.... love of my life....

Three years ago today I married my very best friend and love of my life.

 I can't believe that it's already been 3 years.. it literally feels like
last month we got married!
I am no longer a newlywed and I'm getting really good at this
marriage thing..
I love how we balance each other out in the most
perfect of ways. I love that I have a constant companion who is always
on my side. I love that I have someone to share silly things with.
I love how we laugh at each other. I love how different we are
 (sometimes, ha)
I love how you continue to make me feel loved.
I love planning our future togehter and making wonderful memories.
I love how I have you for eternity. I love wasting weekends with you.
I love you more with every day that passes
 and I can not wait
for many many more anniversaries to celebrate!


Parents House

My parents have finally moved! They sold their house last Spring and started building right away. They bought a lot here in St. George, by Southgate Golf Course on top of the hills there and it's absolutely stunning! I am in love.
They have been in for a couple of weeks now and are loving every second of it.
I will need to post more pictures because the very few that I have do it no justice.
My mom has a huge beautiful craft room, a huge projector screen for watching movies, a mini kitchen down stairs, beautiful pool/hot tub, built in BBQ with T.V., putting green, and great views of St.George; to name a few of the awesome things the house includes.

Montana is loving it already :)

I'm so happy for my parents and so happy they live closer to me now!


General Conference & Pine Valley

I am slowly catching up on our lives.
 General Conference Weekend (Oct 1-2) is always spent up at the cabin in Pine Valley. This year the weather was perfect and the whole atompshere was great! We baked a ton of yummy treats - probably too many-we went on a walk each morning & played fun card games! I also loved the talks. I feel like when I'm up in Pine Valley I definitley do a better job of listening :) I really enjoyed the talks in all sessions.
My Dad and Adam went to Priesthood Session on Saturday night while us girls stayed and watched a girly chick flick movie. Linzi (Trev's girlfriend) came up for the whole weekend! I already feel like she is my sister in law and we have so much together! I am so happy that she comes and hangs out with all of us so often!

Beautiful Pine Valley

Attempting to try and kill a bee stuck in our window

The start of the baking adventure....

All the yummy goodies - Pumpkin Cookies, Butterfinger Blondie, S'mores Bars, Peanut Butter Trifle

Going to Priesthood Session

Had to snap this one.. Sunday nap time.. typical. 
Had such a good weekend with family. This is one of the last cabin trips of the year before winter and I'm already ready to go back up, especially because all the leaves around here are starting to change and they are goregous!


Florida Trip 09/13-09/20

Okay sorry for the picture overload but this just seemed easiest to do! I will try and write little descriptions on each!
So our Florida trip was awesome! The boys ended up winning 3rd out of 192 teams from across the US. It was so worth our time and money since they went so far! Everyone had tons of fun too! Half of us stayed in a 10 bedroom time share and then the other guys stayed somewhere else! Our hotel had all the married couples :)
We flew in on Tuesday/Wednesday. Left Vegas on Tuesday night and had a very long red eye flight to New York and then a layover till Florida. Adam has never been to Florida so he was way excited! The first day we were there was just basically checking into our hotel and picking everyone up at the airport! We didn't even get to Orlando until about 2 that afternoon. Their first game was the next morning and then they played till Sunday, so four days of games! Luckily they only had played 2-3 games each day so that wasn't so bad, and they kept winning which was even better! They played actually in Disneyworld at the ESPN Wide World of Sports -where the MLB Braves team has spring training and their minor league teams. It was a huge complex and really really pretty. The championship game and the few before that on Sunday were actually played in the Braves actual field which has the huge score board and stadium seating just like your at a regular ball field. I'm sure you can kind of see in the picture.
Each night we all just hung out and ate dinner together! It was so fun staying w/everyone all of us girls could just stay up late and have our long chats!  
I could definitley feel the humidity... not a huge fan but I do like how my skin feels! Adam loved it and kept saying that it felt like he had lotion on.. (he wants to move there!) There were also these weird 'love bugs' that were everywhere there and they were so annoying! We really didn't have a whole lot of extra time to do things. Most of our down time we headed back to our hotel and kind of relaxed or went swimming. I was kind of bummed we didn't have time to go into Disneyworld because that would have been fun!
Our place had a really nice pool area with a lazy river which was way fun! On Sunday after the boys finished the tournament we all just hung out together at our hotel and swam and then Monday was basically pack up and come home. The trip went by so fast as all trips do, but I was kind of excited to get back to my bed & dog - i know i know.. :) And when your staying with 10+ people and dealing with everyone for that many days in a row it can get tiring also :)
They did get an awesome trophy as you can see below & sweet little windbreaker pull overs that are nice!
One exciting thing was that on our way back home when we were taking off from NY I finally got to see the New York skyline..  :) aww.. someday I'll actually get there!
enjoy the pic's below!

You can see the field in this one - such a nice place!

That humidity did a number on me every day..

Delicious Peanut Butter Cup cupcake in the NY airport

These were my two travel companions - Adam's best friend Mel... like I said.. long flight :)

6 people + baby + a bazillion luggage= very squishy minivan

so close to just taking off to Tampa, FL where my brother is!

Most Supportive Wives

Lindsey, me & Nicole

It's an Iphone pic so it's kind of bad - but all of us in front of the ESPN sign

At the last games

Getting their trophy and shirts

Nicole, Lindsey, & Karla

These three got MVP trophys... haha



I know I am slacking horribly at getting my blog up to date.
I promise I haven't forgotten I just want to post about our Florida trip and all the pictures
and so I am being lazy on uploading all of those! :)
We had such a fun time in Florida and have had such a busy and fun last few weeks!
Lots of updates to do and good pictures!
I promise I am not neglecting the blog! I will post soon!