First Fall Weekend..

Fall is finally here! I couldn't be more excited about my favorite time of year. I'm so happy that we are now into fall. We started off this season right by going up to the cabin last weekend. We took our friends Keli'i and Kirrily with us and had a blast hanging out there. The weather was perfect.. it got pretty chilly at night but during the day it was great. The tops of the trees were starting to turn yellow and it made me really excited to go up in a few weeks to see all the leaves!

On friday when we got there we did a quick little ride and then when we got back we had pizza for dinner and waiting for my parents to get up there. My siblings couldn't come up till the next night so we actually had a blast with my parents. The 6 of us played Catch Phrase, like 10 games of catch phrase! haha it was so much fun, we were all laughing, it was girls against boys so things got pretty intense! On saturday morning my mom and Kirrily and I went on a walk with Tana which was way fun! Then we spent the day riding out in Grassy Meadows.. The ride was going super fun, it was the 4 of us on the Razor! Adam decided to go over this little jump thing which did have some rocks around it and we ended up getting a flat tire instantly! :( It was the worse feeling ever, we had no service out there so we decided to start going back to the main road really slowly. Adam was doing a good job and keeping the razor under control but I was freaking out that my dad was going to be upset since the razor is so new.. We didn't get any reception until the main dirt road where I was still barely able to send a text, luckily my mom got it and had sent my dad out. We were saved! My dad was cool about it and actually took it into town the day to get fixed so we could ride the next day. (best dad).. After that we all got back and showered and took a nap.. it was a good afternoon! That night we played Uno Attack and had a yummy meals! We also had a camp fire! I love fires :) we also had smores.. which are my fav.

The next day we hung out again at the cabin played some games, & had a corn hole tournament which was a blast! We also did go out on another ride, luckily came back all in one piece :) It was a perfect start to fall.. here are a few pictures from the weekend..


Five For Friday..

Five For Friday..

Well it's Friday again! So Happy! :) This week has been a pretty great week and is a great start to a wonderful weekend ahead! We are heading up to the cabin this weekend with the fam and Keli'i and Kirrily!  There has been a lot of things this week that I have enjoyed.. Here's the few highlights I have found!

  • Playing tennis with Keli'i, Kirrily & Adam (my tennis lesson actually)
  • Menchie's.. :) 
  • swimming & hot tubbing
  • 2 work days with no boss around
  • Montana getting her hair cut
This week I had a lot going on and realized that every night I was busy with something or the other! Adam and I have been blessed to have Keli'i back and he brought his girlfriend, Kirrily along. They are headed back to Hawaii in October so they aren't staying with us long but we definitely are enjoying our time with them now. Kirrily is a good cook and has been cooking healthy, yummy meals for us and I've loved that! We have also been trying to play tennis, she's a great tennis player so she is teaching me how! It's been a little more crowded in the house, obviously, but the 4 of us get along really well and it's fun to have them around :) 

Well until next time...


Off to Orange County...

Last week I got to go down to Santa Ana CA for a work conference! My boss was going to put me on a plane, but then said I could drive if I wanted to and he'd pay my whole way.. I am blessed to have a great mother who can go with  her children on little adventures whenever she wants.. and so I got to drag her along! I would have never drove to CA by myself.. and I probably wouldn't have flown either, I'm such a baby!  We left Tuesday afternoon and it was pouring rain! That was the day of the floods.. Anyway, my mom has what is called meneres (don't mind my spelling) and so she gets really dizzy and nauseous sometimes and asked me to drive us. So me and the Lexus and pouring rain and California traffic.. good thing my mom is such a sweetheart.. This girl is only use to a 2 lane freeway not 6 lanes.. thank you.

We got down to Orange County around 6 that night and just happened to be staying a few blocks away from one of the largest, if not the largest mall in OC called South Coast Plaza, that place needs at least a few days! Unfortunately I only had the one night but I did get to stop in Forever 21 and Victoria Secret.. two of my favorites. We also ate at a really pretty place within the mall called ..'something'.. Southwestern grill. It was outside and so pretty and had yummy food! The best corn bread I think I've ever had! It was also a beautiful night in Orange County and I wished I had more time to hang out there.

When we were done shopping and eating we decided to find some ice cream somewhere and then head back to our hotel. While I was looking my mom wanted to run into RiteAid for something and she saw this inside... 

Now to me it doesn't have much meaning.. but I guess when she was first married and living in CA and Las Vegas her and my dad would always go get ice cream here because it was like a quarter for a couple scoops! We ended up just buying a few of their containers and it was delicious! (& cheap of course)

My conference was at the Marriott, where we were staying so it was really nice not to have to stress about driving anywhere in the morning. The Marriott was also super nice and had a beautiful and huge lobby where my mom was able to hang out after we checked out. 

The conference was really good. It was put on by a company back East that we deal with very often that handles most of our investment accounts. I didn't learn a ton, since I've been dealing with them for over 3 years but it was still helpful to go! And it didn't hurt that I got 2 days paid and just a fun little trip with my mom!

We didn't get back into St. George until almost midnight so it was a really long day. We, of course, hit California traffic which I have decided is my nightmare and I don't think I can ever live there. We also hit a lot of road construction which was such a pain! I hate it! I was sad to get back to regular work but happy to be in my own bed! Thanks Mom for being a trooper and tagging along with me! 


Weekend in Pine Valley ...

Last weekend Adam, Ladd, Kris and myself decided to head up to Pine Valley for the night! We all wanted to stay longer but had a lot of commitments Saturday preventing us from doing so! We all tried to leave our jobs a little early and head up before it got late! We went to Smiths got yummy stuff to make dinner and headed up there. We got up there before the sun set so we got to fit in a quick ride! Poor Kris is pregnant but she is a champ and didn't mind my driving! That night we pulled off a little campfire and had smores.. We used some old huge marshmallows I found in the pantry.. bad idea.. my delicious idea of smores was pretty much ruined when I tried these ones. Afterwards we watched 'Battleship' which I think I saw the opening credits and that was it. . I'm sure it was a good show. The next morning Adam cooked up yummy bagel sandwiches and hash browns, then we went on ride #2! I wish we would have had more time to ride around Pine Valley and enjoy it a little more but we had to head back in the afternoon.

My parents were out of town and my sister had the Homecoming Dance Saturday night. I usually help her get ready for her dances so I was really excited to go over and help.. She looked beautiful! 

 Later that night we had Linzi's brother wedding reception that we went too. It was beautiful! Then we stayed and hung out at my parents house.. Adam is in love with the big screen TV so he's been over a lot since football started! 

Our Sunday consisted of this... it was a perfectly boring Sunday.. 

& on a side note.. Our roomie (for a month at least) his girlfriend is staying too and she is from Australia so she brought us these sweet Australian treasures.. :) 

Labor Day Weekend...

This Labor Day, as with my many Labor Day weekends we went up to Pine Valley with my family.  I was able to leave work early the Friday we left so that was nice! This was the first weekend having my brother back and it was SO fun. We went riding around right away for most of our day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Friday we got up there and went riding and then had a nice relaxing night of hanging out. Saturday was much of the same. Waking up to parents cooking breakfast and then off riding, going for a small walk and lounging around the rest of the day. Trev took Linzi, myself and my dad for jeep ride up in Grass Valley. It was a beautiful day and so bumpy.. I kept thinking "I really needed a sports bra for this excursion" & "if I was pregnant my baby would have popped out at any time." The view from the top of the mountain was gorgeous!  

The weather was perfect as usual.. That night we went to the little store down on the main road and got their ice cream! It's a cute little ice cream shop and fountain drinks and candy are there as well. It's the best idea I have ever heard of. The next Sunday we all got up and went to Pine Valley church. On Labor Day especially it's so crowded with so many visitors so they hold it outside on a broadcast system. It was really cool to be in that kind of environment for sacrament and I just loved being outside. The rest of the day was spent riding on the Razor and 4 wheelers.. it was such a blast! 

Trev & Linz the lovebirds :)

The Theobald family came up on Sunday and stayed in the trailer on our property and it was so fun to have them around too! We all mostly ate and then laid around a lot! Monday was more of the same. We did a little riding went and got yummy ice cream and fountain drinks.. again, and then rested at the cabin. We didn't leave to come home until about 4 p.m. that day! It was such a great weekend and I feel so blessed to have a place like this to run off too.. it really gives me such peace when I'm up there and I love some outdoor time! 

Not to mention my dog gets completely wiped out every time we go there and she barley moves around for at least a day afterwards! 

Five For Fiday.. Three Weeks Worth ..

Five For Friday

Okay, I've already missed two weeks.. and now for my 3rd week!
I'll do the most recent week first...

  • Sunday was a fun relaxing enjoyable day of nothing.
  • Went to California for a work conference - felt so grown up.
  • Had a very self-less mom who tagged along to my work conference.
  • Had a day of heavy rain
  • Had a sleep in day in the middle of the week :) 

September 7th
  • Helped get little sis ready for homecoming! 
  • Went to PV with some great friends and enjoyed a day of riding.
  • Had one of my good friends come back into town and stay with us.. staying for the next month! 
  • Went to a reception.. weddings :) 
  • 4 day work week.. enough said

August 31
  • Went to Pine Valley.. heaven on earth.. not much else to say
  • Fun movie night w/hubby. 
  • Good pool time & dinner time with Kris. 
  • working half days :)
  • gym time!