So about two weeks ago I finally got this beauty! I am loving it so far! It's so fun! Adam & I both had upgrades and Adam orginially upgraded to the DroidX2 and thought he loved that, and when my dad got the iPhone & Adam had a chance to look at that he realized he made a mistake and had to go back and get the iPhone! :) I am really happy we have the same phone, and I am glad my husband is smart with technology because this phones lay out is totally different than the droid I had before! I do love all the app's and features with this phone though & the camera is amazing..
I definitley recommend this phone! :)


St. George Heat Stroker

This past weekend was the St. George Heat Stroker Softball tournament! This is a yearly tournament down here that Adam usually plays in! The games start Friday night and then go all night long & then start back up on Saturday night and go till Sunday morning.
This year however, we had a huge storm come in on Friday  night after their first game. they were set to play through out the night but we had crazy wind, lightening, and then pouring rain! Needless to say the games were canceled for that night and they rescheduled them for Saturday  morning. I went back to the fields on Saturday and watched the few games Adam played that day. It was soo freaking hot and humid. I can handle the heat, the dry heat, but not so much the humidity, ha it was tough.
The boys did really well though on Saturday and continuing winning so they ended up playing at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. They kept winning so they played like 3 or 4 games Sunday morning. It was actually a lot of fun! I am shocked I stayed awake for all the games until about 6:30 a.m. I never do all nighters and so I was suprised, but I guess that a little energy drink does help! :)
The ended up coming in at about 6th place out of 60 something teams! AMAZING! I was happy that they did so well, it was pretty exciting even though they didn't end up winning it. They also never dropped down they stayed in the winners bracket, which is cool also!
Another Heat Stroker down!
This is so beautiful.. the pink sunset!

haha Melly - he's a little tired

This was about at 5 a.m., everyone is getting tired!


another holiday weekend!

Well another holiday weekend has come and gone!
Happy July 4th! :)
We had such an awesome weekend up in Pine Valley with my family! I feel so blessed to be able to spend weekends and holidays up there. It's such a beautiful and special place! For the weekend we mostly just hung around the cabin and Adam went fishing and we went riding. We did have a few accidents up there this weekend that we could of done without though. My sister on Friday night was changing and standing on a mattress.. she then lifted her hand up and waked it in ceiling fan, haha. Yes it's hiliarous and I did laugh when it happened but she really did hurt herself. So Saturday we went and took her to insta care and she had to get this little brace on her hand, luckily it wasn't broken though. Then on Sunday Adam was wearing a viser instead of a hat, him and Parker were fishing and was walking in a bunch of trees/bushes and he split his head open on a tree branch. It really scared me when I saw him because there was tons of blood. Parker was the only one with him at the time and he really helped Adam a lot, Parker even took off his shirt and let Adam use it to wipe the blood off and hold it from bleeding more. Thank goodness Adam didn't have to be rushed to the hospital, but we did go visit the Fire Chief that my parents know there in PV and he looked at it for us and gave Adam bandages and everything.
Besides those eventful stories we had my sister's boyfriend come up and stay a couple nights with us, and then Linzi & her little brother Parker came up and stayed on Sunday night. Our good friends Kris & Ladd came up on Saturday to hang out for awhile. Adam and Ladd went fishing while Kris & I sort of went on a little hike! Then we all went to dinner up there at one of these little restaurants. One of Adam's good friend's Mel came up also and so all the boys rode around for awhile! Mel took us girls for a ride on the rhino which was super fun.. until he decided to be hilarious and drive at an excessive speed through a puddle of cow poo/pee/water ...SO gross. And of course I got splashed the worst. I had it all over my shorts/legs/arms/face... Once we got back to the cabin my mom said she could smell me and that I better go shower right away, haha.. so glad for her honesty though cause I'm sure I did!
Adam cooked a couple of amazing meals on Sunday that were delicious! And we had tons of yummy deserts, lots of chocolate, huge breakfasts and much much more.
On the actual 4th of July my family always hosts a huge BBQ up there with family and family friends. It has been a tradition for awhile now. Usually about almost 50 people come and it continues to grow as families get larger w/marriages and children. This year was fun we had the usual group of friends and we had awesome food! Adam of course got stuck grilling as usual, but I know he secretly enjoys it. We also had Corn Hole up there or Corn Toss whatever you call it, which is a huge hit with everyone! We had some really intense games.. as you will see below in some pictures. Adam also always somehow gets suckerd into playing with all the children and giving rhino rides to everyone! I really love watching him interact with the kids though! and i love catching up with old friends so I'm glad everyone can make it upt here!
Of course that day was also my brother's 20th birthday! My dad was inisiting that we would all call him that morning.. at first I figured he was joking.. but if you know my dad at all he is rebelious and doesn't care about any rules he may be breaking.. so bright and early at 8 a.m. we called my brother in Flordia and sang 'happy birthday'. I think he was shocked we called and then said well.. 'i'm with so and so vice president so yeah...' Everyone was like, 'oh okay we will let you go then' :) it was good to hear his voice though even if it was just for a minute!
After the BBQ and games we headed into town around 8 to watch fireworks. My parents decided to not go to their usual spot and instead go to their new house. (They are building a new house on this hill by South Gate Golf Course with a gorgeous view of St.G) So we met up there to watch them. It wasn't a really bad view the fireworks were just a lot smaller than usual and it wasn't noisy at all. I was sad to have the weekend go by so fast and get back to work on Tuesday! But I was so happy I had such a great weekend with family and friends! hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend! Below is all the pictures I took from the weekend, i took them with my iphone but they still turned out pretty good!
Sorry I can't seem to turn this one around!

Eating Dinner in P.V.

Corn Hole Game

beautiful view of Pine Valley

Adam & Kevin grilling

Linzi & my dad playing Corn Hole

Adam and his little buddy getting ready to go fishing

Granddog Tana

Ladd & Adam fishing

Pine Valley Resevoir

Tana was SO tired from the weekend.. she couldn't keep her eyes open

beautiful sunset leaving


waiting waiting..

to go to Pine Valley :)
For this 4th of July long weekend Adam & I are heading up to Pine Valley for the weekend. My family is already up there and we are heading up today once i'm off at 2! I'm so ready for the long weekend! I've definitley been anticipating my long weekend.. I can't believe how fast July is coming! What's everyone doing for the 4th?
I will be posting I'm sure sometime next week with pictures and everything!
So on to other news...

Adam got a freakin iPhone! haha he had an upgrade and so we went and got his new Droid phone last week, and then after about a week of having it he had some doubts and all his friends have iPhones, and then my dad got an iPhone and so Adam decided he better go to Verizon and look more into it and an hour or so later he came back w/an iPhone. haha. . he loves it so far. there are so many cool features with these phones! I'm hoping to get mine next week because I also have an upgrade! :)

So this last week Adam's work was hosting a blood drive. (one of the kids graduating the program soon and this was his last project). So Adam asked me if I would come and donate last Tuesday becasue hardly anyone was coming over. I thought it can't be that bad.. Although I hate needles and i hate having my blood drawn.. i hate the blood pressure cuff thing.. ahh.. i have anxiety thinking about all those things.. but anyway I really wanted to donate.. So I went.
I during my lunch hour and so I didn't really eat anything before I went. I got all tested and was healthy and able to donate. So the little red cross guy started looking at my veins and deciding which arm to go to, and he went with the right arm first.. Well my lovely right arm vein decided to collapse/clog something like that and he kind of was wiggling the stupid needle around in there and then had to take it out cause no blood was coming out..
He then told me I could either not worry about giving blood or try my left arm. He said my left arm vein goins horizontally across my arm which is really weird and he was nervous to do that, but I thought I already went through this I need to donate! So did the left arm. Left arm did good and i was able to fill up the bag. I did start to feel lightheaded and kind of nausea towards the end when I had to pump harder to get the blood out.  I was SO grateful my husband was there by my side the whole time or i would of freaked out.. so I finished and had a drink and a cookie felt a little lightheaded but not too bad, so I got up and went and sat on some hard chairs with Adam.
Keep in mind all of Adam's co-workers are around and the kids in the program.. yeah..
Well as I'm sitting there everyone is giving me things to eat like cookies and juices.. and literally within like 1 minute I started to feel really really lightheaded and everything was spinning.. I started to repeat to Adam that "i really don't feel good".. I said it like three times so he had me lean on him and then... yep.. I passed out! (first time by the way for passing out and giving blood) hahah..
I ended up coming back to it and I was laying on the ground with some people around me and the Red Cross guys putting a cold rag on my head.. They then got me up and put me back on the little bed thing that you lay on. They told me I had to lay there for awhile and then everyone was feeding cookies juices and lots of other things to me. It was kind of scary to experience that, I guess because I haven't ever done that before. I am so glad Adam was there because he held my hand the whole time and held me when I passed out.. thank goodness :)
I am also happy that I could donate.. never done it before!

I think that's all the excitement so far in our lives..
Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! :)