Pioneer Day & Holden Family Time

So I am only going on three months of being behind on blogging about our big trip
this summer for Pioneer Day. .but better late than never?

My husband has several family members that live in Fairview, UT, so 
every other (hopefully it'll turn into every year) year Adam's parents and siblings
go there for the holiday. 
This cute little town puts on quite the show with a very long but awesome parade
and a really fun Demolition Derby! 

This year everyone was heading up on Tuesday afternoon, so Adam and I 
left town around 3 or 4 to drive up to Fairview. 
It's about a 3 1/2 hour trip for us.. 
We ended up having to stop in Richfield to get stupid windshield wipers,
my husband was paranoid with all the rain we were having. .
Then we got delayed in one of the small towns we drove through because
of their parade so it took us awhile to get up there.
Once we made it all the family was at the ATV Rodeo, which has the same
events as a regular rodeo, but with four-wheelers, motorcycles etc. 
It was pretty entertaining to watch! 
It was fun to see all of Adam's cousins, aunts & uncles there. 
It's quite the big family! 
Adam's two cousins, Kammy & Kandy are really sweet and open their
homes up to the Holden families. My brother in law and his family stayed at 
Kandy's house, while Adam's parents and us stayed at Kammy's. 
Both of Adam's cousins have kids just a few years younger than us too, so that
makes it fun! 
The next morning was Pioneer Day!
Like I said before, this town puts on quite the parade show! I love it! 
They have all the other small towns come around and participate in this parade.
It's also fun to watch my nephews grab all the candy they can get! 
I think they all came away with huge bags of candy.. it was impressive.

After the parade we walked around a little outdoor festival and 
then enjoyed some down time. 
Before the Demolition Derby started we had a big family BBQ which was a lot of fun!

Later that night was the big Derby! This little town sure puts on a 
good Derby and a good little parade..
It was actually a lot of fun, but kind of slow this year. 
It's fun to sit up in the stands with all of Adam's family and 
get really into the derby. All the yummy 'fair' food isn't bad either. 
This year Adam got asked to participate in the 'frozen t-shirt contest'
and his cousins wouldn't let him say no.. 
He ended up taking 3rd place and I was really impressed with his
t-shirt ripping skills! He won a little gift card to one of the places there.

(Sorry so blurry)

(don't know if this will work.. it's a video of us cheering on Adam)

The firework show at the end of the night is by far one of the best
show's I've seen! I love their fireworks. 
They set them off right next to the stadium where we are all sitting
and shut down all the lights.. and they sure don't skimp
on the good fireworks. I love watching them! 

Later that night we had quite the experience with Adam's cousins! 
These families are such a hoot to be around and it's never a dull moment.
His older cousins (Kammy & Kandy), who are sisters live a few streets
apart form each other and have 2 boys the same high school age. 
Adam's brother and his family were all staying at the opposite house
as we were and that night after we all got home and almost ready for bed,
Kandy calls us to come over and look at some fireworks they were going to shoot
off in their backyard. . We had told them we were too tired and weren't
going to come over, so she started to call us idiots and just was being
really funny.. she may have had a few drinks in her.. :) 

After that we had decided to go ahead and head over to her house
to watch their fireworks. It was Adam, myself and his cousin Holden.
We got over there and watched their little show and then
as we were getting ready to leave I overheard my cute niece say something
to Kandy about toliet papering Kammy's house (where we were staying)..
once I told Holden & Adam this it somehow turned into a war between houses.
It was one of the most memorable nights I have had in a long time! 
Kandy's house had 2 teenage boys participating and my Brother in law
and his 3 kids.. so needless to say we were very outnumbered back
at our house because Adam's parent's weren't one's to attack and 
Kammy was going to bed early..before she went to sleep
she did dress up in a ninja outfit that had me dying.. 
She got toliet paper and put it around as a diaper and then put toliet paper rolls
up her shirt for protection.. seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen..
The boys kind of staked out the house and then decided to 
drive over to Kandy's and check on them because we thought we heard 
a four wheeler coming around. The boys went over and 
everyone at Kandy's was dressed in dark hoodies and were running in the street
so we knew we probably had barley caught them. 
Even poor Holden jumped in Adam's trunk once to head down there with a big
squirt gun.. he did well and got my Brother in law good :) 
One of the trips to the other house I missed and when Adam came flying back
into the drive way all of the sudden Kandy pops out of the trunk and is trying
to chase Adam.. which she can't, she's just doing circles and laughing..resulting
in ultimately getting tackled by her nephew. It was hilarious.. She then decides to run
back to her own house and by this time 
we are thinking they are definitely planning something..  
On our last attempt to the house to get everyone we had Adam's dad drive his 
car too so we can devise a distraction.. His dad had his lights shinning right
in my eyes, as I was the driver of our car, and I let the boys out 
and then all of the sudden I could barley see and kids were running towards 
my car.. I couldn't see Adam or Holden so I panicked and stopped in the middle
of the street, so I wouldn't leave them.. and I got bombarded by children
and crazy Kandy. They made a poster that they stuck on our car and streamers and 
silly string and they even  had paint and were writing on our car..This was obviously a well
thought of plan.. By the time Adam got back in the car.. I had gotten a little
mad when his brother took his nice polo shirts and put them on top of the trash..
haha Adam told me to pretend to freak out and everyone and get out of the car to
get the shirts. so I did.. and I really kind of scared everyone on accident :) 
It was all in good fun..
When we got back to our house it was 2 a.m. and I was exhausted so we decided

to call it quits and head to bed.. Little did we know they came back
and toliet papered- and wrote all of over our cars.. 'idiots'.. hahah.. 
Sorry for the long detailed story, but I can't forget this fun summer night in Fairview! 
The next day we kind of all relaxed since we were heading home.
Adam and I had decided to go up to Bountiful for a few days, since we hadn't been
up there in over 6 months. It was a good decision.
Before we left we had to stop at T-Cee's again..
Their shakes are to die for and their fries.. I am craving it right now..

We then made the 2 hour or so trip up north. 
I am glad we took off a few extra days to spend some more time with the family.
The first day we got up there it was already the evening so we hung around
the house and lit our own fireworks. It was fun! 

The next day was Friday and happened to be my mother in law's birthday.
We decided we wanted to do some shopping and I definitely wanted to go
to the new City Creek mall since I had never been. 
It is beyond beautiful and I love it there! I kind of want to go in the fall/winter..
haha okay just fall time because I'm sure it's really pretty up there.
I didn't get a ton of things up there because I had my husband by my
side the whole time being annoying, but it was still fun. 
That night after shopping we stopped at a yummy mexican place and 
just relaxed that night at home with everyone. 

My little nephew Jack was so cute! It was fun this trip because he
had plenty of time to warm up to me and he was also obsessed
with my John Deer blanket and he always wanted to cuddle in it! 
It was also super sad when he started to cry when we were leaving..

That Saturday we headed up to Park City. It had been a long time since
we had been up there and it was so pretty! It was a little cloudy and
just beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pretty pictures because we were just 
at the outlet stores and then had to get home. .
I think I'll need to head up there soon again! 

The next day was Sunday and we were heading back home.
We had such a fun time with the Holden's! I love spending time
with all of them and especially getting that quality time with my
sister in law Jen. 
We had lots of good late night chats to almost 2 a.m. and I love those! 
She also helped me put a lot of things in perspective and get
excited for what the future might hold. 
We miss these guys and sure wish they lived closer.. 

It was also a great end to all the summer fun! 
On our way home Adam gave in to my wishes to stop at Ikea. 
We bought a floor lamp was all.. but there was so many other things
we wanted to purchase. I love that Ikea.. 

That is my big recap of our Fairview & Bountiful fun! :)