Due Date has Arrived.. Still Pregnant..

Today is the big day..
April 23rd! 

I can't believe I have made it to my due date
and have not had this baby yet! 
For some weird reason it doesn't seem
totally real to me but here we are ..
still pregnant as ever! 
 Everyone I talk to is so suprised that I haven't had
him yet and am now at my due date.
I think I really had a hard time believe I am over-due 
because everyone told me I would go so early.
People at church and family members kept telling 
me I probably wouldn't even really go in to April 
and here we are..
I remember being worried about when my parents
left for Hawaii when I was 34 weeks thinking
what if something happened! 
i was totally anxious while they were gone..
hilarious now!? yes! 

These last few weeks have been pretty tough! 
This last week especially I have had the worst 
case of the swollen feet and ankles.
They have been swollen a lot but my feet
now have puffed so bad shoes don't fit..
I can attempt to put flips on, but then I have to take
them off because they are so uncomfortable
and leave huge indentations.

We've gotten a lot of questions like hey when are you due
or when is this baby coming.. 
Yeah we don't know either! 
My last few appointments had not dilated at all
my appointment last Friday I was finally dilated to a 1!
hallelujah something happened! 
I had another follow up appointment on Tuesday (yesterday)
and I was still at a 1+ the doctor said.. not quite a 2.
I've had my membranes stripped twice.. 
which is not pleasant at all.
The second time around I could actually feel the swiping she was
vigorously doing down there. 
My blood pressure is still creeping up there so I have 
another appointment on Friday. 
She did mention that she would be all for something
happening that would have to make us interfere 
and deliver early.. so 
that could my blood pressure we will see. 
I am getting annoyed with all the doctor visits
but if we can get closer to meeting our little guy
then I'm all for it.

If baby decides not to come on his own
I am set to be induced on April 30th, one week from today.
Now that is crazy! 
I know he can come on his own, but then it's just 
weird that I actually have a date set where I'll for sure go into 
Labor and then have my baby! 

My school semester ends on May 5th.
I have been really trying to get all my papers done.
I had 3 to write and I'm glad to say I have 1 down for sure.
I think that Heavenly Father plans out exactly what we need
and I believe that he is wanting me to get all my  homework
done for the semester so when baby comes
he has my full attention and I don't have to worry about
homework at that point.
I am working really hard to get it all done so 
that he can make his arrival! 
I can't wait to be done with school at least for 3 weeks
till summer semester starts, but I will feel such a huge
sense of relief once I'm done and then I'll be so excited
to get this baby here! 

Well happy due date to me! :) 

I'll do another post for 40 weeks..
might as well continue documenting this large
crazy stage! 


Life in the Making: 38 Weeks..

38 Weeks..
At this point I've lost all desire to 'get ready' or make
an attempt at looking semi 'cute'..

Honestly, I'm shocked we are still here.
This little boy doesn't want to come out yet! 
I really did not think we would make it to 38 weeks
and now almost 39 weeks actually as today is 04/14
It is just crazy! 
I thought I would definitely be going early
probably because I got a lot of comments on my belly size
and that I would barley make it into April before he 
would make his arrival. 
Between friends, family, church members and
work people I just assumed that they all had good
predictions I guess and I would not be going to 40 weeks.
But here we are..

I know this is the hard part of pregnancy, which is definitely true in my case.
I think with my incredibly large belly I am struggling a lot.
I can't bend over worth anything..
I am mostly miserable while standing and sitting for long periods of time.
I could really go on and on about my misery.. One thing that has helped me
is my husband. 
I don't know what I would do without him.
He's been a pain in the butt during this pregnancy like all guys are
but he truly has been the best thing that ever happened to me.
I am such a crab mostly at night when I have had it with the day
and he always is there to listen to me complain and
then he'll rub my disgusting swollen feet ankles and legs.
There is nothing better than this. 
He also listens to my  nonsense talking. I go from one extreme to the other..
pregnancy hormones, nesting all that lovely stuff is kicking in I think.
I adore this man and honestly would not have been able to make it
through this pregnancy without him by my side. 
He gives me all the strength and courage to go on 
I love him to pieces. 

On Thursday last week 04/10, we had our follow up doctor appt.
I was informed that I in fact, do not have toxemia but my blood
pressure was pretty high, around 144, quite high for me.
I hadn't dilated or done anything but Dr. Winward wanted to go ahead
and send me over to Labor & Delivery to be checked out and monitored.
So luckily, Adam was with me and we went over there and I got
all checked in and monitored for about 2 hours. 
My blood pressure went down and my first reading there was like 113..
it was just crazy how different it was and I felt relatively fine. 
So needless to say, they sent us home. 
They advised me to take it easy but did not really say anything else.
The next day, Friday, I decided to go to work all day, which I felt fine.
And then that night Adam and I were getting a few things done around the house
and then decided to go get my car washed and head to Costco for a
few things. We walked around for probably an hour or so that night.
When we got back home I started to feel this really bad pain in my lower
left side of my stomach very close to my groin area.
The baby was still moving around in there so I didn't feel that he was
in trouble or anything but I could barley walk or move.
It only felt fine if I was laying completely still or sitting still.
That night we decided to call Labor & Delivery and just ask them
what they thought. The lady I spoke to said it was probably a ligament
or possibly a hernia. I think it was a ligament as 3 days later
it has calmed down a lot and isn't killing me so bad. 
I kinda think I did too much that day. 
Dr. Winward said that she does not advise me going to Costco and
doing anything like that again.. it probably wasn't a good idea.
We had another appt today and my blood pressure
is still a bit high.. 
I don't officially have toxemia but I do have to take it easy this week
she wants me to basically be on bed rest as much as I can.
I am still going to work at least part time in the office though.
These last few weeks have been crazy! 
I don't want to bore you to death on my medical condition
but I am keeping track of all this new stuff for my records. 

I will be going back in to the doctor here in a few days
so we will see how that goes.
I really am ready for him to be here..I am obviously so anxious
and nervous but so ready at the same time.
The doctor said I have a higher chance of C section since my cervix
is doing nothing and especially if my blood pressure continues
to be high.. so we are waiting.

I really can't wait to meet our little guy.
While in Target Adam and I both just gradually head to the baby section
and look at all their cute clothes.
It's so fun to pick stuff out for him and
Adam is so excited for this little boy! 
he would buy all the ninja turtle stuff he could if I'd let him! :) 

After every appointment I get to drive past the temple
and I just love staring at its beauty and
saying a little prayer of thanks for giving me 
this miracle of being pregnant and raising a boy.
Even through my complaints and pains I still wouldn't
take the experience away and am beyond grateful to go through this
and bring a beautiful life into this world. 

I also had to document that we went to Pine Valley 2 weekends ago
and it was beautiful up there as always.. but a little cold.
We mostly stayed inside the whole time to watch conference.
But it was still a nice relaxing weekend..
and no baby came :( 

Date: Monday, April 14-2014
How far along? 38.5 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: Up 
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? all over.. do they just decide to take over your stomach?
Sleep: so hard.. but when I get comfortable it's amazing. 
Best moment this week: hearing the heart beat.. picking out some little outfits for him.. getting some info on his size. 
Have you told family and friends: Yes 
Miss anything? being able to shop whenever I wanted and having the energy to do so.. being able to do anything around the house really.. I miss just being myself as far as that stuff goes! I want to be able to do cleaning and organizing but just can't. 
Movement: yeah! on Friday night while laying back he was being so wiggly and we saw a huge lump/movement on one side of my belly and a little punch/kick on the other side.. it was so crazy.. and alien like, but we are loving it! 
Food cravings: nothing really particular.. ice cream still.. and I love a good blue Icee.
Anything making you queasy or sick: no thankfully! 
Other pregnancy symptoms: very swollen, can't move really cuz I'm so huge, heartburn every night basically around 12-2 a.m. 
Have you started to show yet: 
Gender prediction: boy
Labor signs: No. I mean I thought I was having a few contractions yesterday and I was getting kind of excited.. but today.. my body has still not dilated or thinned out at all. 
Belly button in or out?  belly is in.. kind of. my belly is so stretched that it's just all around flat. 
Wedding ring on or off? Off.. oh we are swollen.
Happy or moody most of the time: haha sadly, I think lately i've been moody.. especially around my hubby.. I've been having spurts of crying and being a brat. 
How’s hubby doing?? he's doing fantastic. Always making sure I am comfortable or sitting.. Will get up and grab whatever I need.. and is still taking care of house and dinner every night. Listens to my complaints and still loves me :) 
Baby preparations: Just making sure his room is ready.. bought batteries for our little rock n play sleeper, trying to clean here and there when I can..
Looking forward to: getting to meet our little man... so I'm looking forward to Friday again to see if by chance we had an end in sight. :) 


Life in the Making: 37 Weeks.. Full Term!

37 Weeks.. Full Term! 

Officially Full Term! 

I am so excited that I've been able to make it this far in my pregnancy
but I also am so ready for him to come.. haha.

I am afraid I may be induced but who knows.
I've had 3 appointments and so far nothing has happened at
these appointments..
no dilation or anything which is kind of depressing! 

This week has been eventful though. 
I had my 37 and 5 days check up on Monday, April 7th.
I went in got my cervix checked..
still really painful but I guess you just sort of get use to it.
She said sorry hun not dilating, and she wasn't even sure if 
he's descended much into my pelvis..
which I feel like he totally has.. ugh! 
Well anyway, she goes on to say that they detected some
protein in my urine which is a sign of having toxemia.
She ordered me to be on bed rest until further notice,
at least until we get these test results back.
I was then given a huge jug and weird contraption thing
to pee in and then collect my urine for 24 hours. 
That is quite difficult you know. . 
I was up about 4 times last night and had to collect it each time.
Once we get these results back they'll let me know what's next.
My doctor mentioned that if the levels are really high
we will be delivering the baby soon because that is the only
thing that gets rid of toxemia. 
She also mentioned a c-section to me.. 
I will have to clarify not sure if that meant if I am toxemic or
if that is just because my body doesn't want to do anything.
Who knows. 
I am not dreading the idea of a c-section though.. 
I have been pretty open about any methods of delivery
as long as they involve drugs, sorry baby! 

I go into see her on Thursday April 10th and from there
I can see what test results were and then what the options are.
I am hoping that I will not be required to be on bed rest
indefinitely till he decides to come. I can't imagine being cooped
up at home that long.. IF he wanted to come late. 

I have only been on bed rest for going on 1 1/2 days now..
but Adam has been such an amazing help and really
taking this bed rest thingy seriously. 
He won't let me barley get my own bowl of cereal when
I'm already up using the bathroom or anything.
It's been amazing seeing him take such good care of me
and really ordered me to bed rest..
I'm pretty stubborn and like to do things on my own
so having him around to help me is weird 
but it's best for me and baby's health right now..
So I'm just grateful for this lovely husband of mine. 

It's been kind of weird because I feel relatively fine.
Besides being huge and uncomfortable I don't feel super different. 
Although over the last few weeks I've noticed my hands and wrists
swell up more than usual but not crazy puffy.. my ankles and feet
are pretty swollen to, unless they are elevated or I have compression socks on.
I am not sure if that is some sure signs of toxemia but we will see I guess.

Besides these new turn of events
everything is going smoothly. 
We have pretty much everything ready for baby boy to get here.
I feel anxious and really nervous.
Adam and I talked about our family situations
and what we want and need. 
I know it's hard for Adam because he knows its my body
going through everything and I feel strongly about some things
and obviously need my mom around 24/7.. So luckily
we have made preparations and talked to our family members
about everything. Which has put my anxiety-ridden mind at ease. 
I still feel like I have baby preparations to do but I guess
that just comes with the fact that you are going into 
uncharted territory. .
I feel like we have 'stuff' we need for him 
but at the same time I feel panicked in the fact
that I don't feel 'ready' yet..I don't know it's a strange mix of feelings.

I am still guessing this babe will be big.
I am thinking he's got to be around 8 lbs now, haha.
so lets hope he doesn't have to stay in there for 3 more weeks.
Still getting some comments on the fact that I look like
I'm having twins. . luckily I haven't got one in awhile
so that makes me happy.
I'll have to take everyone's guess on how big
he'll be and maybe the date he'll come. . 

Adam and I are both getting anxious to meet our little baby D
and just don't know what to expect on this crazy journey.
I can't believe how fast time has gone..
These have been in all honestly like the fastest 9 months of my life. 

*not doing my cute survey this week as I pretty much just updated you on what's important..


Life in the Making: 36 Weeks..

36 Weeks Pregnant with my little babe

This week (well maybe last few weeks)
have really started to set in that I could be having
this little man anytime now. 
I have started to realize that I need to start
figuring out the type of parents we are going to be
and reading up on informative books about
parenting! Like.. we are having a kid people! 

This week has also been getting really tough.
I had an emotional break down on Sunday..
I just am feeling so large and so low..
I think in the last little bit he's dropped some 
because I feel a lot more pressure and have a lot
harder time sitting .. modestly? haha.. I just can't deal.
I really don't know if I can make it 4 more weeks like this. 
I am just realizing how much your body goes through in the last 
few months and it's quite a killer. 

I had my doctor appointment this week at
36 weeks & 5 days.
I am not dilated really at all she said..but she did
say maybe I've thinned a little..
And baby's head is still down so that is good.
I'm getting anxious and do not want to have to go over
my due date.. how depressing would that be!
Everything at the appt looked good though 
it was actually a really really fast appt
She couldn't believe that people were asking if I was
having twins or triplets! 
She said that I was measuring just a week ahead, 
about 38 weeks.. but I wasn't measuring ginormous! 
I did tell her I'm getting VERY uncomfortable.
I really have a hard time sitting, standing, sleeping for long periods.
I am trying to do everything that I need to before baby comes
like school work and other last minute baby preparations
but it sure is hard to do anything for a long time.

My swelling is still the same as it's been. 
Ankles get pretty bad if I do not wear compression socks or keep
them elevated off and on all day. 
My feet and back hurt at the end of the day almost no matter what.
Adam unfortunately has to be around me late at night and 
I get so grumpy and uncomfortable later at night.
I think just because I work all day and come up and then by like 9 or 10 
I'm just in a grumpy mood and all my aches 
and pains are in full mode! 
I literally dread the nights and even sleep..
I have such a hard time getting into a comfortable position. 
I think I'm experiencing the sciatic nerve pain.
My right thigh has been numb after periods of standing
for about the last 3 months. 
This pain is a little different. I almost feel like it hurts so bad
it kind of paralyzes me until I sit down.
It runs up my butt in to lower lower back on my right side.

Besides these typical aches and pains 
pregnancy is still great.
I have no major complaints and feel so lucky
that I'm healthy and baby boy is healthy. 
I am so glad I haven't had to be put on bed rest or 
undergo anything major. 
I really can't believe we are getting down to almost 3 weeks! 
its seems crazy how fast its gone.
I can kind of picture our little guy and 
can put myself into a mom role..but 
I just am getting excited to finally meet him..

My family has been very cute to! 
My brother is gone a lot of weekends this month and he keeps telling me
that I need to have him on a week day and 
it makes me feel good that he wants to be a part of 
all this stuff! 
I secretly hope that he will be able to be around when
I go into labor! :) 
Our parents are both very excited for us
and our other siblings as well. 
Now we just get to play the waiting game! 

Date: March 31, 2014
How far along? 
36 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: ugh worst question ever.
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? oh yes. :( And I think I'm getting more! Adam and I are noticing more on my hips.. my poor middle section just looks tore up.
Sleep: Honestly I kind of dread it because I can't ever get comfy or it just takes awhile.. And I am up like every two hours for the bathroom..but when I do get it it's wonderful! Especially if I get a little extra sleep on Saturdays.
Best moment this week: Hearing baby boy's heart beat at my appt this week.. And washing some of his little itty bitty cute clothes :) And Adam feeling lots of wiggles and stretches from the baby.
Have you told family and friends: Yes
Miss anything? Yeeess.... Like bending over, moving, getting anything done, sleeping.. haha I am uncomfortable!
Movement: yeah! I will see my belly rolling around here and there and that's fun to see him moving now and feel it. I love when Adam feels it and talks to him.. melts my heart.
Food cravings: Still enjoying cold things, like an Icee.. yum! but only blue raspberry..
Anything making you queasy or sick: No. I've been so lucky about that.
Other pregnancy symptoms: I've noticed lots more pelvic pressure.. When I stand up it takes me a second to just move. . He is sitting so incredibly low it's insane. My left knee has been hurting a lot too. I think just trying to carry this extra weight.. 
Have you started to show yet: 
Gender prediction: Boy!
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks and lower pressure.
Belly button in or out?  In but so squished I can't even look at it.. it looks so weird.
Wedding ring on or off? Off :(
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy for the most part.. still getting my bouts of anxiety or stress! And I am getting grumpy at night..
How’s hubby doing??He's awesome. He always checks on me to make sure I'm feeling good.. he'll give me rub downs when I need them.. He loves to put his hand on my belly at night when we are getting into bed.. and just feel his son move.
Baby preparations: finished washing and putting away most of his clothes.. I wanted to go through and make sure I had everything that he got washed. Hospital bag final preparations and postpartum stuff too.
Looking forward to: spending this weekend in Pine Valley. I am hoping I can just sit and relax the whole weekend - and I'm looking forward to getting assignments done for school! :)