Easter Weekend

This last weekend Adam had to go both Saturday & Sunday in the mornings so
we didn't do anything amazing.. but Adam's family came into town on Friday.
His sister Trish came too and her birthday was on Saturday! It was fun we were able to celebrate with her and have a BBQ at our bro & sis in laws.
On Sunday I went to church w/my brother & sister in law and their family and
then Adam was off work and we had Easter dinner w/his family. It was so fun to hang out w/them this weekend and to see his sister Trish. She doesn't come down as often as
her parents do :)
Here are a few pictures from the weekend of the girls and some of them
playing catch.
Jen, Trish, & I

my cute neice Emily -she's only 11 and yes she's almost taller than me

daughters & mom

On a side note.. I am going to Womens Conference today! I am going up with my
mom aunt and cousin Kelsey. I am SO excited to head up there! I can't wait. . I've never
been and my mom loves it so Im excited to experience it. We are sharing a dorm with obviously my cousin aunt and then my friend Jade and her mom.. it'll be fun!
yay for an early weekend!

I will probably post sometime next week about that :)
have a great weekend everyone!

Back Yard Pictures

We finally got on our back yard finished!
We have been waiting to get our back yard done forever and finally it's all done :)
In my previous post I said I would post the pictures of it so here they are!

I didn't take that many pic's but you get the idea! We have a super small
back yard so what we did with it worked perfectly! And we have added a few things
since the pictures but you'll see those someday I'm sure!
Also... notice the nice bbq grill.. and Adam grilling for me :)


back yard & weekend

Unfortunately I do not have a picture yet of our backyard.. but no worries
I will soon get one! Our back yard is finally finished! it's soo nice! i love it!
Thanks to my dad for organizing everything and actually doing it all :)
We were out of town this last weekend and my dad worked on it w/the help of other
guys to get it done. Our yard has always just been weeds & rocks, so finally
after living in this house for over 2 years (married) and 1 1/2 (single) I finally have a
yard! last night Adam & I got to enjoy it for the first time.. we have a fire pit and so we made
a warm fire and enjoyed some ice cream! It was so fun!
As for our weekend.. Adam played in a softball tourney on Saturday. It was in Vegas at the Field of Dreams - now every boy loves these fields because they are each  mock ups of the actual field, i.e Yankee Stadium, Dodgers, Wrigley Field, & another I can't remember.
Anyway.. I don't like it all that much because.. as a 'fan' you can't bring in your own
food & drink. . how ridiculous is that? AND you have to pay $3 (including players) to get in! not cool!
But the fields are way nice and the seats are all stadium seating which makes it
nice when your there all day. It was really warm this weekend too! FINALLY!
I think it was close to 90 degrees down there so i was so happy to get some sun and
not be bundled up freezing. I really missed my BFF this weekend though :( 
 Other than the tournament and getting our yard all finished
that was all we did!
On other news.. I think I am doing another 5k in May.. Probably w/ my mom maybe sister and Linzi. I have only been doing Zumba lately.. so I thought this week I better start running again..
Well I will be posting in the next few days on some pictures of our new back yard!


kRyStAL 04/13/1986

Next birthday shout out is to one of my good friends
Her birthday was on Wednesday! Kris is from Springville/Provo/Lehi! (her family lives in Lehi now) She came down to Dixie State to become a nurse (she's a great one) and thats where she met me :)
Her roommate worked w/me & chelsey and we all started hanging out and
instantly became bffs.
We then became roommates at Rebel Creek Ridge from '06-end of '07. And then
went and moved into a house my parents bought in 2007.
Adam  & I made her and Ladd start dating :)
Ladd & Adam were friends and roommates and so naturally
us four hung out a lot and then enventually they fell in love on their own!
They were married on 05/16/2009.
I love Kris! She is such a sweet heart, kind hearted, funny, smart, loving girl!
She definitley deserves the best!
Happy 25th Kris! :)

Yes I made her wear the "birthday crown" - This was a tradition in college for a bunch of us girls that the birthday girl wore this crown! I still had it and thought I'd pass it on! :) - Chels you have to remember this crown!


tAyLoR 04/11/1996

My baby sister was born 04/11/1996.
 ( I forgot to do my shout out birthday messages.. so I am going to catch up on a few I've missed!!
My only sister had her birthday last Monday. 
I can actually still remember the day she was born. I was 8 years old.
I remember eating ice cream at Charlies (on the blvd) and my mom started feeling
kind of funny so she decided to have my aunt take her to the hospital to see
if everything was okay. My mom said she wasn't having any pain and
really didn't think anything was wrong.. haha well only a little while later her 3rd 
child popped out. She didn't even have time to get an epidural because she
was that close. 

My sister is super outgoing, strong, funny, crazy, lovable, amazing, beautiful,
creative, entertaining, reserved, energetic, cool & most importantly
an awesome sister. 
Next year... will be a scary day... 04/11/12 - watch out everyone! 
she gets her license & she starts dating..
my poor parents :(


weekend & softball

So a little update on the weekend!
Adam's family came into town this weekend! He hasn't seen his parents in forever so it was so nice to hang out for a bit and see them! On Saturday Adam had to work all day so I thought that my day would be boring and I would have all this time to myself.. HA. nope... I had a good day though. I got to see one of my closes friends and then Liz & Jeff came down for a Softball tourney which was re-scheduled to Sunday! Those two were going to a wedding on Saturday night.. unfortunatley I had to go too. The bride & groom looked really cute.. although I don't really like them it was okay and I can't complain too much.
Sunday the boys played in another softball tournament. It was pretty fun.. except that it wasn't warm down here in St. George at all. It was kinda windy and about 40 degrees.. needless to say the boys ended up taking 2nd which wasn't bad. I think it's kind of dumb that they get the same thing as first place winners? But cool for us I guess! It was a really long day but I always have fun hanging out w/the wives!
I didn't get any pictures taken :( I will get some this weekend though! We are going down to Vegas on Saturday. I was excited for it, but now not so much! :( Oh well I am sure that me & the wives can make the most of it and get over it like we always do!
So glad this day is almost over! Yay for Hump Day tomorrow!


Day 29 & Day 30

Day 29
In the past month what have you learned

I have learned that 30 days is actually a pretty long time and that I am really slow at doing something every day .. so a 30 day blog challenge for me is like a 45 day blog challenge :)
These blog challenges are kinda fun and would probably be even better if more people did them!

Day 30
Whats my favorite song

Favorite song right now? I have a bazillion favorite songs. Right now I am really liking anything by Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, Kate Perry, Rhianna. I really like Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square - such a cute song.. and I have to admit I kind of like Britney Spears' new songs.
:) Well now that the blog challenege is over you get to go back to hearing just about my boring life and what I'm up too!



Day 27 & 28

Day 27-
Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?
hmm.. not sure! :)
It seemed fun at the time now I am getting tired of it!
It's been fun to read everyone else's though!

Day 28
A picture of yourself from last year and now & how have you changed sicne then

Spring 2010

Spring 2011

Well looking back at last year and this year I think I have changed a lot.
I think I am a lot happier this year and care-free. I think 2011 so far has been a good year for me. I have definitley grown at work too. I have been able to meet a lot of my goals and I feel really accomplished there. I also feel stronger than ever to my husband! i am so happy to be married to him, going on 3 years. and it's true you fall more in love as the years go on and you learn more about each other!
Last year was a great year filled with wonderful memories, but
this year I am so excited for all to come!
I am almost done w/the blog challenge, finally yay!

Day 26

Day 26
What do you think of your friends!
Hello.. love all my friends!
Some friends I have had since elementary school, some
since High School or college. Some I see only a few times
a year, some I see every week.. some I only talk about little things, and some I
talk about everything with!
They are all unique to me and affect me in different ways.
Some I have been able to make strong bonds with more recently
some I will never ever loose bonds with. Some are at completey different ares of life than me,
some are close beside me.
Some are fun, some are wild, some are sensitive..but
I love all my friends :) They are all so special to me.
I have been blessed with true friends who really do care!


Day 25

Day 25
What you would find in my bag...
My bag is a MESS!! such a mess!
But you would find most importantly..
cell phone
lots of lip gloss
birth control
office keys
car keys
eye liner
hair serum
I think that's it :) There could be other things in there that
I don't know about though haha

Day 24

Day 24
A Letter to Your Parents
I have the coolest parents ever! I love them!
Dear Mom & Dad,
Thank you so much for everything you've done for me! You have been so supportive of everything I've ever wanted to do and have always had the best advice! Thank you mom for being my best friend and confidant and dad thank you for being a great example and working so hard for our family! I hope one day I can be half the parents you are to me! You two are such special people and loved by many!

your favorite daughter :)