It's all over!

It's all over! :(
Yes, another wonderful Christmas is over! This Christmas
was so awesome! Now, yes it was really hard because
my brother wasn't around and this was the first
Christmas he wasn't home, but everything turned
out way perfect!
Christmas Eve we went up to my parents
& had our usually Christmas Eve party with family
& friends! It was such a blast!
We had delicious mexican food, and played bingo. Then
Adam & I were in charge of putting on the 'Minute to Win It'
game, which turned out to be a big hit! That night
Adam & I stayed @ my parents house with my sister
so she didn't have to stay alone. When we were younger
we all slept in the basement Christmas Eve and watched a
Christmas movie. so this year Adam & I stayed up there
and slept downstairs in the theatre room and watched
the Grinch.. I didn't last long I fell asleep fast, but it was way fun!
I was so happy to be home at my parents house and sleep over on
Christmas Eve! Christmas morning I was the first one up-weird haha i know-
I was excited! I woke everyone up around 7:30 to open presents!
I loved LOVED all my presents! it was awesome!
And I gave Adam two special presents..
a homemade quilt of all his favorite sports teams,
and a wedding ring! He lost his about a year ago
and it has been really sad that he hasnt' had one,
so I found a great deal on a large Tungsten style ring
that looks just like his old one! He LOVED it! :)
I was soo happy that he was excited about a
wedding ring, and he was really happy
to have a wedding ring back on-thank goodness right? :)
Christmas morning we went down to Adam's families,
and then back up to my parents to talk to my brother!
He's in Florida-we gotta talk for an hour and a half-
I love him! he's doing great!
Then that night we were over again at Adam's
families for Christmas Day/Night.
This Christmas was definitley one of my most favorites.
I loved the spirit that surrounded the month, and I was
really happy with the presents that I gave, and received!
And I love Adam! We were able to have a really special
holiday together again - going on #3 now! :) yes.. 3
Christmases, haha.
I love him!
I will try and post pictures really soon of Christmas!
And then soon I'll be posting pictures of New Years Eve,
we are heading to Vegas tomorrow! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful amazing Christmas!



Counting down the hours!

It's so close... It's Christmas Eve day and I am currently
counting down the hours to get to my parents house!
Today as I was getting all packed and ready I was thinking
how blessed I am not only to be receiving some
awesome 'materialistic' presents but I am so blessed that I
have a warm house and wonderful family members
to spend time with! I am so blessed that I have such great
parents that always want to put together awesome parties and that
they are so giving to everyone around them!
This Christmas season has been an amzing one, I have
really enjoyed every bit of December (and it's not even over yet)
I have been able to do a lot of fun activites
that really got me in the Christmas Spirit!
I am really glad that my husband has been willing to
do a lot of activities with me and watch a bazillion Christmas
movies this season! I cant wait for everyone to open my gifts and
well let's be honest, i can't wait to open mine either  :)
I hope everyone can remember the true meaning of
Christmas as we celebrate today and tomorrow! And always be thinking
of the people that can't be with their families this year! I know
that we have three friends that will be spending the holidays with us
because they couldn't go home for Christmas this year and
we will be missing my brother a lot since he is in Flordia! ..but I do
get to talk to him tomorow! yay! I am grateful for great friends and family
that come together this time of year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I love you all!


Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas time!
It's by far my most favorite time of the year!
I not only love all the family traditions, but
I also love the spirit of Christmas.
This last week was a busy one at my house!
I had a work Christmas dinner, shopping for
Kony Coins for Kids, and then
Forgotten Carols.
I am really happy that every year 99.9 puts on Kony Koins for Kids!
In the past I have been able to wrap for the children
and shop for them but it has been a really
long time.
This last week I decided that I really
wanted to go shoppping so who better to ask to
come with me than my husband?
so we went to Wal Mart and
started shopping like crazy!
It was really fun for me to pick out cute things for the
little girls! We had two girls
and one boy.. Thank goodness
we had a boy or Adam would have gone crazy!
It was so fun to pick out things that we thought these little
kids would love to open on Christmas morning.
The only sad part is that they only have enough for $70 per child
which is pretty hard even at Wal Mart believe it or not!
But I am glad the kids will at least have new clothes
and a few awesome toys on Christmas.
Did I mention Adam hates hates crowds? and shopping with me?
haha he was seriously a great husand to come and support me though!
Anyway- Forgotten Carols - if you haven't seen this
in St. George, please go.... next year because it's already over!
This really put me in the Christmas spirit.
Such a great story and great performances!
I loved the music and the spirit they left with us when we left!
I can't believe Christmas is only in a few days and I am so excited!
I have some pretty awesome presents for people
and I am really excited to see them open them! :)
I hope you all are getting in to the spirit of Christmas
and remembering the true meaning!
Love you all!


Great Christmas-ey Night!

Last Friday night was such a fun night!
Adam & I went with my family to Anasazi Steakhouse for dinner.
This place is delicious! We rarely.. okay basiclaly never
go here because it is pretty expensive! It's so cool though!
They bring your food (steak/chicken etc.) on a hot rock
where you cook it yourself to how you like it!
Next cool part? they have fondue! I love fondue.. who doesn't?
They have yummy cheese fondue that you dip with veggies and bread, and
then their wonderful dessert fondue where again they bring out
yummy fruit and other items to dip into
a great assorment of melted chocolate.
So that started off our night great..
Then as a family we got in my dad's truck and went to look at Christmas
lights all around town!
Usually it get kind of boring after a while, but
we just had so much fun together!
And also stopped and had the best hot chocolate ever!
(it's at the Shell gas station on bluff)
We also saw some amazing lights!
At the end of the drive around town we stopped at Denny's and had some
dessert to top the night off!
I loved being with Adam and my family
and being able to enjoy the Christmas spirit
and see some amazing lights!
I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season..
it'll be over before we know it!


Christmas Time!

These are so cute huh! I love the movie Elf! (& I did get to watch it the other night!)
Oh I love Christmas! I love the whole month of December! I love all the cute decorations at my
house and I love my Christmas tree! I love the chilly weather-only in December though!
I love giving and getting :) I love suprises and I love Christmas treats.. ok I could go
on for awhile, but that would be totally boring for you!
I am happy that Adam & I have some people checked off our shopping list already!
I got his parents gift and I picked Tony (my bro-in law) this year for a present
and I already have him done! And....we have our neice and 3 nephews done! YES!
We got them a combined gift which was a great idea! So left on my list.. friends,
Meserve Fam, and Adam's brother! Not soo bad right? I don't think so!
I have Adam's presents almost done too! I am making him a sweet sports quilt, which he already knows
about, and no I haven't started on that so I need to get that finished in the new 2 weeks!
And then I got him another really cool thing.... but you'll have to wait till
after Christmas to know what it is.. (in case he reads this) :)
Well I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!


Little Survey!

A is for age: 23

B is for band of choice: umm. I love hip hop/country/pop - I dont know! I love Lady Antebellum & Sugarland! and a lot of hip hop artists that aren't in bands?

C is for career right now: Administartive Assistant

D is for your dogs’ name: Montana!

E is for essential item you use everyday:  chapstick!

F is for favorite TV shows at the moment: Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl, Biggest Loser!

G is for favorite game: Solitaire - I know so lame, but for some reason I am addicted.

H is for Home town: St. George/Diamond Valley, UT

I is for instruments you played: Flute in 6th grade! yay band class! & piano for like 5 years or so when I was younger!

J is for favorite juice: O.J. or Pineapple Juice

K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: hahah.. um? who knows!  

L is for last place you ate: at home on my dining room table!

M is for marriage: yep.. for 2 years now! holla!

N is for your nickname: Manda, manda panda, manda bear..... i didn't have a lot of nicknames.. i mean you can't shorten 'amanda' - NO you can't.

O is for overnight hospital stays: none, thank you! so far!

P is for people you were with today: my boss Chad at work .. all day. Adam & Mel at my house earlier

Q is for quote: 'Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away'

R is for biggest regret: hmm.. not dancing longer. I quit at about 16 - should have done it longer!

S is for status: Fb status? something about Dickens Festival tonight my little sis is singing!

T is for time you woke up today: 7:20

U is for underwear you're wearing: hot sexy g's!

V is for vegetable you love: red/yellow peppers, cucumbers!

W is for worst fault: fault? me? what!  hmm.. blurting things out I should think about first, being judgemental, talking.. a lot..

X is for x-rays you've had: a lot on the mouth! and I think maybe one on my knee?

Y is for yummy food you ate today: a yummy warm tortilla... big delicious grapes!

Z is for zodiac: Gemini! :)