My Valentine..

So happy this guy is my Valentine for eternity..

This year was another great Valentine... except that Adam had to work until 9 :( He still made it very special for me and I got these beauties at work and he also surpised me when I went home for lunch with the house completely decorated with balloons, a sweet card, and chocolates :)

 The flowers opened up towards the end of the day and they were so so pretty!

 Last weekend we decided to go on a little date to Russo's pizza & a movie! Russo's pizza is Adam's all time favorite pizza place here in town! We both got the chicken alfredo pizza this time and it was delicious...

Hope you all had a great day with your loved ones!



Superbowl Sunday..

As I've written in the past.. it was the annual Superbowl party at my parents this last Sunday. It was a fun day filled with LOTS of food, laughs, socializing, eating, watching, laughing, eating... :) did I mention eating already?

I love attending the party and seeing all my old family friends! All of these people I seriously call my second families/aunts/uncles! This year Adam & I went over to my parents house a little early to help them with little things and lets be honest.. just to hang out for the day! People started coming over around 3 and getting in their comfy spots for the game, and start their snacking. This year Adam & I both decided to make something.. which is strange that we never have made anything before this year? I made a really yummy "chocolate dessert -type chees ball" (Cream cheese) and Adam made a yummy chili cheese dip. There was so much food this year, I literally felt sick about the 4th quarter of the game, haha.

I loved having all the loud noises and all the people around. It's fun because each year it seems the party grows as people get married.. have babies.. etc etc.. We had our spot down stairs in my parents 'theater' room with the projection screen. It was really cool - well Adam thought it was pure heaven so that is why we stayed down there. I was really happy that some of my best friends could come, Kris and Ladd and watch the game down stairs with us!

You can probably tell that my phone did get snatched somewhere during the night, hence the pictures of Adam and Ladd..
I wasn't really into the game all that much, but I did watch some of it. Most of the people at our house were quite happy that the Giants won. I loved the half time show. I don't care what anyone thinks of Madonna. I really liked the performance, and I loved how she brought random people in - I really liked LMFAO, they were cool :)

Sunday was definitley a long long day, but I loved the whole party and all the people there! well until next year...



TV Mounting & Softball

So I feel like I haven't really posted a whole lot about what is going on lately with us! January is over and I am beyond happy! January is one of those months where I kind of just want it to get over with.. (sorry) Its sad that Christmas is over and it's still cold and anyway.. I'm happy for February and so ready for spring!

We really haven't been doing a whole lot. Adam got a new job just before Christmas at AllConnect here in St.George. He is really enjoying it so far! We currently have the exact same schedule so we have been able to be home together still and enjoy lunch. I love lunch dates! He has done really well in the sales area and made some new friends (no surprise there). I have stayed busy with my job and trying to go to the gym every night! We both got gym passes at Planet Fitness and are trying to get our fitness on more! We'll see how it goes... haha. :)

This last weekend Adam had a softball tournament here in town. It was actually really nice to get out of the house and enjoy our great weather on Saturday (Friday night was freezing). The boys did okay, I think they placed like 10th or something. I was really excited to catch up with all the softball wives though! We also spent part of our weekend getting a few things for our house-we got Dish Network put in and my hubby is beyond excited! We use to have Direct TV and then just regular cable for like 3 months so it is really nice to have DVR and HD back.
We also tried to mount our TV to our wall.. well I guess Adam did mount it. I stood back a little nervous about something drastically going wrong - like our TV falling and shattering everywhere :( Here I documented Adam's progress..

It does look pretty awesome on the wall - this just isn't the best picture!

 Okay is she not the cutest dog you've ever seen? I just couldn't resit posting these pictures from the weekend...

We also got lucky last weekend and got to visit with our good friends Liz & Jeff and I got to see one of the cutest baby boys.. Teagan! I haven't seen him since he was like a couple months old.. so he has changed a ton! It was fun to do some shopping with them and catch up! As you can see Adam was highly entertained with him! :)

This weekend we have the big Superbowl! we are going over to my parents house for their annual party and I am super excited!

Hope you all have a great weekend!