Grandpa Meserve and another Colorado Trip

My sweet Grandpa Meserve was called back to heaven
on January 18th 2013. 
As I had written previously my Grandpa Shifflet had
passed away just 3 months ago in October. 
It's been hard to loose both of my Grandpa's so close

I got a phone call Friday morning that my Grandpa Meserve
was in the hospital and wasn't doing very well. 
Within a few short hours my mom had called me back
and told me that he probably wasn't going to make
it very much longer and that my parents
were leaving and heading to Colorado. 
I had known that my Grandpa was declining in his health
since I had got to see him in November, but
it's still shocking and hard to hear they are getting
ready to leave this world. 
That night as my parents were traveling to Colorado
they received the phone call that Grandpa had passed.
They had asked my dad if he wanted to have the doctors keep 
my Grandpa on life support until my dad could get there
but my dad knew he had already gone and it wouldn't do any good.

Us kids then started making our arrangements to
get out to Pueblo again.. 
This time around we ended up flying out there.
We left for Vegas Monday morning around 2:30 am
and flew out around 6. We had to fly in to Denver which
was kind of pain since we had a 2 hour drive to my 
Grandma's. We were lucky though and got to spend
3 days there in Pueblo. 
Our first day we got to see my Grandma Shifflet
first and then we headed out to my Grandma Meserve's house
and got to spend some time with her. 
It was weird not seeing my Grandpa there with her.
These two were inseparable and rarely left each other's 
side so it was just different to not have him around. 
I did enjoy the time I spent there that day.
My two aunt's and uncle and cousins were there
and it was fun to see them. All 3 of my dad's siblings
live in Pueblo and their kids. 
We spent the afternoon visiting Grandma and 
rummaging through all of her old things.
She has the coolest stuff.. When I have more time I'll
have to post about it! She has a Book of Mormon from
1920 which was so awesome, an old record player,
a rifle gun which was my great-great grandpa's from
I believe it was the late 1800's.. and a lot
of really old but fun things. She is one of those
that has kept a lot of things and kept it in good
condition. I love history and I loved going through
so much old things that belonged to my family. 
Who knows when we will go through that fun stuff
again but it was great to all be together looking through it.
We also looked through my Grandpa's yard and all his old
vehicles. He held onto everything and we had fun 
hearing the stories of each vehicle or tool! 

Some old pictures I took that were at my Grandma's of
my Great Grandpa Meserve.

That night we went to dinner with my Uncle and his kids.
I really had fun hanging out with everyone. 
My oldest cousin is my age, and then his brother
is 2 years younger than me and then there
youngest is a year older than Taylor, so when we
are all together it's pretty fun! 
We went to the delicious Do Drop Inn pizza! 

The next day was Tuesday and we just were able to 
have a day to visit family. We really didn't do much this day! 
We went to Pass Key's for lunch with my Aunt & Uncle
and us girls helped my Grandma Shifflet pick out
a new dining room set and we then went back over to 
my Grandma Meserve's and spent more time with her.
I really liked vising with my Aunt Carolyn who has lived with my 
grandparents now for almost a year. 
I was debating about really sharing this story since
it's pretty personal and religious but I definitely
want it for my records and don't want to forget it. 
My Aunt told my sister and I that about a week
before my Grandpa passed he started to 'see things'..
not like creepy things or a bright light or anything.
They have a pretty big backyard and one day
my Grandma was out there working in the yard and 
my Grandpa goes to my Aunt and says 
'why are all those people working out there in the field?'
And my Aunt says, 'Dad I don't see anyone out there, I don't
think anyone is working.' 
He responds, 'Yes there is a bunch of them and they are all
in white, why are they all out there?'
At the time my Aunt didn't think much of but
he kept saying he would see people
and I thought it was really cool how he said 
they were in all white.. It makes me believe with no
doubt that there is a life after death. 

The next day which was Wednesday, was the day of the
funeral. I was surprised that my Dad's family had decided
not to have anyone speak but the bishop who was a
good friend of my Grandpa's. 
The funeral itself would be pretty short.
The viewing of course was the hardest part..
We were all in their together and that 
made it a little bit better, but it's still
hard to face the reality. 
I loved seeing my Grandpa in his temple clothes
and will try to keep that holy image in my mind.
Before the whole day started I wanted to snap
some pictures of my family..
seriously what would I do without pictures? 
I'm so glad of all the pictures I have taken :)

My Dad, his siblings and Grandma.

Boy cousins & my Adam

Aunts, Uncles & parents

Meserve Cousins

Meserve Family 

The funeral service was nice and short
just how my Grandpa would have wanted it! 
I do wish that we could have had some
more personal speakers or stories, but
all in all it was great.
After the funeral we headed to the cemetery. 
It was the same location as my other
Grandpa and he was only buried a little ways away.
The dedication of the resting site went well
and I was able to capture a few sweet
photos of the pall bearers and the 
beautiful flowers that were used.

Once the funeral was over we went back to my Grandma's
and spent time as a family and enjoyed a nice
That night my cousins wanted us to come over to their
house and play some games.
It turned out to be so much fun. We played a few
different games and just enjoyed each other's company.
Growing up, I rarely saw these cousins and when we 
did see each other we had nothing in common and hardly
hung out together. 
But once you grow up it's a little different
and we realize we are in fact related and have more in common
than we thought. Not to mention, my husband
gets along with them all great and they
think he's the funniest guy on the planet..(not so sure why)
Needless to say, it was such a great time..

That next morning we had to get up early and start 
driving back to Denver for our flight home.
I wanted to snap a few pictures of my Grandparents
house, which is the house my Dad grew up in and 
is filled with great memories for many people! 

In the midst of the craziness that comes along
with funerals and family, I did get to spend some
time with my Grandma Betty. 
She's the cutest and so we had fun being
with her as well! 

I hope one of these next trips does not involve a 
I am missing both my wonderful Grandpa's now and 
I am so grateful for the Lord's tender mercies in getting me
and my family back to Colorado in November (for my Grandpa
Shifflet) that gave us the opportunity to spend
time with, see and take pictures with my Grandpa Meserve. 
I am cherishing those sweet, sweet memories that I was
able to make just three short months ago..

Miss you so much Grandpa!