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Pinterest! I am OBSESSED with this website as is everyone that uses it! If you are not signed up yet to get on here you need to do so asap!
A few things I want to make now!

Hydrangea Wreath DIY - Seems easy enough for me!

I am hoping to make these on Labor Day.

Perfect treat for fall!
I am finding the coolest things on this website, I haven't really tried anything yet, but I hope to soon! I am so ready for fall to be here! I have found cute house decorations and I am ready to go get some yummy fall smells for the house!

Also on my current obsession list is this beautiful comforter set!

oh I want it! Right now I have a red comforter and black furniture and drapes. I want to get rid of the red and just have black and cream! I am so ready to re-do our bedroom! Anyway.. I am saving my money for this beauty haha :)

As I mentioned awhile ago in one of my posts my parents sold their house in Diamond and decided to build a home in town. Their house is coming along so well. They are hoping to be moved in the end of September! I can't believe how fast it's flown by. It is going to be absolutley beautiful and elegant in so many ways! My mom has been accumulating amazing furniture and decorative pieces that go with it's Tuscany theme! I can't wait to post pictures. Yes I am jealous that I'm not still living with them and get to enjoy it every day, but oh well we can house sit for them whenever they leave! :)
Aren't you so glad it's Friday!?! I am ready for a nice weekend with Adam, family & friends! I get to see my prego friend tomorrow for her baby shower! It's a much awaited party cause I haven't seen her in like 2 months! yay! She is going to be a new mama very very soon!

hope everyone has a great last weekend of August!


eventful weekend..

Another weekend down. I can't believe how fast August is flying by for me! And I feel like I have been slacking a little on my posting!
Well this last weekend was eventful stressful and fun!
Adam played in another tournament down in Vegas. It was Nationals! The boys did awesome! They ended up taking 1st and winning the championship; they didn't lose one game! :)
Since they didn't lose a game it made for a long day! I went down there around 11 and then they played till about 11-11:30 our time! We left to come home because we had to speak in church the next day! :(
One of our other friends were driving back home like us. We got a call from them a little ways out of Vegas on our way home, and by this time is was about 12 our time! They called and told us that their car was shaking really bad and they had pulled over and checked their time, they just didn' t have a flashlight so they couldn't exactly see what was going on. Well we found them, pulled off and got our flashlight out and their tire was starting to shred you could even see a little bit of the metal I guess. They have a little 3 yr old boy so we decided to have the baby and mom ride w/Adam & I and then the other boys drive their car really slow so we could at least try to make it to Mesquite. Unfortnately we ended up being about 2 or 3 miles outside of Mesquite when the tire blew, I think it blew? haha they just kind of swerved and then had to pull over.. not good! So we decided to take their little guy to our house so he could sleep since it was already about 1:30 our time! We got to our house and luckily got all comfy but they didn't get back into St. George until about 4 am! No bueno for speakin in church the very next afternoon.. Lucky for us we have 2 pm church so it kind of worked out!
Adam & I were asked me to speak a few weeks ago, (him=priesthood/me=relief society) so of course I started preparing for my talk this last week, and I thought Adam had as well. Hmm.. come about 12:30 or so he starts running around and writing his talk! silly boy!
Needless to say our talks went really really well! I was really happy we took up the time too. I was nervous being us 2 and a youth speaker that we would end the meeting really early but luckily that didn't happen! I ended up taking almost 15 minutes.. haha and Adam took 10 which ended us perfect! I'm so proud of my husband for doing such a great job and for saying yes to the challenge when I wanted to say no! :)
I am happy to have last week over with and to start a fresh new week! This weekend is one of my best friends baby showers, super excited to see you Liz! :) and then the following week is Labor Day and then I'm heading to Florida the middle of September! Excited for fall to come too! I really want to go buy yummy fall scents for my house!



Two weeks ago I went down to Vegas with my family. My parents decided to go down there and use one of their time shares so I decided to go down for a few days! I had planned to go down Saturday with my parents and then come back w/my dad Tuesday because Adam was scheduled to work that whole weekend.. I was kind of bummed he couldn't come! But right when I got down there he called me and said they had called him off work so suprise he was coming down! I was kind of feeling like the 5th wheel anyway because my sister brought her boyfriend Gabe!
We had a lot of fun down there as we normally do! We did lots of shopping and I got a ton of cute outfits for work! We also went and saw the Lion King on Saturday night! It was soo awesome! I absolutely loved the performance. We didn't have great seats but it was awesome to see how they did everything and all the cool costumes! Sunday we mostly just shopped and then went and saw Crazy Stupid Love - which was really cute :) On Monday we did some more shopping and layed by the pool for a bit. We then decided to walk down to The Cheesecake Factory at the Caesar's Palace. We were staying like right across from the Planet Hollywood - so it was a pretty lengthly walk, but so fun! We got to have a last delicious meal there before I had to go home and back to work :(
It was such a fun trip though with my family!
Here are just a few random pic's I took - I really didn't take that many!

he obviously can't take a decent picture with me!

and again...

These are in the Cosmopolitian Hotel; they are so cute!


Pioneer Weekend

Picture Overload for a minute from our fun weekend!

Fairview Parade 07/23

Nephew Jordan & Adam @ Parade

Derby at Fairview

Aunt Reon & mother in law @ the parade

Rodeo Night in Fairview

beautiful Manti temple

going to the derby!

Holden Family 2011

Adam w/his parents at the Salt Lake parade

Adam & his Dad

Salt Lake Parade

sweep motorcycle cops

coolest thing ever - President Monson

haha.. Montana feeling left out as we are leaving

Mother in law's birthday! :)


For the 24th weekend Adam's family in Fairview always does a bunch of fun stuff. We were finally able to make it this year so I was really happy! I've never been and haven't even met half the family that lives there! We left early on Friday and followed his brother and his family. When we got there we went to a delicious little burger joint and then went over to his cousin's house. We all hung out there and visted for awhile and then went to the rodeo that night. Adam's cousins and their kids, Trish & Tony and Adam & I went to the rodeo that night! Adam and I were a little bit late getting there so we didn't really catch that much of it but it was pretty fun! After the rodeo we went back to Adam's cousins' house and seriously laughed for at least an hour.. Saturday morning we went to the parade. For a small town it was a really cute and good parade! I was impressed and it went for awhile! :) That afternoon we just hung out and had lunch and a bbq with all the family. That night was the demolotion derby! I absolutely had so much fun! I wasn't expecting much going into it, but I seriously had a blast! All the family and cousins and everyone all sits together in the stands and his family even did a little raffle/bet thing, and that made it even more fun! It lasted a few hours and then right after that they had amazing fireworks. I loved how the lights go out and the whole place is pitch black and then the fireworks were awesome! I had so much fun w/Adam that night just hanging out and laughing constantly! Afterwards we again spent a couple of hours just laughing with his cousins, they are such a blast! Sunday morning we just relaxed and ended up meeting my parents in Provo so we could get Montana (they had been watching her). We then headed up to Bountiful to hang out w/his parents for a few days. I ended up not going back to work till Wednesday so it was a lot of fun to just relax and hang out w/them! I haven't been up there for  a year and half so it was needed! We went to the big SLC parade on Monday morning. I have never been so I was so excited to go! Adam's parents came with us and they had a blast. His mom loves parades! I didn't realize how long the parade goes for.. it was literally almost  2 1/2 hours! But the coolest part was definitley seeing the prophet, i had no idea he came through! That night we went and saw the movie 17 Miracles! Best movie ever. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend seeing it. Everyone in our family was crying, it was such a good story! Adam and my brother in law then lit fireworks off that night, they were pretty awesome! Tony ended up climbing a fence to potentially contain a small fire (he ended up hurting himself and the fire burned out within 2 seconds) it was hiliarious. I had such a fun weekend I didn't want to come home! I'm so happy I got to spend time w/Adam's family! :)
This last weekend we went down to Vegas for a softball tournament. We ended up staying down there because the tournament was  a really late one. We had fun though hanging out w/everyone even though it was scorching hot! This next weekend I am going down to Vegas again w/my family for a few days.. i can't wait!
sorry for the overload! I need to catch up more often :)