Lovely Monday...

Oh it is Monday.. I dread Monday morning.. I usually start feeling down on Sunday night cause I know I have a long five days ahead! I love my weekends! I love spending time with Adam and family and friends! They always go by way too quickly anyway.This last weekend was nice and relaxing. I got to finish up the Parade of Homes and enjoy some quiet time with Adam on Sunday. I got a phone call from my mom at 7 a.m. on Sunday informing me that due to the snow in Diamond Valley church was cancelled! I was of course happy to be able to sleep in! :) The only thing I am really looking forward too on my weekdays is Adam's softball (which starts tonight) and Zumba. Adam has his own softball team, sponsored by my Dad's company and all of our friends play on it. I used to dread softball, and somehow I am starting to enjoy it! I love to hang out with Kris and Liz and I love watching my husband do something he loves! I also have recently started going to Zumba again at Golds Gym. I LOVE it, haha. I feel totally stupid at times, but it sure makes me smile and sweat! I am hoping this week goes by quickly because next weekend is Vegas for the Nascar race! I'm very very excited to go down to Vegas! Adam and I are planning on leaving Friday around 3 and meeting my fam down there! Last year was a lot of fun hanging out at the race on Sunday and then enjoying Vegas restaurants, gambling, and shopping on Friday & Saturday! 1/2 day down... 4 1/2 more days to go until this week is over! :)


President's Weekend - Parade of Homes - Valentines

Wow, this weekend was packed! I love St. George when it starts to warm up and the beautiful sun is showing, but this weekend was so crowded here in St. George. I had an extremely difficult time driving around Saturday and a crazy night on Sunday! I had a great weekend that was very busy! I had some good friends from Ogden come down and hang out on Saturday, I had a blast with them! Sunday was Valentines Day.. Adam and I went to church in the morning, I took a much needed afternoon nap, and then we went to dinner and a movie. I was in charge of planning Valentines this year, I wanted to plan something cute and fun! Well.. Valentines never goes as planned for me! I wanted to go to a nice restaurant and I know since we had waited and decided to go on Sunday, that it wouldn't be crowded at all... hmm funny it was packed! Everywhere we went was crowded, I was so disappointed! We had a time limit, since we were trying to make a 9:00 movie, so we ended up grabbing Five Guys Burgers and Fries.. I know kinda funny! But in it's own way, it turned out to be cute! My husband seems to always find the positive and "fun" things, in the situations that I don't like! He said that this Valentines will be one he'll always remember and he was really glad we got to spend the whole day/night together! We then went and saw Dear John, and we both liked it! (who couldnt' like Channing Tatum). On Monday, (yay no work), I went to the Parade of Homes with one of my best friends and I really enjoyed it! I love going to see all the pretty houses and amazing decorations! This week I only work four days, but somehow I am already counting down until Friday at 5. Another lovely work week ahead......


Superbowl party 2010

It's already been almost a month

okay okay.. it's already been a month and this is only my second blog post! Ha, we will see how good I am at this! Well the last month has flown by, as do all my months! I had a really good weekend last weekend. I went to Pine Valley with Kris and Ladd and stayed up there for a night. It was freezing and there was tons of snow on the ground, so it wasn't the perfect time to go up! On Saturday night Adam and I went to my parents to get in the hot tub with Liz and Jeff. We also stayed the night there since we had church super early! Sunday was the Superbowl! Every year my parents host a huge party at their house! All of their friends and their children come, and have for several years now! It's a blast! Always tons of food and lots of yelling, but I always enjoy it! That was my weekend summed up! I am already counting down to this next weekend! Adam and I are going to go to the Parade of Homes sometime ths weekend! I have never really loved Valentines Day, until I met Adam and for the past 3 Valentines he has made it super special and fun for me! I am so happy! Well I do hope to post another blog before March 10th! I think I finally have the hang of this "blogging" and I finally was able to make my blog actually look decent! yay!