Maternity Photos

I had forgotten to post our maternity photos we took
at 35 weeks pregnant. 

I had been debating back and forth if I wanted to take photos
or if we should skip it 
but I am so glad we did them! 
I think they turned out great.
We had one of my friend Krystal's friends take them for us. 
She did awesome and I feel really captured
the moments we were wanting! 

We took them over in Santa Clara and at a little park 
in downtown St. George. .
They were so fun to take and I just am so grateful
that I have Adam around to be silly and make
the photo shoot so fun! 
I am glad we have these to look at again and again.. 


Life in the Making: Week 40 & 41

Last Life in the Making Posts.. :) 

Here's a shot of me at 40 Weeks Pregnant

And 41 Weeks Pregnant 

Not a huge difference between the weeks 
I don't think he has much room to grow anymore. 
We are getting really anxious to meet our little guy. 

I've had a lot more doctor appointments these last few weeks
as they are watching my blood pressure.
Dr Winward and Adam and I are really hoping 
that my blood pressure would indicate an immediate delivery
Dr Winward knows I'm going to have a big baby
and would like me to deliver on my own 
but nothing is happening.
At one of my last visits she was able to stretch me to 
a 2 and so that was good I guess..
not good for me, since it was painful 
but good in hopes that if I have to be induced it'll help

My 41 week visit was on Monday April 28th. 
Adam came with me that morning which was good.
Dr Winward checked everything, I was still a 2
and blood pressure was at 146, still pretty high. 
She decided to call the hospital and see if they could monitor me for
awhile and then possibly induce me that day. 
She was hoping they'd keep me and induce me but instead
I was only there for like an hour and my blood pressure
went down and the hospital was short staffed that
day and told me sorry, but you'll have to go home
and we will plan to for sure see you Wednesday, April 30th 
if not sooner. .

My mom came to the hospital that morning as well
and the three of us were really bummed out that they didn't
just go ahead and induce me then. . 
So we are going to wait till Wednesday. 

I have been feeling fine just so large and uncomfortable.
Adam's mom came down on Tuesday April 29th 
to be here for his birth and stay with us for a little bit.
On Tuesday it was such a weird day. 
Adam and I just kept thinking like tomorrow
we are having a baby! 
How crazy is that?! 
Tuesday I went to work in the morning to tie everything up
then decided to treat myself to Cafe Rio for lunch
and then came home and tried to relax for a minute
I got a pedicure and then Adam's mom got into town.
That night we had Durangos for dinner 
and got packed and cleaned to wait for our 'phone call'
I knew I had to eat good meals the day before because
when in labor or with a c section you don't get to have 
anything to eat.. ice chips, pudding and Popsicles

That night we had so much anticipation and anxiety.
I decided to get a blessing from Adam and my Dad.
I felt better after that and knew everything would work out.
That night I got showered and all packed
and was hoping that we would get a phone call soon
since we were just dying to meet our little man! 

Date: Tuesday April 29th 
How far along? 41 weeks.. basically 
Total weight gain/loss: gaaaiinneed. 
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? uh huh 
Sleep: hard.. so uncomfortable.
Best moment this week: Knowing that we are having our baby tomorrow no
matter what.. :)
Have you told family and friends: Yes 
Miss anything? bending over.. being able to clean without getting exhausted
exercising and my skinny feet! 
Movement: yes, i'll miss the movement! It has been so fun to feel him wiggle inside me and then holler at Adam and have him come feel him.. He likes when I eat for sure. 
Food cravings: nothing specific.. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: no!
Other pregnancy symptoms:  huge swollen ankles and feet.. worst than they have ever been. . & back aches. 
Labor signs:nothing.. ha! I mean I'm dilated but I am getting induced, so nothing. 
Belly button in or out?  My belly’s so tight that it’s kind of just blending in/flat at this point ha 
Wedding ring on or off? off. I haven't worn it for like 2 months now. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, excited, anxious, nervous! 
How’s hubby doing?? He's doing great. Just excited and is getting everything ready for him to come. 
Baby preparations: just cleaning our house and packing our bag waiting for our phone call. 
Looking forward to: Getting him here and actually having this baby. Seeing what he looks like is really exciting to us!