It's Official..

I'm getting a sister-in-law!

I'm so thrilled to have this great girl be a part of my
family! She's so perfect for my brother..
words don't even begin to describe it!
She's stayed around the whole two years
while he was out on his mission and
they have been inseparatable since his return.

I was really excited that Trev wanted to include
both the families in the proposal!
He went out and bought T-shirts that spelled out
'Will you marry me?'
So each member of our families and
a few extras all wore the shirts
As they were hiking around Dixie Rock we
all got in our positions and
they came to the top of the rock close to where
we were standing and then Trevor did his thing.

It was so cute! Everyone was really excited..
and as you can see by the pictures
the night was perfect.. and they had
a gorgeous sunset.
And to top that night off...
nothing like going to Golden Corral
as an Engagement Celebration.. :)

They are planning for February for the wedding
and I couldn't be happier to add
another married couple to the
crazy family.

In other news..
Our last few weekends have been low key
and filled with fun.. movies, pumpkin shakes
& a beautiful walk along the river.


Conference Weekend...

Conference has come and gone already.. 
I always love Conference weekends especially when they are
spent up in Pine Valley and in the fall time

We drove up on Friday night.. our beautiful view getting into the Valley..
Our friends Keli'i and Kirrily were still living with us
at this time so they came up as well..

We enjoyed a camp fire with S'mores of course.. and
the next night enjoyed S'mores, Reeses & Starbursts once
Linzi came up.. 

My brother came up later Friday night by himself 
we all had a really lazy day Saturday watching conference

And sleeping.. 
We also fit in a little ride. Pine Valley is so beautiful this time of year
I just can't get over it.
I love this season and St. George kind of goes 
from one season to the next so drastically
that I love enjoying the crisp air and bright leaves
in Pine Valley.

Sunday morning I woke up early.. my dog is so high maintenance
that she wakes me up so early up there
and I'm forced to take her outside.
At least I had this great view in the morning..

I could get use to that..
Saturday night Trevor's girlfriend Linzi came up and we all had another
lazy conference day on Sunday with yummy snacks
and fun games
and more of the great weather
You can't really see the pretty red leaves in the picture below
but they are there

Love my fall weekends.. This was also one of the last weekends
we had with our friends. They left this last week.
It was sad to see them go, since we won't be seeing them
 for about 6-7 months but
it's always nice to get back in your groove of things I guess

I also have some really exciting news to share soon too! 
Not about me but about my brother :) 
(sure that gave it away)

Until next time..


Five For Friday..

Another week has come and gone.. my week's seem to fly by. I guess more so my weekENDs fly by, sadly.

This week has definitley had it's crazy moments and I haven't really liked this week, but in fact there has still been some great moments!

  • One of our best friends, Keli'i's birthday was yesterday! We had great dinner, great cake and great friends.
  • Great week of work outs at the gym.
  • Pay Day.. :)
  • Suprise gift from Kirrily.. delicious Pumpkin Menchies
  • & this week is the first week of October, so what could be better?

These two are leaving soon to head back to Hawaii and on to Australia.. We are going to miss them when they leave! It's been fun having them around and doing crazy-random fun things together. It's weird when you meet people and you think it'll be uncomfrotable when they live with you, but then you wake up one day and realize you can't really remember what it was like when they weren't here with you..


Around the House..

This last weekend we spent our time around the house. On Friday we rented the movie, Snow White & the Huntsman - which was alright. Saturday we went to the Swiss Days out in Santa Clara.. surprisingly we had never been! It was just a little festival of food and shops. We tagged along with Kirrily and Keli'i which was fun. After the festival we went out to lunch and then home for a movie night. We went to Redbox and Kirrily & Keli'i rented Cabin in the Woods.. stupidest.movie.ever.. do not waste your time watching it. The only excitement from that night was Adam freaking us all out by screaming and shutting all the lights off. .

Kirrily & I went to Menchies twice.. yeah unfortunately and fortunately twice in one weekend.. good thing I'm promising myself lots of gym time this week...but anyways, They have the best frozen yogurt ever! I always get the cake batter and I tried the sweet coconut this weekend which was delicious! 

Sunday was a nice relaxing day at home too, and a fun day at my parents house.. 

So two Menchies runs, fun Swiss Days festival, 1 attempted guy night-but-not-really, 2 not-so-great movies, one late night McDonalds trip and one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle... equals.. a great weekend around the house!