softball wives

Today I get to finally see this girl!  It doesn't look like our husbands will stop playin' softball anytime soon! We have currently been on a softball break for winter for the last two months or so.. man those two months went by fast! Softball is back and their first tournament is this weekend!
I give Liz & I a lot of credit we are definitley like the most supportive wives ever! I couldn't endure those long softball hours w/out my girl by me! I am so happy our husbands play together! We have a lot of fun hanging out in the schorching hot sun and freezing cold temps! Like us two wouldn't make something fun though, right?! This year we have a lot of tournaments scheduled and then league every Monday night through out the year! I am happy to be able to support my husband in something he loves.. and mostly am happy to hang out w/my softball wife buddy! : :)

Good luck babe! & SVS!

Please win first place so that my hubby is happy and my dad is proud of his team!
thanks :)


baby sister

So my parents left last night to cruise around the Caribbean.. jealous? me too! Well anyway they are gone for a little over a week so Adam & I are staying at my parents house for a portion of the time to watch Taylor! I don't know if I really ever talk about my sister on here but I love her! We are 9 years apart.. pretty big gap! We are so different in so many ways.. yet as she is getting older we now look more and more alike! She takes forever getting ready too.. just like me :)
She loves music, boys, dancing, her cell, friends, family, our brother's jeep, singing, boys, hawaii, the beach, boys, school, boys. oh did i mention boys? :) she is one of the most boy crazy girls I have ever meants (and i was pretty boy crazy)
I am excited to hang out with this girl! It should be fun! Adam & her get along really well too and I love that! We are going to take her mini golfing, to dinner, movies! I am also going to have her come w/me to Zumba and then do some girl shopping afterwards!
Besides hanging out with her for awhile I am super excited to stay at 'my home' in Diamond Valley! I love my parents house.. and I love their bed, their fireplace, their huge shower, the theatre room... yep I don't mind house sitting for them... anytime parents!   



Just realized I'm a little retarded..
see previous post where I put
1-1-11 - (January 1st, 2011)
yeah.. it was actually..
1-11-11 (January 11, 2011)
Oh well, hope none of you noticed :)
So today as I was doing a little blogging, and reading fun blogs..
I saw on one post & she said that her blog is kind of like her journal, mostly
for her, even though she has readers and that's awesome!
So I am hoping to blog more about things I want to remember, experience etc, so that
it will be like my little journal! Hopefully it doesn't bore you to death :)

Also, something pretty cool.. 2010 closed a decade! Looking back
at the last decade.. I realized I have done A LOT!
Considering that when I entered the last decade I was 13 years old
and I am now 23! Wow.. I have:
grown up!
got my first kiss
cuddled a boy for reals
had huge crushes
competed in dance competitions
moved a few houses down
got my driver licenses
had a dream sweet 16 party
went to my first dance
had a bazillion sleepovers and crazy nights
won Sterling Scholar in Agricultural
went on my first trip w/out my family
graduated high school
got a full-ride scholarship
went to college w/my best friend
moved out of my parents house w/my best friends
experienced college life
had my first real relationships
went on my first boy/girl trip alone
graduated college
oh yeah, fell in love .. big time
dated for a year and a half
got engaged to my best friend
went through the temple
got married to that guy
went on my honeymoon- out of the country for the first time
was a newlywed
and then not one .. :)
got a freakin cute puppy
watched best friends get married
watched my baby brother go on a mission
got new jobs and continuing to have
crazy experiences with Adam..
Wow.. that was long. I just had to look back at the last 10 years.. they were life changing.



I wanted to do a post today because of how freakin cool today's date is!
Anyway I thought that since we are getting close to the middle of January that I should jot down a few New Years Resolutions. Now I am really not all that big on resolutions but for some reason I feel like this year is going to be a great year, so I might as well have some goals for myself!
Here are just a few:
  • Loose the rest of the weight I want to at Weight Watchers (your not suprised it's a weight loss goal?)
  • Get more active in my ward and get a sweet calling
  • Go to the temple more
  • Get close with my sister
  • Save money & get out of debt
  • Go on lots of trips - Kind of contradicts the last one huh? :)
Well those are just a few I've been thinking of lately..
I also really want do a few other things with my hubby.
I want to go camping in a tent with a fire etc, I wanna go golfing (maybe just once), I want to go play raquetball again, I want to play catch, I want to go for walks,  I want to go to Disneyland, Arizona (baseball game), Pine Valley, Salt Lake City, Park City, the beach.. and wherever else he wants to take me :) I also want to learn how to cook like him (maybe),
I am sure excited about this year.. I have a feeling it'll be awesome. The first few weeks of it have been great so far and I can't complain. Bring it on 2011!


New Years

Happy New Years Everyone!
I hope everyone had as much as I did on New Years!
This year we did our annual Vegas trip w/my family! We left Vegas on Thursday
and got to go see the Jabawoceez that night! If you haven't ever heard of them you need to youtube them now! They are friggin amazing! :) It was a way good show.. then afterwards we went and grabbed some dessert and went back to our hotel. We stayed at the Palazo again. Seriously, this place is like my  must stay again I love it.. it's amazing! The rooms are huge and the whole place is decorated so beautifully! Anyway, Friday we did some shopping and we were able to take out some missionaries to lunch! My brother who is in Florida on his mission has grown really close to this other family and there son just so happens to be on a mission in Vegas, so we got to meet him and take him and his comp to lunch, which was way cool! That night we went to the Pink Taco for dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.. which is some amazing Mexican food. Lucky for me, my dad is super  impatient and the taxi line on New Years Eve is ridiculous, so my dad got a limo... both times there and back! :)  Yeah, I was pretty excited since I haven't ever really rode in a limo! It was  so fun! Then after dinner we got ready and headed out on the strip! It was FREEZING this year.. i think it was like 15 or 20 degrees outside, so this year we were only on the strip for a little bit, and we mostly stayed close by our hotel. We saw tons of crazy people, as usual and began the countdown to 2011! The fireworks went off all around us and it was an amazing show! The Venetican & Treasure Island were right by us, so we had a great view of their fireworks! The fireworks are so so cool there and it's just fun to be surrounded by people! My mom was way too cold so sadly she was watching the firework show from her room but the rest of us had a blast! The next day we got to sleep in and do some more shopping! Like at my favorite stores, Sephora & Victoria Secret...yep it was a good trip! I wasn't ready to come home :( But I got make into the grind of things and its now Friday so I am very
happy! :)
Here are a few highlights from the trip!
Happy 2011!

Beautiful Palazo waterfall!

Limo Ride

This is just a shot of the strip so you can see how many people there are!

Adam & I

my sister and I on the strip



Can't believe another year has come and gone already. 2010 - wow. There has been some definite super fun things, and some really hard things as well! This year has been challenging in a lot of ways... I have had my ups and downs. I am really glad to say though that I ended 2010 feeling really grateful and excited for my future. I loved Christmas and New Years and had an amazing time! I will be posting soon pictures from Christmas and New Years - once I get them on my computer :) For New Years we went down to Vegas with my family and stayed at the Palazo. I had an amazing time! I will post about that later :)

Anyway.. here is a re-cap of my 2010!

February - Superbowl! My parents had their annual superbowl party - all of our friends came up to hang out and watch the game!

Nascar in March with the family! 

I got a new CAR!!! I have been wanting a Nissa Murano
forever, so glad I got it!
Liz & Jeff's Wedding! April 2010! So beautiful!

Hawaii in June! Adam & I went with my family and 
we had an amazing time! It was so beautiful and fun! 
My first 5k Run in Cedar City!

Adam started coaching Snow Canyon 7th Grade Football!
He loved it and was soo good at it!

Pine Valley - Labor Day Weekend :) Fun times
with family and friends!
2 year Anniversary in Pine Valley! This year was
Adam's turn to plan our anniversary! I decided
to take off work and we spent the weekend in Pine
Valley! It's so beautiful up there in the fall!
Loved October 25! :)

2nd 5k Run! Woot Woot!
Thanksgiving 2010! minus my bro who's on his mish!

BYU vs Utah game in November  - at our house! 

December 2010!

Christmas 2010! I suprised Adam and got him a
new wedding ring! (See previous post!) More on Christmas to come!

Oh and I am sure I am forgetting ALL the softball trips and games that I documented.. but that would be a whole post in its self!
Well that is a very small re-cap of my 2010 year! Sorry for the picture over load!