4th of July 2013

This past 4th of July was spent up in Pine Valley..
It's our family tradition to go up to the cabin each year and
it also happens to be my brother's birthday too! 

This year the 4th fell on a Thursday, so we spent
Wednesday-Saturday up there. 
It was nice to get away from the St. George 117 degree weather,
even though Pine Valley was about 95, which is really warm 
for up there! 

My sister in law's family, the Theobald's came up as well
and parked their trailer like they did a few weekends ago! 
There was a bunch of us around, which always makes it a little 
bit more fun, but also more crowded! 

We spent the day of the 4th hanging around the cabin and
enjoyed a fun BBQ with yummy birthday cake ..
we then decided to head down to my parents house
to watch the StG fire work show.

It wasn't nothing to be impressed with! Our good family friend's
the Miller's came over! They are hilarious and it was so fun
to have them over! 
We did get some excitement since we set off our own 
private firework show..
My mom was quite terrified of the fireworks and having 
them start a fire, so she wanted Adam to have the hose close.. 
I missed the excitement when I ran to Maverick, but apparently
one of our 'sparklers' jumped onto the sidewalk and started a little
fire with some brush along the road! 
My parent's neighbors weren't so happy but luckily
it didn't do much damage! 

Adam & I decided to take work off on Friday with 
the rest of the family! 
We drove back up to the cabin that night after fireworks.
It was very relaxing to hang out at the cabin and play games
and sit around! 
We had lots of ice cream from Brandin Iron and a  yummy lunch!

 We decided on Friday night to pitch our tent.
We've had this tent since we first got married and have
never used it or set it up..
It's a 3 man.. with my husband it's like a 1 1/2 man :) 
But we decided to sleep in it on Friday night and it was actually 
a lot of fun! I had two sleeping mats so that didn't make it too bad.
but next time I think I will grab an air mattress! 

Isn't it cute? 

Such a beautiful day walking around the church grounds! 
5 years ago to the day of July 4th.. Adam asked me to marry him! 

It was a great 4th and I was lucky to spend 4 days up there 
doing absolutely nothing with the ones I love! 

Adams State University's newest student...

I have been accepted into Adam's State University's 
Master's in Counseling Online Plus Program!!

I am beyond excited for this new adventure! 
I have been praying, thinking, researching and thinking again
about finding the right program and path for me. 

When I was at Dixie getting my associates I had decided
to switch majors (my last year) from Dental Hygiene to School Counseling. 
I loved all the courses I took in my undergrad study and felt like
this was definitely the right step for me in my career. 

I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Psychology & 
Human Development in the spring of 2010.
I then applied right away into the University of Utah's 
Master's program but unfortunately did not get in at that time.
I was newly married and going through a lot of different things
and so I ultimately decided not to apply again or search for
different programs or schools. 

I, of course, am bummed that I didn't apply again right away but

here I am 3 years later and more than ready to 
embark on this educational journey and be a part of
a great online program that will fit perfectly into my life now.

I was beyond blessed to find this Online Program.
I had been searching on and off for several years now
for a program that would be a great fit. 
I have a really good job here in town and am very
content with where we live, so I didn't really
want to have to move far away for a program..
I also wanted something affordable
and that wasn't too intense. 
This program also doesn't require you to re-take the GRE.
Oh the GRE how I hate you.
 I took it almost 5 years ago now
and did okay on it, but for most programs I would have to 
re-take it again. Luckily with this program I do not have to re-take the test
but I may take an additional course instead..

Adam's State is located in Alamosa Colorado 
(about 2 hours from where my grandma's live)
and where one of my younger cousins is going to be
attending and playing football in the fall...
which is just a weird coincidence. 

I will began classes on August 26th and am really excited! 
My first two classes sound really interesting and I'm actually
excited to get started.
I am also a bit nervous of what to expect. 
As I read through the student handbook and
get all the information I am wondering
if I'll be a good fit for the program and if I'll pass
all my classes and interviews.
 You can't get more than 3 C grades in the program
and there are a few other stipulations that make me nervous. 
However, I know that I am just going to have to try my hardest
and pray everything works out how it's supposed to.

I have two 1 week intensives in June 2014 and June 2015 that
I will have to go attend. The first intensive we will be doing
a lot of counselling sessions and that is also when they
determined that you are doing well in the program and
can be 'fully' admitted. They do several interviews at this time. 
It'll be fun to head out there and meet everyone that I'll work with over 
these next few semesters. 

I was really excited to share this news with the blog world
as I will share it with my friends and family members as well! 

Hopefully even with this extra work load 
I'll still post on here often!