Life in the Making: 20 Weeks..

Well I am officially half way through this pregnancy! 
Is that even possible? 
I don't think so..

So at 20 weeks my little babe is the size of a Banana! 
Weighing in at 10.2 ounces and measuring 6.5 inches long! 
Babe has developed taste buds and is gulping down amniotic fluid each day.

I have been loving being pregnant quite frankly.
Everything has been going so smoothly for me.. so far. 
Everyone asks me still how I am feeling.. and it's pretty much always the same.
I know this will change as I grow and get much larger..
I am feeling large though! Can no longer button ANY pre-prego pants!
Work pants are still doable with my favorite little hair tie.. thank goodness.
Is it weird that I am actually excited to get a bigger belly? 
I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

This week one craving I've had and would still like to have more of
as I am writing this is Funyuns Chips.. yum.
Besides my undeniable continuation of wanting sweets, not much else has changed.
Although as I read today, baby will acquire tastes to what I'm eating..
I feel I should definitely start eating more fruits and veggies.. 
Wish I had a craving for those! 
I love go squeeze (the to-go applesauce) 
and chocolate pudding cups! Those are my frequent every day eats.
Hey, I told Adam it says its calcium amount is equal to an 8 oz
glass of milk! Since I hate milk I feel like I'm making up for it! 
I also love cereal! I never disliked cereal before
but being pregnant I want it a lot more! 

Another unfortunate symptom, and  maybe TMI but I'm still sharing..
is the lovely increase of vaginal discharge! 
And don't worry I make sure I talk about it to Adam 
so he knows exactly what is going on.. he hates me talking about it
 but who cares.
This is pretty much like nothing I have experienced before.
And none of my friends or mother ever talked about it
so there you have it, that's been real fun.
Also, due to this increase, which I guess means
all my membranes are softening etc.
My nose is stuffy almost every morning.. but doesn't last long

I think about two weeks ago I felt him move for the first time.
It was a little flutter but very distinct, not like my own stomach noises.
It was really low below my belly button and on my right side a bit.
It kind of startled me while I was at work and made me so happy! 
I think I also felt another flutter of movement a few nights ago.
I can't wait until I can feel these movements more! 
I keep saying that and everyone keeps telling me 
oh don't worry you definitely will! 
I know that but I still want to feel it now.. I'm impatient! 

I've noticed that my feet hurt after a day of a lot of activity.
It's so weird, I don't know if it's just the extra lbs I'm carrying around or what
but my feet hurt, like I've been shopping in a mall all.day.long,
after a day of like cleaning a lot and running a  few errands.
I think it'll be time to make Adam give me foot rubs.

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago.. I loved it. I didn't eat as much as I thought
I would.. but was really satisfied with all the yummy food and desserts.
Luckily I am not sick during this holiday! 

I think I am up about 11-12 lbs so far.. not too excited about that
but would rather have the extra pounds than be deathly sick! 

At our 20 week appt everything looked great.
I had to get my iron checked, by them pricking my finger.
I was a 13, they want you above 11 so I was right on target.
And luckily my blood pressure and all the measurements
of the baby checked out perfectly. 
Our doctor said the ultra sound checked out perfectly
and he's measuring just right on track! 

I have started buying stuff for baby boy! 
We found some cute things at Old Navy during their Black Friday sale.
Adam and my dad picked out some things during the madness
and they are actually pretty cute.
Then I went to Gap with my mom and found the cutest little boy outfits.
We ended up purchasing a few in 3-6 month range. 
It's so hard to know how big this little guy will be though! 
I was born at 6lbs and Adam was born at 9lbs 
so we have a wide range of possibilities! 
For my own sake I am hoping he can come out a little small..
please oh please! 

We haven't started doing anything for the nursery yet.
We did kind of discuss our thoughts and possibilities 
so I am glad we are on the same page about
a 'theme' and so forth! 
Hopefully we will be able to get working on a few of those things
here in the next few months.

I am barley finished with my first semester of graduate school
and will have a nice month completely off! 
I am hoping we can get some things done during this time frame! 

Can't hardly wait already to hold this little baby boy! 


We Are Having A..

Baby BOY! 

We are so excited! 

We had our official ultrasound at 18 weeks 5 days. 
Adam's mom came down and stayed with us a few nights 
so she could be a part of the ultrasound.
We had the appt early Monday morning November 25th.
Both of the grandma's came along.
Our ultra sound tech was a bit of a hag and not friendly at all! 
I was so disappointed in her but we still got the results we wanted.

Baby boy cooperated for us and showed us his 'goods' 
so there was no denying he is a boy! 
I was pretty shocked that he was a boy for some
reason I had a very small intuition that it was a girl..
but nonetheless I am just as happy to be pregnant and getting
a beautiful baby either way! 
We got very cute profile pictures and a little picture of his foot! 
He had his hands up a lot by his cute little face
Adam and I think he was waving hello or giving us the 
'hang loose' sign! 
Either way.. it was completely adorable! 
We fell in love all over again just seeing him in there moving around

I had originally wanted to have a Gender Reveal party for Adam and I 
but he wasn't totally convinced by my idea.
He decided he wanted to find out together at the ultrasound
and then I could throw a party for family and friends.
I am not one to miss out on any party planning! 
So.. that night we had all of our family and friends over
at my parents house for our big reveal.
My mom was amazing and had cute decorations set up for 
boy or girl 
and got the black balloons with secret blue confetti in them for
all the family to pop! 
It was the perfect night and just how I had in visioned it in my head! 

We had everyone pop the balloons at the same time! 
And then everyone screamed and we got to show them
the cute ultrasound pictures!