Happy 10 Years Grandma..

10 years ago on December 7, 2001 my beautiful Grandmother received a remarkable gift..
a new heart

We are forever grateful for this wonderful gift and second chance at life that she was given. I couldn't imagine my life without her, and especially without having her around for these last 10 years of celebrations, birthtdays, weddings, trips etc.

I am a little slow on my blogging.. I have been quite busy with all of the great holiday festivities! BUT we had a wonderful "Heart" party for her on December 10th at my Aunt Amy's house. All of the kids & grandkids showed up a little early so we could suprise her with the party! She was surprised and we had a great night filled with lots of laughs, as usual! We played Operation, pin the 'heart' on Grandma, a heart-marshmallow-dart game, a little getting to grandma game and then we ate heart shaped pizza and cakes. We also gave my grandma a beautiful 'open heart' necklace and then Adam & I put together a really cool slideshow/movie of the last 10 years for my Grandma. My cousins and Aunt all collected a bunch of pictures and we were able to put together a great slideshow of everything she has got to be involved in in the last 10 years! It turned out great and she was extremely happy we all put together such a fun night!

I love love my grandma.. and am so glad she is here with us! :) I took a lot of pictures that night but they are on my mom's camera.. I did however take some pictures with my phone, so here are those! :) Such a fun night!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

It's my favorite time of year again! I'm so excited for Christmas this year.. I was able to get all of our decorations out a few days after Thanksgiving.. I tried to do it possibly the day or two before Thanksgiving, but Adam wasn't too thrilled with that idea! Oh well our house is all set for the holidays!

I thought I would do a quick re-cap on the last week or so of a few festivities! Last weekend was such a great weekend. I had a really fun night with some friends on Friday night and then on Saturday I had a good friend's bridal shower and that night I went to the Dickens Festival with my fam. I freakin love that place! We had a lot of fun walking around, and I got a couple of cute things and delicious treats. We also saw the 'Sister Wives' there from that TLC show. I've only watched it like once, but I knew they looked familiar and my parents have watched it a few times.. so I thought that was freakin cool..i mean they are on TV, ha. My mom stopped one of them and told her that we like her show, and she said real quietly 'thank you' and then my mom just asked if they were up hanging out in St. George (they live in Vegas now) and she said 'yeah just for this Dickens Festival'.. how random right?? (but kind of cool) .. anyway..That was a really fun night and then on Sunday we went to my parents house after church and hung out and watched a movie. I was really sad to see the weekend end.. but I am very excited for this weekend because my grandparents just got into town from Colorado-and we are celebrating my Grandma's 10th anniversary from her heart transplant! :)

Must-Do's this holiday season:
- Go look at Christmas lights, hot chocolate a must-
-Go to Tuachan -Festival of Lights
-Watch Home Alone 1 & 2 and the Santa Clause , and all the other great Christmas movies
-Make Muddy Buddies, Sugar Cookies and other delicious Christmas goodies
-Get Christmas shopping done asap :)
-12 Days of Christmas to Adam
-Kony Coins for Kids Shopping
See.. this list is not that big!
Here are a few pictures of our tree, my mom's beautiful tree I helped with, and this cute little dog..