Vegas in May & Weekend Fun

Okay.. well no surprise here, we had another tourney in Vegas last weekend! This weekend I decided to go down with Adam. It was fun but ... I had to watch our friend's 18 month old son! Ha, luckily I had 3 other wives who were incredibly helpful during the 8 hour day. He was such a cute kid and actually really well behaved, but oh so tiring. I don't know how you mother's do it! :) 

The boys took, I think 4th place this time. They were pretty bummed out, but it was a really long day of playing non stop and it was really warm in Vegas! We left around 4 that afternoon and of course couldn't forget a slurpee at 7-11! At least that kind of made Adam's day :) 

By the end of the day once we got home I was totally exhausted and ready to lay on my couch and do nothing. We had a fun relaxing night at home with Durangos and 'Crazy, Stupid Love'. . perfect way to end the day. .

On Sunday we ran over to my parents house to watch the Solar Eclipse! My mom got those special glasses and it was one of the coolest things I've seen! It was so neat to watch it move over the sun and to see how the whole sky was kind of a darker color!  

I know we look so awesome in the 'special sunglasses' ...

Montana got a doggy cut! The shag was definitely over due for a new hair do! Oh I love this little mut! 

Adam & I have been trying to go on more and more walks lately.. It's kind of hard in St. George's heat but I love it still.. Here's a really pretty picture of us going one morning, the sunrise was perfect.. 

I am loving this summer sunshine!

This next weekend is my very long awaited - 3 day weekend.. Memorial Weekend! I CAN'T wait to get out of town and head up to the cabin. Me Adam Tay Gabe and the parentals are heading up on Friday.. I'm looking forward to some quiet time, hiking, smores, Branden Iron, beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and fresh mountain air. . :) 


Brian Regan; Dad's Bday; Mothers Day

Well a lot has been going on and I have been slacking lately at posting about all the happenings! 

A few weekends ago Adam and I got to go to Brian Regan at Tuachan! We loved it! My boss actually gave us the tickets as a Christmas present, so it was really fun to get to go with him and his cute family. Adam has only really seen Tuachan in the dark at Thriller, so it was fun to go with him. We also went to Cafe Rio before with Chad and his family.. I could eat at that place every freakin day I swear. The comedy show was hilarious and the opening guy for Brian was great too. 

The next day Adam headed down to Vegas for a tournament. I decided to stay behind and enjoy my Saturday and sleep in :) It was a much needed day of relaxation and time to myself! It also happened to be my dad's birthday and I really wanted to spend time with him. That day I decided to sleep in, clean, and then spend most of my afternoon at the pool.. 

pure heaven.. 

I then headed off to dinner with my family and celebrated my dad's 49th birthday. It was fun to hang out with them. We ate dinner at Patio Grill, wasn't my  most favorite, but they had some seafood my dad really wanted to try. Adam didn't get home in time to come to dinner but luckily he didn't get home too late from Vegas. My fun-filled day just flew by :) 

 Man, I love my dad! I don't know what we would do with out him! I have said it a million times over but he's the greatest dad ever, and I'm so thankful for his fun-loving relationship with my husband. I couldn't ask for a better family to be with. 

Mother's day was on Sunday. We got to call and skype my brother on his mission! It was so wonderful to hear his voice and see him! We all can't really believe he has less than 2 months to go! It's crazy how when you know he's coming home soon you don't need tons of 'talk' time! We were all pretty content with the few hours he had. I can not wait for that kid to come home.. I definitely need his goofy butt here.

My mom is so amazing.. I'm so glad I got to spend a great day with her. We had a fun BBQ and enjoyed really yummy birthday cake and ice cream! :) I love my mom so much and am grateful for the wonderful example she is to me. I'm hoping someday to be half the mom she is! 

For now this is my baby.. :) 

Hope all you mothers had a wonderful day! I am still preparing myself for that big role! 


50th Birthday for Mom & another weekend

Happy 50th Birthday to the greatest woman in my life..
my Mother! 

Now her birthday was on May 2nd and she celebrated on the beach with my dad in Puerto Rico, but we did celebrate it a little early a few Sundays ago with a little Luau BBQ with swimming and yummy birthday cake! 

Here's our great decorating skills with our Luau stuff! 

Poolside with my sista! 

We had a blast enjoying the pool time and yummy food our friend Keli'i made with Adam's help! and the great weather and the yummy cake! :) 

50 great years for my mom.. and hopefully another great 50 years ahead! 

As for this last weekend... 
We enjoyed some nice relaxing days and spent some time with my sister since my
parents were out of town. We got to watch her sing at her recital and she sounded absolutely gorgeous. I love her voice. Afterwards we had dinner together, went and watched a few innings of the Desert Hills vs. Snow Canyon high school baseball game.. (yes, I have no kids playing baseball, friends, or acquaintances, but somehow we watch the community game).. it was perfect weather for a few innings though! We also got to go on another quick double date with Tay and her boyfriend Gabe to Menchies.. my new favorite place! I also had an extremely lazy Sunday, but so nice to just do nothing sometimes! 

At Dixie High.. too bad Dixie wasn't playing though.. 

The gorgeous biggest moon ever! Iphone picture doesn't quite do it justice though! 

Lazy Sunday with the pup

Women's Conference 2012 - Weekend

I have so much to catch up on! 

Okay so two weeks ago I was able to go up to Women's Conference again in Provo, UT with my mom! It was such a wonderful amazing experience again! I seriously wouldn't miss this trip,even though I have a hard time leaving my hubby. 
We went up on Wednesday afternoon and met up with Jade & Keri. We ate at Zuppas again.. I love that place! St. George needs to get one! We then went and checked in and got settled..
Here is a picture of our cute crib for 2 days.. (& my mom's cute p.j.'s)

We stayed at different dorms this year than last year so we had a sink in our room and then had community showers/bathrooms. This is so weird when your use to complete privacy and your own space! ha, but it was fun.
The next morning we got up bright and early and were ready to head down to the first session at 9:00 a.m. Ruth Todd was the first speaker and she did amazing! I really liked her talk! Here is a picture of the place starting to fill up. It's so crowded that when you have certain classes picked out your literally sometimes jogging or leaving classes early to get to the class you really want. 

Beautiful "Y" picture! 

Our next class was taught by Chad Lewis and his wife, titled 'Mormons Warning: Arming Your Home & Family. They gave a good talk about raising a family in the church. Our next class was on marriage and was taught by Gayla Maria and John Rosenberg, titled "The Power to Uplift another. Accentuating the Positive in Your Spouse." They gave a good talk on marriage and protecting your eternal marriage. I loved the quote they used - 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.' 

We skipped out on the third class and ran over to Subway, which is off campus, for some lunch and a REAL Diet Coke.. yum! :) The last session that day was a little boring for me. We did get some fun BYU Bookstore shopping in though! 
After the last session it was 5 and we were ready to go and eat dinner. I love how close Costa Vida is to BYU campus and we were able to walk there again for dinner this year. We had a lot of fun that night talking and laughing with Jade, Keri & Lauren. That night was the big concert and Hilary Weeks hosted it. She did a great job and I love her voice! It was a lot different than last year because it wasn't as up -beat or fun. It was a little more serious and they showed video clips of mothers and sisters in the church. It was really touching but just not much of concert-party vibe. They gave everyone a little battery operated candle and at the end of the night everyone in the audience lit there's on and it looked SO awesome in the huge Marriott Center. I wish I would have taken a picture. It was a really neat to see some sisters from New Zealand document their story of how they have endured so much there because of the earthquakes. They have had 18 earthquakes in like a year and half, which includes the aftershocks. It was amazing to hear their story and their testimonies and then they were brought on stage. They had traveled all this way to be apart of Women's Conf. That was really awesome to see. 

On Friday we were up early.. again and off to start the rest of the day. The opening session was by Sandra Rogers, titled "Discipleship and Our Ministry." She gave awesome points on being a disciple of Christ and having charity. 

We ran off to the first class which was titled "You Either Have to Laugh or Cry, I prefer to Laugh. Crying Gives me a Headache" by Karen Whiting, and Duella Williams . This was a great class! They had such a good sense of humor and were able to get their great lesson and stories to us. I had a lot of great quotes from this class. They said that Laughter boosts your immune system and gives you immense energy. If laughter came in a pill form we would all be lining up for it. " We all have thunderstorms in our lives, but it takes the thunderstorms to see the rainbows." 

Our second class was on "Patience with yourself. You are closer to heaven than you suppose." by Julie Bagley and Mary Ellen Edmunds. They gave a great lesson as well. I loved how they said that ' no one was foreordained to fail or be wicked, we all our children of God.'  
My last class was on "The Heart of Her Husband Doth Safely Trust in Her; being a safe haven for your spouse." by Sara & Hank Smith. I really got a lot out of this one. Learning and building trust within your spouse and outside relationships. I really liked how they said you don't dwell on past; you don't drive foward looking out the rear view mirror you look forward but check back every once in awhile in the rear view mirror. The last and closing session was taught by Elder Neil Anderson and his wife on "Our Prayers for our granddaughters". It was really good as well. They talked about how we are in great days of destiny and have much to look forward too. 

I enjoyed hanging out with this girl! It's so fun to hang out with our mom's! I'm so happy they are always willing to go along with us! :)

This was mostly for my husband.. 
..well both of these pictures..

 This trip wouldn't be complete without this deliciousness of chocolate covered cinnamon bears..

Trying to get a picture of the 'Y' better.. (again for Adam)
 haha but it was kind of a failed attempt. 

My mom and I were going back and forth whether to leave Friday night or Saturday morning (like usual). Jade and Keri had to leave Friday night and so it would just be my mom and I going to dinner or something in Provo.Well Adam kept calling me and was telling me I should come home on Friday if that would work with my mom. (silly boy must have missed me) He had a tourney in Vegas all day Saturday and I really didn't want to come home to an empty house and sit home all day waiting for him. Sooo.. we decided to leave Friday right after the last session. It was super busy and made the trip go by much more quickly. We stopped for quick shopping trip at the Orem mall and then were on our way home. We didn't get into St. G until about 11. It was so nice to see Adam though and then I was up the next morning at 6:30 getting ready to head south to Vegas.. way too much going on in 3 days! I was exhausted! But it was so much fun! 

Vegas had the BEST weather two weekends ago.. and Adam got to play on Yankees field..

Had to snap this quick pic of my hubby with our friends little boy.. he is adorable.. 
so is this picture! 

Some of the boys..

Eventful weekend to say the least! 

I loved the quality time with my mom and I always feel like I grow so much afterward Women's Conference and have experienced such great talks/lessons. I was sad I didn't have enough time to see my bff's house and that I didn't have a lot of shopping time with my mom but it was well worth the quick trip.. If you haven't had the change to go yet, you are missing out and need to go! 

Well until next year..