Beautiful Weekend

This last weekend was absolutely beautiful! I was in love with the weather and everything about the weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't get a great start to my weekend since I attended the viewing and funeral of my dear friend, Sarah. It was so hard to go to both of these things but I am also glad I did. Sarah's service was beautiful and her family was such an inspiration of strength and their testimonies. I will always miss Sarah but I know that she is in a wonderful amazing place and will watch over her loved ones. I was happy that I got to see some amazing friends that I cherish. I hardly ever see the group of girls I grew up with and when I do its always fun! We took a really cute picture but of course, I can't get it to upload correctly! :( 

After the viewing Friday night my parents treated us to Menchies! We haven't been before and it was delicious! Definitely will be going back again soon! 

Saturday was a fun day with my sister! Adam had to work that day so we got to hang out! We went to lunch at Five Guys, shopping at ULTA and then home to lounge around. We ended up going swimming once Adam and Gabe came over. I haven't swam in my parents pool yet, and it was SO nice! After we swam we went and saw the new movie, 'Think Like A Man'-it was hilarious! We all really liked it, so it you are needing a good movie go see that one! We actually went on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend.. yes, totally weird! But we actually had a really good time! 

On Sunday we drove up to Diamond to see Kolten Condie speak for his homecoming. He is the last 'friend' of Trevors before he gets to come home! yay so close! The below picture is just a random picture we took before church! I LOVE Adam's new hair cut :) 
After church we enjoyed our Sunday with my family, having a fun BBQ outside and then swimming afterwards, followed by Ghost Protocol movie and ice cream.. couldn't ask for a better weekend with the people I love! 

This next weekend I'm headed off to Women's Conference again with my mother! I CAN.NOT wait. I'm so ready for a little mini-vacation and some quality time with my mom. We are going to be staying with Jade & Keri and I'm so excited. These ladies are so fun and I couldn't ask for a better pair to hang out with! I'm not looking forward to leaving my hubby behind and then having to come back Saturday to an empty house, since he'll be gone in Vegas for softball - but I guess a little time apart will be good? yeah? ...

until next time...


An Angel..

On Tuesday evening heaven received a wonderful angel..
Sarah Adams Mickelson lost her long battle with cancer.
She had been fighting for about a year and a half and was
so strong. I'm so sad to see her leave this earth, she
was such an amazing person and friend and will be greatly missed by all.
I will always cherish the memories I shared with her in school, in church and in
our home place of Diamond Valley :)
She had such a sweet spirit, was so funny and so smart!
I remember talking to her a lot right after high school it was sometime between our
freshman year of college and when she came back home
from BYU Idaho but we stayed in touch a lot and I will
never forget those special times..
I know she is in a much better place now and will be watching over
all of her loved ones..
at this time I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel.

Love this picture from Tasha's wedding of us girls...
treasured picture for sure..


Sweet 16..

Last Wednesday on 04/11 was my dear sister Taylor's 16th birthday! Oh man I cannot believe she is already 16! Time flys! She had a surprise birthday party last week with all of her friends and then on her actual birthday we had Olive Garden, cake and presents! I think she had a blast! I have loved seeing her grow up to be a beautiful young woman! She is so smart, caring, funny, and so loved! I'm really happy that I got a wonderful baby sister 16 years ago! It's fun with her because I can remember a lot about her growing up and I can even remember the day she was born. We were all at Charlies (ice cream place in town) and my mom was having really hard contractions and decided to go check them out. . a little while later Taylor was born. :) She definitely adds such a sweet spirit into our family!


On a side note.. This week is full of birthday celebrations. One of my close friends, Krystal is turning 26 today! So a happy birthday shout out to her! She is such a special friend and I hope she enjoys her big day! :)



General Conference.. Pine Valley Weekend..

Last weekend was amanzing General Conference time again! Those 6 months seem to fly by for me! Per tradition, we went up to Pine Valley to watch it with my family. I am really disappointed that I did not take more pictues! I always take a lot of pics, and for some reason I have a lousy two.. Oh well!

I decided to go up on Friday with my family because Adam had to work Saturday. We got up there mostly in time to organize the cabin, play a few games, and head to bed. I loved being up there with my sister though, just the two of us! She is growing up so quickly that I am a little sad to not get to hang out with her as much, especially since she is at such a fun and busy stage in her life! Buuutt.. we did get to hang together for awhile! On Saturday morning I woke up pretty early like 7:30 - which is early for me for a Saturday! Although the last year I have been waking up pretty early even on weekends, which is sad! I went out on the front porch and read and watched my crazy dog play with the neighbor dog! It's such a peaceful thing to be up there and outside in the morning where it's so peaceful and quiet. I love that feeling and really enjoy being outside in the morning sun!

We watched the two sessions of G.C. with a nice long walk around Pine Valley in between the two sessions. Adam got up just in time for the second session to start and brough up delicious Russo's pizza with him! We had a fun night of games and naps :) Then Sunday we did pretty much the same thing over again.. except for the fact that I woke up to it SNOWING outside.. yes, I was super disappointed because I love being up in the nice weather in PV and being able to relax outside! The whole day it basically snowed off & on and we didn't get to go for a walk or open the doors or anything, so that put a damper on the day.. But the sessions were awesome that day and we had a lot of fun playing games and hanging out together. I love general conference and am really excited for the talks to come out in the Ensign because I always feel like I can get more out of them if I am reading them!

This is a good snapshot of what the weekend mostly consisted of! Except for Tana was usually running around playing unless she was snuggling up to my mom! 

This is the last General Conference Trev will miss.. since he is set to come home in less than 100 days! :) I'm so excited! I'm also very happy that spring has officially sprung! I am so ready for great weather and to be outside more.. I think Montana is ready for the warmer weather too since she gets spoiled with walks from both me and my mom!

This weekend is Easter and no big plans for the Holden household.. We will probably relax and enjoy our 'no plans' for the weekend, and then head over for an Easter dinner with my family!