Ready to Race

So as most of you know I have been training to do a 5k which was scheduled for Sept. 6, Labor Day.. well Liz called me last night and suggested we do the race which is this Friday.. yes i said THIS Friday! :) So.. I think I am ready.. for the most part. Yesterday I did week 5 training and was able to keep my run up for 20 minutes w/out breaks.. (ok I had two short breaks).. haha anyways, I am ready to race! The race is in Cedar City and it's at night, so thats a plus because it won't be so hot! I am so excited to do it.. and I am happy that my husband and family will be there too!

I will post some pictures of the race (if I remember to take some). Other than that Adam is coaching football game on Saturday in Mesquite so I'll be there supporting that! besides those plans we will hopefully just be relaxing the rest of the weekend! :)

Wish me luck!



1 WeEk

My brother has been gone now for one whole week! Ah! For me, it has gone by fast.. but I know for others (mom & linzi) not so fast! Last Wednesday we took Trevor to the MTC. Unfortunately, because we could only take one car in to drop him off there wasn't room for Adam to come, which was way sad. Luckily, we were all there for Trevors setting apart as a missionary and then got to spend one last night hanging out!
The MTC wasn't as horribly hard and sad as I thought it might be! Once we got to Provo we ate lunch, and I could tell Trev was nervous because he wasn't super talkative like he usually is, and he didn't eat a whole lot, which is weird! Once that was over with we drove up there and took some pretty pictures around the missionary grounds and said our last little things to each other. Its a different experience because as we sat around talking and taking pictures we didn't want to take him over there, but the longer we wasted time the harder it got to prepare ourselves to say goodbye. I was really really proud of my brother for staying so strong and not getting emotional as we took pictures and even as we said goodbye to him! Obviously, if it were me going on a mission and seeing my family cry I would have balled my eyes out! But anyway - Trev was strong and I'm proud of that cause I know it was hard! After that you drive into the MTC and basically drop them off at the curb! Everyone got out of the truck fast and quickly hugged him and then watched him go! Everyone got emotional and it was hard, but the current missionaries there to greet him were so nice! They asked how he was doing and called him 'Elder' and I could tell Trevor was excited! We then watched him walk away and not look back.... probably a good thing considering all our red/watery/splotchy eyes and faces! It was SO hard to see him walk away and know I won't be able to text him or see him whenever I want :(
After we dropped him off the car was dead silent and awkward.. my dad pulled into the University Mall so Tay and I could do some retail therapy - and my dad broke down right there. It was almost harder for me to see my parents break down and cry than to go through the experience myself. I do not like to see them upset at all, especially my dad who is the strong - non emotional - one!
The drive back to St. George was very long... I swear it was at least 6 hours not 3.. But we made it there and I was glad to be home and see Adam. Things this past week have been different but also good! He had written our family, Linzi like twice I think, the Theobald family, and he wrote Adam & I individually as well! It is good to hear from him and know that he is safe and happy! He said the MTC is strict and it's way to much church and studying, haha. But he does sound excited about this adventure! He leaves for Florida the first part of September so I know that'll be a good change for him, and he'll do better being out in the field!
Sorry I hadn't updated all the craziness that happened over the last week but that is the jist of it! I am so proud of my brother and so excited to hear updates about everything!
As far as everything going on here... Adam and I are doing the same crap.. working.. and softball.. and working :) Nothing new! This weekend I am hoping to either a) go to Cedar to see my bestie Liz or b) go to Pine Valley w/friends! I wanna get away for this weekend.. there has been a lot of drama lately and I want some peace and quiet!
Well I think that is all for now!


Trevor's Farewell!

Yesterday was Trevor's farewell! It went really really well! Adam & I did finally make it up there right at about 9! There was a quorum of the seventy there visiting the ward so needless to say Trev was quite nervous and he ended up not being able to say any of the jokes or "fun" times he was going to talk about. The bishop had come up to him before church and specifically asked him to not joke around a whole lot and be careful of what he said! ... if that were directed toward me right before I was to give my talk I would of freaked out, so I think given that circumstance that Trev did really well. I was also really happy that my mom did not loose it through out the whole talk or meeting. She did suprisingly really well! She of course got teary eyed when he gave his testimony but everyone did! I know Wednesday will be a whole different story! The rest of the day was really fun. A lot of Trevor's friends came and hung out the whole day, Linzi's family also was there and they hung out for quite awhile. We had two games of Corn Hole "toss" going on and that was a blast to play and watch! It was also fun to hang out w/the family and w/friends. Liz, Jeff, Kris and Ladd stayed for most of the day hanging out too! I hope that Trev had a great farewell day! :)
Tonight we are having a family dinner, tomorrow night he gets set apart as a missionary, and then Wednesday he's off! I am heading up with my family to the MTC on Wednesday to say bye! it'll be an interesting experience for everyone, considering this is our first and probably only missionary in our family! I am not sure what to expect emotion wise - obviously i'll be crying and sad to say goodbye, but i am also hoping me, and my family can be excited for him too since this is such a new & exciting journey! I also hope him and Linzi can stay strong together and that she'll be waiting for him when he gets home :) (I really like her!)
Besides the new missionary.. not a whole lot has been going on! Adam went up north last weekend and i stayed here! This week softball starts back up again and he plays 3 games tonight! I am looking forward to it starting again just so I can hang out and see everyone!
My 5k training is still going! I ran on Saturday and was a little sore yesterday and kind of stiff today! I really hope I start benefiting from all this running/training! The race is on Labor Day! I think Liz and I will look smokin hott runnin it! haha. .
well that's all for now! :)


Poor Montana got her hair cut yesterday! here is her picture! they shaved her face down very very short.. poor girl! :)


Training & Trev leaving

So this week I have just finished week 3 and now I have to start on week 4! Week 3 was crazy! You had to do two - three minute runs! Yes, and I've done it outside the past 2 times - not the best idea ever. But when I come home and I've completed it I feel so awesome! I am so happy to be doing this, especially with Liz! It's been nice to have someone with me that is running too! And Adam is really supportive which is helpful! he always tells me to push myself and i'll make it through! :) I am excited for when it actually starts to cool down outside so I can run outside but in nice weather! I need to go to the gym asap!
So my baby brother is leaving next Wednesday! 1 week and 1 day left to be here! Luckily, Adam and I had a great Sunday with my family. We hung out all day together and played Phase 10, and Corn Hole/Toss it was so fun! Tonight I am going w/my siblings to dinner so we can hang out us 3 one last time! Then Thursday we are having a huge bbq w/all the family because my grandparents are coming in to town tomorrow! :) Trevor's farewell is Sunday and then he'll be leaving Wednesday. It's weird to think that the whole summer has already gone by and now he's leaving! It's crazy! But I support him and hope he really enjoys his time out there!
Last weekend I had such a good weekend with Adam. It was fun to just hang out with him and have some much needed alone -down time. love you!