fathers day & weekend

I know I'm a little late but Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad! I can't really say enough nice things about my Dad. I really have like the coolest parents ever.. and yes I've had many friends/relatives tell me so!
My dad is so generous and kind-hearted! I am so lucky to have him in my life! He's such a hard worker and I'm so thankful for everything he has provided me and my family with in our lives.
I really admire so many qualities about him! I love his go-getter attitude, ambition, love, kindness, and sense of humor!
Me and my dad are a lot alike! And whenever we are around each other we can pretty much just laugh the whole time.. but he can also have serious meaningful talks with me as well :) I am so happy that my husband is so close to him and that we are able to all hang out often!
I love him so much and am so grateful for his example in my life!
For Fathers Day last weekend we went to Mesquite on Saturday night w/my family (my dad wanted to go to the Eureka buffet) it was fun! I had a fun weekend just relaxing and not doing anything!
On to this weekend.. We are heading down to Vegas on Saturday for yes.. another tournament!  I will be burning up on saturday and hopefully sitting indoors having an ice cream or something! haha.. I am excited to hang out w/everyone and watch the boys again.. just maybe not sit outside :)
 I can't wait for the 4th of July! I am so ready for a long weekend! I think Adam & I are heading up to Pine Valley for the weekend and I have Monday off so I am hoping to have a nice long weekend up there! Can you believe it's already almost July!! Oh my gosh. I can't believe it.. June has flown by!


this guy..

turned 25! I obviously didn't have time to post on his actual birthday (June 11th) so I am doing it a little bit late!
I can't believe he is 25! It's so weird to think that I met him
5 years ago! We were looking through older pictures and it's crazy
 how much we've changed even just in 5 years! I am so happy we have a great life togehter and are able to celebrate
all the wonderful things together!
For his birthday this
year we didn't have much planned. I had wanted to throw
a little get - together for him.
I had texted all his friends a few days before to see if they could all come over on Friday night for a BBQ. We had orignially planned on
going up north, so I knew this was way last minute.
A good group of his friends did make it though and it was
a lot of fun! Poor Adam though, had to cook at his own BBQ.
Oh well! We ate and had an awesome looking cake! I had one of my
friends make the cake for him because she's way good at it! it turned
out pretty funny and cute :)

On his actual birthday he decided he wanted to play
softball in the Summer Games up in Cedar City so we went up there
 bright and early on Saturday.
Unfortunatley the boys ended up loosing after their third game (which is rare) so we got home around 3 that day! Not a great birthday present for Adam...Since we were super tired we took a nap and then my family took him out to eat at Olive Garden. We then came back to our house and enjoyed each others company :)

hmm.. could have been a cute picutre?
My little sister's boyfriend Gabe came! haha... Adam would probably punch him for reals.. but I think he secretly likes him!
I am so happy that I got to spend another great birthday w/my hubby! It definitley was a fun weekend with him!
He is seriously my best friend! He is so sweet, loving, cuddly, brave, cute, ambitious, sensitive, creative, friendly, crazy, funny and entertaining without a doubt! I am so happy I get to spend many many more birthday's with this guy! :)
Love you Adam! 


Chelsey's 24th!

Today is this girls birthday! I wanted to find really old pictures of us because I have a bazillion old photos but I just wanted to make sure I had time to write a little bit about her and so I'm using the most recent ones I have of us!
Chelsey and I have literally been friends since 1st grade. We grew up like a mile apart and were insepartabe for most of our growing up days. We had awesome summers that consisted of sleeping on our trampolines, going on walks/bike rides/fourwheeler rides, laying out, making up dances to NSYNC & many more crazy things! I loved going to school w/her and being able to pull off getting the same classes together for middle school/high school and yep college! We only got married about 3 months apart and so we got to experience all those crazy fun times together!
Chelsey is such a lovable, kind, energetic, sweet, funny, beautiful and great friend! I am SO sad that she lives so far away but I am glad that we still keep in touch all the time and I couldn't imagine not staying friends with her! I hope she has an awesome 24th birthday and enjoys her special day!
Love you so much Chels!


best birthday!

I had one of the best birthday's last week! I really had so much fun on my day! I took work off that day since I had plenty of hours saved still! That morning I went and got my hair done and then met Adam for lunch at delicious Durangos. Then we went to a movie that afternoon and did some shopping at the mall. We then met my family for dinner at Sakura, which is a new Japanese Hibachi place here in town (it taste exactly like Samurai 21 to me) I love it! Afterwards we hung out at our house and had presents and a sweet yummy Cold Stone cake! I had such a great day and felt so loved by all of my awesome family & friends. My husband made the day really special for me and I had SO much fun just hanging out w/him most of the day. Everyone says I make a huge deal out of birthdays and well duh.. its my day! Anyways.. I am glad I have a husband that puts up with my big birthday celebrations! And It is weird to be 24 and realize next year at this time I'll be turning the big 2-5 WEIRD! Thank you everyone for all the birthday love :)

Next to come.. Adam's 25th on Saturday!


Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend was sooo fun!
Adam & I headed up to Pine Valley on Friday after work and met my family up there. We ended up staying up there until Monday morning. Friday night we went to Brandin Iron for dinner - they got new owners and it was kind of weird - it wasn't as good as it usually is! Adam and I always sleep upstairs in the queen bed next to the window - and I love having the window opening and letting all the cool air come into our room!  Saturday was a beautiful day!  We went riding and then my family had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ. We all played catch phrase after dinner, boys against girls, it was so fun! :) Unfortunately the boys won!
On Sunday it was freezing up there! I was pretty bummed because it was like 40 degrees and cloudy and windy  most of the day so we didn't go out on any rides or go outside and do much. It even ended up snowing Sunday night and we woke up to a few inches of snow on our cars! There is so much water up there too! Usually there isn't any water up at Grass Valley but when we went on our ride it was crazy how much water was up there. It was a huge lake actually, I've never seen anything like it.  A lot of the trails were kinda ruined too because of all the water. Sunday was definitley a lazy day and we just took naps and played games. The next morning we had breakfast and got packed up to come home.
The weekend, especially holiday weekends always go by so quickly! I loved having the weekend up there in Pine Valley and really enjoyed being w/my family & Adam!
Adam & I want to spend a lot of our summer up there in Pine Valley! :)
I am also so so excited to get my hair done and... for my bday tomorrow! :)
here are a few pic's from the weekend.

Adam has a best friend up there. That's katie the black lab!