off to paradise...

Well it's finally here.. I am leaving tomorrow for the beautiful island of Honolulu! :) Can't wait.. I am so happy I get to spend a whole week with my wonderful husband, and family!
Love you all!


Some pictures!

Carrie Underwood on a sweet truck!

Adam & I getting ready for the Carrie Underwood Concert

Adam and I at the Field of Dreams in Las Vegas!

less than a week :)

Okay So I have been sort of slacking on my blog lately! I have wanted to write a lot of stuff, BUT I wanted to have my pictures posted as well... Since I am at work and bored I want to update my blog and I will have to post my pictures later tonight or something!
Anyway.... Last weekend Adam & I went to Vegas and saw Carrie Underwood in concert! OH MY GOSH.. she was so good! We went down early Saturday morning because Adam had a softball tournamet down there, and then we went and checked in at The Orleans (which is where the concert was as well), when he was finished playing! Sons of Sylvia and Craig Morgan opened for her, and they were both good! I really like Craig Morgan, he is super funny and I love his songs. Adam is such a huge Carrie Underwood fan, that he was freakin out and so excited! I thought for a second he may run through the crowd and try to get on stage, haha j/k! :) But she was a really good performer. She sang all her hit songs and really new how to interact w/the crowd. We were really happy that it turned out to be such a fun concert! It was our first concert together too, which was cool!
This next weekend.... in last than a week is... HAWAII! ahhh... I am barley making it through the work week, seriously, haha. I am ready for a vacation. I really don't think I have ever been so ready for a break from work. Thank goodness, I have a pedicure tomorrow afternoon! ..
Adam and I are truly blessed to be able to go to Hawaii with my family. Luckily our plane tickets, and hotel stay is paid for already (thanks to my parents) so we have it really lucky this time. I am so excited to take Adam to Hawaii as well.. since it's been awhile since he's been there! We have a lot of fun stuff planned, a lu'al(?) on Tuesday, my birthday is Wednesday and we have scheduled family pictures on Monday.. which will be interesting! :)
Anyway.. We leave Saturday at 2 for Vegas and won't be back until next Sunday. caaaan't waaait!
Also.. Adam got offered a job to be the Manager at Parrot Head (a restaurant in Bloomington). He will start up when we get back from Hawaii. He is super stoked about this opportunity and excited to start it up and incorporate a lot of his awesome ideas. He is really smart at marketing strategies and is soo outgoing that he never has any issues w/anyone. I am really happy and excited for him! :)
Well that is it for now.. I will post some pictures from last weekend in Vegas!


such a special weekend

This weekend was a special weekend for my husband! He got his patriachal blessing on Sunday! It was amazing! I am so happy that he decided to get his blessing and go through with it! Our patriach is an amazing person I just sat through and watched my sister get hers a few weeks ago and it was great! He has such a strong spirit and is SO sweet. I am happy that Adam received it when he did and I know it's going to be a big help for him! I am excited for what lies ahead for him and for me! :)

Oh and... only 11 more days! AH! can't wait! :)


Need a Vacation asap...

I so need a vacation! I can't wait to go to Hawaii the end of this month.. it isn't coming fast enough. I am so sick of work. . I love my job, but I am so tired and want a break! I just want to sleep in!! This last weekend was pretty fun.. On Friday my sister had a singing recital, she did amazing. She has the best voice ever! On Saturday Adam and I went down to Vegas for a softball tournament. They did okay! They won two and lost two. It was soo warm down there, i loved it. I did get some nice sun too, which was good! We ended up leaving around 5 from Vegas so it wasn't really a huge busy day. This weekend we don't have any plans, so I am excited! It is my only weekend this month that I don't have plans so I better enjoy it! I have to start packing for my trip.. I'm the worst packer.. I take forever!!! Adam teased me the other night that I should start packing.. and I am serious that I should..
Also, Its been so awesome this week with no school! It feels so weird, but I am so happy that I am finished for now. I can't wait to have a summer w/no school! :) and hopefully lots of trips!


Tash tagged me!


Four Jobs I've Had:

1. Parker Advisory Group/Admin. Assistant
2. Mountain America CU -Teller
3. Roberts Arts&Crafts Cashier
4. Secretary

Four movies I have watched more than once:

1. The Notebook
2. Twilight

3. How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days
4. The Hangover

Four places I have lived:

1. St. George
2. Diamond Valley
3. Las Vegas
4. Mesa, Arizona

Four places I have been:

2. Hawaii
3. Kentucky
4. Florida

Four of my favorite Places to Eat.

1. Cafe Rio
2. Durangos
3. Krave :)
4. Chilis

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

2. No School
3. summer!
4. going to the cabin

Four People I am Tagging: (Copy & Paste onto your blog after changing the answers.)

If I could figure out my blog stuff, I would totally tag someone? help me? haha.