5k Training..

Okay so for awhile now I have been wanting to run a 5k and then hopefully run more from there on out. I use to be super good at going to the gym and running a lot! I use to do like 5 miles a week and during this time of exercising and staying on top of it i lost about 30 lbs! But then i got married and then I started not going to the gym and not running as much and gaining back some of that weight! :( .. yes I can blame it on marriage! ha! Anyway, Adam wants me to start getting more into running, if it's something I want to do for fun! (I need a hobby) so I am excited to say that I am going to start training for one and hopefully complete one in September! My good friend Liz had talked to me about it and said she was going to do it and gave me the schedule so I am excited to continue on with that! I had asked a bunch of friends last year if they wanted to do 5k's with me and they all laughed at me, so that didn't go as planned and i never trained for one or got into it, so I was really happy when Liz came to me with what she was doing! I do things easier when I have friends/family, support in the things i want to do! It just makes it easier for me to accomplish the goals!
Last week was Week 1 for me! I actually really really liked it! The site i am using is runningintoshape.com- and i listen to a podcast on my ipod that has the training schedules for each week! it's a really creative and cool way of doing it! I was suprised with myself because on week 1, i really didn't suffer and die haha. I was able to complete each session just fine and didn't really even get that sore! Of course since that went very smoothly for me, I am sure week 2 may be hell. lol. we will see this week! I am just happy that I am motivated and excited about something right now.. Life has been kind of tough and i am happy to start something on my own and hopefully accomplish a 5k! :) Oh and I'll probably write a lot about it because I am excited! :)
lots of love-


a few of my favorite products! :)

Ok so here is a list of some of my favorite products! It may be totally boring to read this but if anyone is in need of new body wash, mascara etc. These are the ones I love!

Ok, so this is Maybelline mascara and it's my favorite! I only use water proof because I really do feel like it keeps my lashes curled all day!

This is Olay in shower body lotion! I LOVE this. It smells yummy and I like to put it on after I have used my regular body wash. I have dry skin so this definitley helps out!

Right now this is my favorite body wash. It smells delicious! It's not a scrub or anything so it is really soapy, but I love the smell! :) (oh and it's cheap)

This is Victoria Secret's So Sexy hair serum. It's the best! I always put it in my hair after I straighten it and it also smells way good too! I've used this stuff forever!

Okay! Well that's all for today. If I can get time again I will post some more! :)


a few 4th of july pictures

Adam & I muddy in Pine Valley
Fire works St. George 2010

My neice Emily & I

sisters! Tay, Trish & Jen

Adam giving Davis a fourwheeler ride

little nephew Jack!

Adam BBQ'ing as Dad & Kevin observe

Adam loves to BBQ

4th of July Weekend!

I will get my pictures up soon promise! Anyway, this weekend was July 4th! Since it was a Sunday we just did all the celebrating on July 3rd. Adam & I went to my parents cabin in Pine Valley! I LOVE it there! When I go up to Pine Valley and see all the beautiful landscape and the quite silence I just feel so at peace. It's one of my most favorite places to be! We went up Friday night and spent the night there and then came back home Sunday afternoon. Saturday was our big family/friend BBQ. My parents always inviite family and lots of family friends to this BBQ. In years past we have had about 40-50 people over, this year it was a little slim only like 30-ish or so. Still fun though! We just ate and hung out at the cabin. Adam gave four wheeler rides to every little kid there, they would not leave him alone! Then we drove down into St. George around 9 to watch the fireworks which started at 10. It was fun cause all the family & friends met there again to watch fireworks together. I must say though, that St. George does not do any super wonderful fireworks. . it was sort of disappointing. It was fun to see how excited my neice and nephews got though! And.. Montana was freaking out! She hates fireworks and loud noises, haha she was cuddling up to me and buring her face into my legs. I don't know if we will take her to the fireworks anymore!
Sunday.. the actual July 4th was my brother's birthday. The big 1-9. crazy! He is leaving in about a month for his mission. I am not prepared for that yet. I keep pushing in the back of my mind, but it'll be hard! :( . He had a good birthday I think! I had Monday off and did absolutley nothing! Adam didn't work either, but we basically slept in and then laid around. Monday night we went swimming up at my parents house and that was fun!
That about sums up our weekend... it wasn't way eventful this year! I can't believe it's been 2 years exactly since Adam proposed to me! time goes by so quickly!
Well thats all for now.. I will get pictures soon! :)