Update on Weekend

A little update on life seemed needed since I haven't really written about anything besides birthday's in awhile :)
This last weekend Adam had a softball tourney down in Las Vegas. We went down the day of and the boys played all day long! It was a long day, but it wasn't so bad! A lot of wives came and so we all hung out and the weather wasn't too hott yet. I know that in the next few weeks the tournaments down there may be scorching! I had a lot of fun hanging out w/Adam since we hadn't spent a weekend 'together' for like 2 weeks due to his work schedule! It was much needed. The boys took second-which was soo gay. The other team was horrible and had horrible attitudes and no respect.. They had a guy that got kicked out because he was totally high and drunk and the director had to come down and sit over by their dug out - yeah that's how cool they were!
Anyways.. we didn't get home till about 2 a.m. LONG drive home!
On Sunday Adam & I basically did absolutely nothing all day and I loved it. I needed that kind of a day. I had no motivation to get up and get ready and I didn't even go to church i was so lazy.Below is just a picture of Adam hitting the ball & the above one we are just hanging out.

I'm currently sad that I am not longer a... Golds Gym Member.. well I guess it has its ups & downs. My memebership expired and I just wasn't jumping to get it renewed asap.. so I currently belong to no gym! I have therefore had no motivation to do much working out. I am looking into Planet Fitness here in St. George, there is no contract and they are pretty dang cheap-like $10 bucks a month. I may look into that but for now I'm just going to stick w/walks and runs.
I am also really proud of myself for a couple of reasons... (this is a little stupid thing so don't judge).. anyway, Adam & I went to Wendy's for lunch last week-typically on these fast-food lunches I always get fries and ya know the whole combo deal. Well since I'm still doing Weight Watchers. I knew I had to eat heathly, So I decided to order 5 piece chicken nuggets & a small bowl of chili - instead of my usual combo! Yeah it saved me TONS of points. I was so happy. Even though this is a little thing that I had done one of those days, I was still proud because I usually don't ever get way different things and I don't usually sacrifice a whole lot - hence why i'm loosing so slowly- anyway I was way full after and felt super good not having fries! :)
I can't wait for the three day weekend ahead for Memorial Day! My whole family is heading up to Pine Valley and I can't wait to get up there. I haven't actually stayed up there since Adam & I went up in October for our anniversary, so I can't wait. It's so beautiful and I'm hoping to go riding a lot.
Also an awesome thing lingering in my future... MY BIRTHDAY! :) It's already next week, crazy how fast time goes!


birthday girl!

Today is this girls birthday! Happy Birthday Liz!
I wanted to do a quick shout out to one of my very closest
friends, Elizabeth Teresa Elmes Okeson :)
Today she had a very very special day..One birthday
that she'll NEVER forget. She found out the gender of her
cute little 'bean' in her tummy! :) This is numero uno for the Okeson's
so obviously one of the happiest and most exciting days
in their lives.. and it landed on her birthday! How special is that?
They are having a BOY!  duh.. I knew that already. i just
had a weird feeling it was a boy! yay!
Anyway.. Liz is such a good friend. She is crazy, outgoing, funny,
lovable, talkative, energetic, loyal, & generous!
She's such a great listener and is always there to talk
and listen! She is crazy and fun.. she'll make any boring
situation.. well not boring! I have known her since Elementary school
we have had awesome times ever since then! I really
wish that we lived closer to each other! I am so excited
and happy for her at this special time in her life. It's so
crazy how life works out because she was never the one to
say she would have a baby or even be one of the first to have a baby
and now she is due w/a beautiful baby boy in October! :)
I am SO happy
and since I won't be an Aunt for
 awhile... Liz I am going to be an
Aunt :) Thanks!
I love you and wish you a wonderful happy birthday!


Dad's Birthday!

Today is my dad's birthday!!!
Basically  he's like the best dad ever!
I am SO grateful for everything he does! I am so glad
to still have him in my life and to be so close to him!
I am definitley his favorite... no question :)
We are a lot alike... good or bad? And I love spending
time w/him! I am also so happy I found someone that can
get along w/my dad and love him as much as I do! We love
just hanging out w/him whenever we can! My dad is such a hardworker
he deserves a great, relaxing day!
Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad in the whole world!


Womens Conference - Mothers Day

I was so lucky to have been able to go to Womens Conference this year with my mom!
Womens Conference is up at BYU in Provo and it's once a year for all women over 16!
I was really looking forward to having the mini 'vacation' and time w/my mom, cousin, aunt & friends! We all had such a good time! We got up to Provo on Wednesday night and then
had to be up super early on Thursday morning for classes. Our cute little dorm we stayed in was soo tiny.. I definitley couldn't live there for a whole semester! My mom and I shared a room
and we both didn't sleep well at all.. I was freezing and sleeping on a hard tiny bed w/an awkward pillow! And in our little dorm/apartment there was 6/7 girls and only one bathroom! Luckily our bathroom had two showers so we all showered in two's, haha. Early on Thursday morning we went to our general session and then headed over to our first class. Kelsey my mom & I all wanted to attend this class on eternal marriage and luckily we barely made it in. I didn't reazlie how crowded Womens Conference is. There are long lines for all the popular classes. This first class was soo good! I can't remember their names but it was a really cute couple that have been married for over 40 years. We ended up skipping the next class and just went to our afternoon class session which was titled, Doing the Best you Can. I loved the speakers on this one, it was Emily Watts (author) and another cute lady. This was a good session and working mom's and balancing family work etc. I really enjoyed hearing this talk because I currently work full time and plan to work for the majority of my life and so it was a great class for me! That night we walked to Costa Vida! I love Costa so i was happy to have that! and then they held an amazing concert with several LDS musicians and each performed 2-3 songs. Kerby (can't remember his last name, but he's in all the LDS movies like SIngles Ward etc) he hosted and he's so funny! David Osmond performed and he's soo hot and has a great voice, Hilary Weeks  performed, and then an acapella group and a pianist that I can't remember. Everyone did great though! Afterwards my mom, Aunt and Kelsey went to BYU's Creamery for Ice Cream.. I'd never been before and yes it was delicious! It was so nice to be w/someone (mom) who had been several years in a row and knew everything, and then my Aunt & Kelsey have both attended BYU and knew where everything was at! The next morning was classes again! We attended a class called Communication in Marriage - which was such a good class for me! I think I took like 5-6 pages of notes! A really funny cute couple gave the talk and were very entertaining! I learned so much from that class! I also got my favorite.. Jamba Juice that day! :) We don't have this in St. G so it's a must when I go up north! Then our next class was on visiting teaching which was good, and then one on shopping:needs  & wants - which ended up being so boring! Once that last class was over for the conference we had our closing session which is with all the women in attendance! Elder & Sister Bednar spoke and they were SO amazing! I loved listening to both of them talk and they both did such a good job! We also sat pretty close to the front, and that was an awesome experience. After the closing session a lot of people just headed home, but my mom has always stayed Friday  night and just done fun things w/ all the girls! So, Kels, aunt Amy, my mom & I went shopping at BYU Bookstore - I got a ton of cute BYU stuff and a cute tote bag - then we went to Macoroni Grill in Orem for dinner - and did some shopping at the Riverwood shops. I had such a fun dinner w/these girls! We laughed and laughed throughout all of dinner and then basically the rest of the night!
After we got back to our dorms we were all so exhausted from walking and walking both days.. (that's all you do is walk around BYU's huge campus) so I was pretty tired. The next morning we all packed up and left and went and had breakfast and drove home! Before we left Provo we did have to drive past the MTC because my cousin Jake is there.. and my aunt wanted to try and see if she could miraculously see him walking! After my mother pretty much almost ran a read light and stopped traffic for a few seconds... we didn't see Jake. I had such a good time w/ all the girls that went. I love my aunt & kelsey! it's so fun to have our mom's be so close and then we are so close in age also! She actually works right beside my work in the same building so it's fun to see her everday! And I love Jade & Keri! they are so fun to be with!
Love my mom!

Cousin kels & i

beautiful tulips

BYU - Picture for my hubby :)
It was such a good weekend that I was sad to see it end, but I know that I will for sure be going again! :) Thank you so much mom for taking me!
Also, I wanted to have a quick shout out to my mom for mothers day yesterday! For my family yesterday was obvisouly mothers day... but most importantly it was 'talk to Trevor' day! My brother is still on his mission and so we were all way anxious to talk to him! He got blessed and was able to talk to us for a total of almost 5 hours! He called first and talked for almost 3 - and then called again and talked for almost 2! It was soo awesome to hear his voice and to hear how great he sounds! It was such a great mothers day for my mom!
My mom is my best friend, the best example and inspiration to me! I really hope that when I become a mother I will be just like her! :)


royal wedding!

Who doesn't think these two are so cute together?

Okay Okay I am a huge Prince William/Kate Middelton fan..
I have loved Prince William since I was a little kid, he's so cute! and well Prince Harry is sooo hott too! where has he been all my life? :)
Anyway, I have really been into the Royal Wedding and have watched pretty
much every clip on Prince William & Kate! It basically all started because
every morning I watch the Today show on TV and of course this was huge news so
everything was revolved around them and their wedding... since I already
loved the Royals and Kate I was sucked in immediately!
I love their story and I think it's awesome that she is a 'commoner' and got her
fairy tale prince and wedding...  She's so adorable and she just seems so nice!
I was pretty bummed because I was out of town for the Wedding.. thank goodness for
DVR .. yep I recorded about ... I don't know.. like 10 hours of Royal Wedding Coverage :)
Don't judge!  it was sooo romantic and cute and yes I
watched everything! i'll probably even keep it on my tv for a little bit..
Isn't her dress sooo pretty? I was really happy she wore long sleeves (even though she might
have had to in the church) but she looked stunning and
they were so cute together. I think it's awesome that they waited awhile to get married too..
(for those who don't know.. they dated like 8 or 9 years first!)
Also.. there were some crazy hats going on there..
I want to move to London so I can wear cool hats like them!

So cute :) now they get to go and enjoy like a 1-2 month long honeymoon!