

Adam & I went and saw Brian Reagan at Tuachan.. he was hilarious!
Mom turned 50 this year.. Dad turned 49! 

Adam got a new job at the Blindman

Watched the cool Solar Eclipse..

Spent a beautiful weekend in Pine Valley for Memorial Day.. 

Celebrated my 25th Birthday with a pedicure with mom, lots of gifts, dinner at Pancho & 
Lefty's and yummy Cold Stone cake! 

And then celebrated Adam's 26th Birthday with both of
our families (his parents were in town)

Got new wood flooring done in our whole house and got
new carpet for our bedrooms! 

Celebrated Fathers Day and enjoyed swimming in our 110 degree

Found out one of my best friends, Krystal was pregnant and expecting
a baby in February 2013! 

Spent 4th of July at my parents new house eating, swimming
and watching Fireworks..

My baby brother came home from his mission in Tampa FL..
we were all thrilled!! 

Went to Oahu, Hawaii end of July.. 
pure bliss....

Found out my best friend, Chelsey was pregnant and expecting her
baby in March of 2013!

Labor Day weekend in Pine Valley.. and we had Trev back! 
Fun weekend of four-wheeling! 

Our good friend Keli'i came back to stay with us and brought 
his Australian girlfriend! Had a lot of fun weekends with them..
especially the ones in Pine Valley !

Went to a work conference in California and my mom tagged along!
It was so fun! 

Conference Weekend was spent in Pine Valley.. 
such beautiful weather..

Trevor proposed to Linzi in October on the Dixie Hill
and had all the family included..
it was beautiful! 

Fourth Wedding Anniversary was spent together
just relaxing and enjoying a nice meal out! 

Lost my incredible Grandpa Shifflet on October 29th ..
He was the sweetest, funniest, most witty man I've ever known.
He is missed every day.. I'm glad I got to make a trip out
to Pueblo, see my cousins and make great memories..
It was also good to show Adam Pueblo and have him
see that part of my life.. 

Last picture with Grandpa.. July 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 was spent in St. George.. my Aunt, cousins
and Grandma came over.. Delicious food and a fun weekend of 
shopping and hanging out! 

Photo - Bombing was the new thing this year. .

Got to be a part of Trevor & Linzi's Bridal Pictures.. 

Got my old blonde hair 'do back! 

Some new Christmas traditions and old ones this year..
Lots of fun times with the family during the holiday season.

Completely spoiled and blessed this Christmas! 
And rang in 2013 in viva Las Vegas with my loved ones..

Well that is my review of the year.. 
2012 you have been very, very good to me but I am excited for 2013..
It's amazing what you can fit into a year and all that you can
accomplish! I feel very blessed for all the treasured memories
I got to have in 2012..There were hard times for sure, but 
many wonderful times as well..

May 2013 bring more of the same :) 

Trip Up North..

The first part of January Adam and I decided
to head up to Salt Lake to visit his family. This Christmas
we weren't able to spend with them so it was really nice
to get to spend a weekend with them! And we were excited
to be a part of our nephew Jordan's baptism!

 We both decided to take work off on Friday and drive up Thursday evening. 
Weather was good, besides the fact that it was fareeezzing cold.
It was a about 5 degrees when we got to their house..
I didn't start our trip off very good and ended up with
a horrible tooth pain. Unfortunately, the pain didn't go away and
only got worse, luckily I was on antibiotics and pain killers, but it was still
tough to get through the weekend. 
We spent most of our time just visiting and relaxing with the family. 
I was so blessed to have an amazing family that was able
to give me a priesthood blessing and take care of 
me so much while I was in pain..

On Saturday morning Adam and his brother, dad and nephew
went bunny hunting. They had a blast but didn't get anything. That
afternoon was the baptism. We were so proud of Jordan! 
He's such a cute 8 year old! 

I really wanted to go to City Creek Center and enjoy
some Salt Lake activities but between my pain and the freezing
temperatures we didn't get out to do much! I really liked just being
at home with the family. That's one nice thing about
my in laws, is that it's a good time just sitting around with them! 
I really missed my sister in law too.. since she's moved 
up north we haven't got to have some fun chatting sessions.. 
and it was great to spend some quality time with her! 

Adam took some fun pictures of the kids on our
trip.. here are some of my favorite! 

miss this bunch! 

I also got the amazing chance to see my best friend's
new house.. which is not so new to her anymore! 
I loved seeing it.. it's absolutely gorgeous and I loved
 seeing her cute pregnant self! Miss her so much!