Adam ...

 I found this cute post done on a husband and I thought I'd write a little bit about mine.. especially since I'm the one always writing on our blog, and there isn't much said about him sometimes! :) 

  • Goes by: Adam mostly..Family called him Donga when he was younger
  • Works: for my Dad's construction company
  • Has lived: Fairview, UT, Magna, UT, Bountiful, UT, Mexico City, San Diego, CA & St. George, UT 
  • Has visited: lots of places in California, North Carolina, Hawaii, Mexico City.. I'm sure lots of towns in UT
  • Wears: go-to outfit is basketball shorts and t-shirt.. a little dressier is a Polo Shirt and jeans or shorts.
  • Eats: not his vegetables.. ha! Loves gummy candy, chocolate malts and any Chinese/Japanese or American food 
  • Watches: Lots of shows on Discovery Channel.. Documentaries, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, Burn Notice.. probably lots more. 
  • Prays for: a baby, our family and good health 
  • Isn't a fan of: veggies, crowded places, shopping with me
  • Wants: to be successful, have a family, travel around the world 
  • Plays: Nascar, Grand Theft Auto games, and loves football and baseball 
  • Enjoys: going to the movies, to Vegas or any trip really, being with his nieces and nephews, and going to Pine Valley 
  • Loves: Me.. duh! :) both of our families, our sweet little puppy and where he is at right now in life.. :) 


Washington County Demolition Derby

Okay so it's been a little while since I've posted on
my lovely blog. I almost check on it every day but then I 
think of all the things to post and I feel lazy.. but really I need all my
pictures on one computer so I don't have any excuses! 

I thought I would post on the most recent happenings.. 
Last weekend we decided to go the Washington County Demolition Derby! 

.. I still have yet to post about our big trip up north and to the 
Fairview Demolition Derby.. but don't worry.. I will! 

Anyway, Adam and I went to the derby with my brother, his wife, her little
brother and a friend! 
 I thought the actual derby was kind of lame and really long with
 hardly any action... but the overall experience was fun! 
Adam has never been to the Washington County Fair or Derby and
I haven't been in years so it was fun to go out there for the night! 

There were a few good things about the derby.. 
They did a really special thing for a military fiance..They announced they
were going to give a lucky family member of someone serving a chance
to ride in the derby car.. so this cute girl ends up 'winning' so she goes
over to get ready for her derby ride and while she has her back turned, putting
on her helmet, the driver and her fiance switch places
 (obviously wearing the same outfit)
and so her fiance is the one driving her around on her ride
and at the end they both get out and then he takes off his helmet
and .. there he is! 
It was really cute! I love moments like those.

The other good thing about the derby was the rollover we had..
Those make it somewhat exciting! 

And the other good things were my watermelon/coconut snow cone
and our kettle popcorn! 
Obviously those are very good things about the fair! 

I've been spending the last few weekends just relaxing in my bliss of doing
nothing before school starts. I know that once is starts it'll probably
hit me with a ton of bricks, smack in the face and I may want to drop out right
away but I'll just have to plunge through my first semester and get back in 
the swing of school! 
I think Adam is gong to have quite the adjustment once he sees how busy I 
am with school work.. We were married for almost 2 years when I was finishing
my bachelors, so I'm hoping it won't put him into too big of a shock or make him
feel too neglected! (I am sure he'll entertain himself) 
I am blessed that school is online, so for the most part I should be able to do it on my
own time and be able to still live life close to the same! 

I can't believe August is half way over! I am ready for fall! 
I am definitely starting to get that itch for cooler weather and fun fall festivities.
The rest of August will go by fast! We may be heading to Pine Valley this weekend
for a night and then up north the next weekend for our nephew and then 
Pine Valley again for Labor Day weekend.. 
When all my weekends are packed with activities and places to go it seems to make
the months fly by! 

Well I am hoping to get on here soon with a really fun post about
our adventures up in Fairview and Bountiful with my in-law family!