barley making it through my 4 day work week...

This is how I am feeling right now!
I am so tired today!

Is it Friday yet? You would think my 4 day work week would be going by so quickly, but it's not :( Yay for tomorrow being Friday!

So this last weekend I spent in Pine Valley for Labor Day weekend. My dad has nominated this weekend as our 'family reunion'. As of right now our family consists of dad, mom, amanda, adam, & taylor. . so it was small reunion :) but it will someday grow and grow! Pine Valley is a beautiful place! We were able to enjoy a relaxing weekend up there. Friday and Saturday we didn't do a whole lot and just enjoyed our company. Sunday Adam make homemade pizza's for dinner and everyone loved them! Then I kept begging my dad to let me have a fire in the backyard and make s'mores (he bought all the stuff for s'mores anyways) well unfortunately it was really windy that day so my dad said no.. but the great dad and adam the great husband that they are brough out my dad's little fire torche thing (kind of looks like a mini bbq-pictures will post soon) and had that in the front yard. We all sat around it w/our chairs and enjoyed good s'mores, starbursts, and other random treats we could melt. It was delicious! :) Monday was more of a clean up - pack up day and we came hom e in the afternoon! We did find a cool hiking trail that we all want to take one of these days! It's call the Forsyth Canyon Trail - we haven't ever been, but it looks fun! I can't believe Labor Day has already passed and gone.. time is going by so quickly for me! I am ready for fall time though, so I guess it can go by fast right now!

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5K Run Completed!

Last Friday August 27 was the 5K run in Cedar City! Liz and I finished! yay! I am so happy I did this.. it was seriously so fun and it was awesome to finish and have our husbands there cheering us on! Here a few pictures!

-Liz & I right before the race -Running.. Running!

Liz, Mom & Me!
Adam & I after I finished! :)

The race was a lot of fun! My mom even ran out and jogged w/Liz and I for a few seconds to encourage us! She is crazy! Liz really helped me too and kept pushing me forward! Thank goodness for her! It was so fun, and hopefully we will get to do a couple more this fall!
Oh by the way our shirts were super cool and glowed in the dark! :) well the writing did.. sweet I know..
Well it's almost Labor Day weekend, and I couldn't be happier! I am so ready for the weekend and excited to spend some time w/my family! and be in Pine Valley. I love that place so much. I really think about it alll the time, and get so excited to be up there. It's so beautiful and peaceful I really don't know what I would do if we didn't have a nice place like that to go to!
Well that's all for now :)