Life in the Making: 31 Weeks..

31 Weeks 

I cannot wait to meet this little guy.
I am already so obsessed with him.
I see pictures of newborn babies and will literally stare at them
for a good while, and just image what our baby will look like

Today at work I felt some fun movement. 
I don't feel it like crazy because of the placement of my placenta
but I leaned back in my chair and felt a distinct 
'roll like' feeling across the top part of my belly button
and it was really hard there for a minute.
I wanted to press a little and see if I could get a response from him
he decided to be quiet after that. 
But I just love feeling these movements
and every day I am thinking about it and waiting.
A part of me just can't wait to meet him and soak up all his cuteness
and the other part of me doesn't want this experience to end.
I want to be able to feel him moving forever and feel this sense of
correctness, which I don't know if that makes sense or not. 
I guess I am not saying I want to be pregnant forever
but I really do want to cherish this time and sometimes I don't want it to end.

We had my 31 week check up this week.
Everything checked out fine. 
He is measuring a week ahead but my doctor said that is  quite
normal and nothing to worry about.
We aren't changing my due date or anything like that.
She said some ladies measure up to 3 weeks ahead but they 
still don't change anything. 

This week has been rough on my body a little bit.
I'm noticing more that I am incredibly slow
and my feet and back hurt so bad after a long day of doing stuff. 
I don't notice so much at work because I'm mostly sitting
but on the weekends even just a Saturday of cleaning
and a few errands makes me feel completely exhausted
and really unable to walk..
I am terribly sore and feel like I can't do much. 
It's really a weird feeling for me because I'm so used to being able
to run errands and shop and do all of those things around the house
but it really does kind of paralyze me. 
My belly sure feels like it's growing or has grown.
I have incredibly horrible stretch marks that I absolutely despise.
I will NEVER let anyone see my bare belly but my hubby..
and of course medical professionals that must.. :) 

I haven't had any weird cravings this week. 
I continue to eat about the same. .
Although I don't know if I mentioned that I love Doritos
and I have wanted them almost everyday for lunch during this pregnancy
That is probably a craving huh?

I am going to go purchase a little nifty maternity support belt 
because my dang babe is sitting low and every time I stand for more
than maybe like 10-15 minutes he pinches some nerves and both
my legs go numb! 
So my doctor recommended me going to get this belt for some support.
I am excited to try it on and my belly is feeling super heavy anyway.

Yesterday I had the coolest experience. 
This little guy must have done a big somersault or roll like movement
I was leaning back on the couch and had both my hands placed
on my belly just relaxing
when all of the sudden I felt this huge movement from one end of my belly
to the other end in a swift motion almost like a wave across my belly.
It was one of the coolest things ever.
I have been pretty infatuated with feeling him move around and 
getting the hiccups. 
haha.. Yes he had the hiccups like 3 times now that I've noticed.
They are distinct little movements every few seconds like a little spasm
I hate the hiccups so I do feel bad for him though..
but it sure is fun to feel those! 

well I will be posting again soon.. since tomorrow I am 32 weeks already.
I also have a few nursery updates to post about! 


Life in the Making: 30 Weeks

Well we are in the 30's people! 
30 weeks pregnant!! 
10 weeks (or less) to go!

I seem to be off a week since this week I am actually
31 weeks but am posting about 30 weeks.. ha oh well. 

I am getting anxious, nervous, excited, nervous
overwhelmed, happy, nervous.. 
hahah.. Those are my emotions from day to day. 
I have no idea what to expect with my body in these next several weeks
or do I know what to expect when I actually go into labor
and have to take care of another human being.

Sometimes I am thinking 
'Oh my gosh I can't wait to meet him, I just want to dress him cute 
and snuggle up all the baby cuteness'
Other times I'm thinking..
'How is this all going to work out? ..school, work, baby, husband..'
And of course.. 
'Am I seriously going to be able to deliver my baby?'
Legitimate thoughts that go on in my head. 

This week has been pretty uneventful compared to last week..
so that is a good thing. 
We have our 31 week check up this Friday so hopefully everything
checks out great.

We finally ordered a crib and got that in the mail this week.
Adam and our good friend Ladd set that up for us. 
It's cute I am glad I chose a white crib! 
I think it looks awesome against the dark navy wall. 

I had to capture some moments of the 'setting up the crib' process.
I am excited to have my shower and then be able to really
start organizing and seeing what we NEED.
I did order a dresser too so that should be here soon
and we can start getting everything put together.
I really can't believe I don't have very many weeks left
and I really have to start cherishing my time left
and getting seriously prepped for whats to come.

I tried signing Adam and I up for a child birth class but he had to work
all day February 15th which was a Saturday
so I am kind of hoping we can get a different class in soon.
I really do want to take a class even though I'll be begging for my epidural. 

I also got a terribly bad cold this week which really put me down
for like 3 days! It was miserable and right over Valentines day. 
I am feeling much better today so that is good.
Hoping I can go all of pregnancy without any more sickness. 
I've gotten a bad cold twice now being pregnant and I do not recommend it.
I haven't had much of an appetite lately.
I am not sure why usually I'm hungry all the time.
Maybe he just decided to not go through a crazy growth spurt 
or something and make me gain 20lbs in a week, who knows. 
Luckily I've been able to keep my wedding ring on
I am secretly hoping i'll be able to leave it on through out the whole
pregnancy but we will have to wait and see.
It is snug on there for sure. 

One thing in particular I did kind of crave this week was 
this Cabbage Salad with ramen noodles my mom makes
I called her one day saying I had a pregnancy request..
She made the delicious salad, I've already eaten it so I'm hoping
she'll make some more for me! 

Well other than those few things I'm still moving right along
and getting more and more excited to meet
baby Holden. 

Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2014
How far along? 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: oh like 25lbs already. :(

Maternity clothes? Yes, duh.

Stretch marks? yeah unfortunately my stomach has not survived going without stretch marks.

Sleep: not so great lately. I am trying to get comfortable from going from side to side and then if I'm awake I kind of have this mind-racing thing.. I just feel more anxious I guess. 

Best moment this week: Just feeling him move around more and then getting our crib set up! :) 

Have you told family and friends: Yes 

Miss anything? being able to do household chores and not feel tired and sore after 1/2 hour. . I seriously can't do much without feeling so sore and hot after awhile. 

Movement: Yeah! My placenta is on top of my uterus though, so I guess lucky for me that he does not jab and kick me so hard that I feel everything little thing. But we have been feeling a lot more movement lately than ever before and I love it. I don't think I'll ever get sick of the movements. 

Food cravings: Nothing specific. . just more hungry. although I did want this Cabbage Salad.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No thank goodness! 

Other pregnancy symptoms: Swollen ankles & feet every day usually, thicker hair (bonus), sore back after just a little while of standing, numb right leg and then numb left leg while standing too long (siatic nerve i think), at the point where Adam has to help me out of the car by like pushing me from behind or grabbing by the hands, haha. . i'm sure its awesome to see. 

Have you started to show yet: haha, yes! 

Gender prediction: Boy! Definitely a boy at our last ultrasound. 

Labor signs: no nothing yet. 

Belly button in or out?  in.. but so stretched it looks disgusting. 

Wedding ring on or off? On 

Happy or moody most of the time: I think happy most of the time! I do have a lot of different emotions though.. a lot of anxious feeling for the upcoming weeks but I think all around I'm excited and happy. 

How’s hubby doing?? He's doing pretty awesome. Loves to try and feel him kick and this week he put up the crib. he is always wanting to make sure we are getting everything ready. He makes sure I have ordered our dresser crib and everything.. which I like. He is in preparation mode! 

Baby preparations: Needing to still pack my hospital bag.. I did go to Target a got a few essentials to put in it. . Already pre-registered at the hospital, so that's good. And Adam put our crib up this week! We finally ordered that! 

Looking forward to: My baby shower next weekend.. I am so excited for that. I am also excited to start organizing all my baby things. 


Life in the Making: 29 Weeks

Well here I am at 29 weeks..

Its shocking to me that I may only be doing like 10 more
"Life in the Making" posts
which just seems absolutely nuts!

This week a lot has been going on. .

I had my 28th week check up last Monday
and I also had my glucose test to check for 
gestational diabetes. 
I was really nervous about the test but figured I would probably be 
just fine as I try to eat different things not just consume 
over loads of sugar! 
ha! Wrong.. 
I tested the morning after the Superbowl.. which my parents
always throw a huge Superbowl party with lots of delicious
food, treats and more junk..
I let myself enjoy that and maybe that didn't help my
blood sugar levels Monday morning, who knows.
I was at 147 needed to be 140! 
I was SO bummed out. I was just pissed. 
I did not want to take the long, intense 3 hour tolerance test. 
But I had to.
So I got the information to get that done and then my 
doctor also asked me more about his movements.
I don't feel him like crazy all day every day... I still feel little flutters
and once in awhile more distinct movements if I'm in the right position. 
So she suggested we schedule an Ultrasound. 
I was obviously over joyed at the thought of seeing 
our little man again but I was also nervous
and hoping he'd look perfect in there. 
Luckily, Adam was able to get off work and come with me for the ultrasound.
We had a different tech than we had at my 20 week appt
and she was seriously amazing compared to the hag
we had to deal with the first time around. 
She was very informative and friendly.
She also showed us all the details and all his little parts.
We also got cute pictures and some 3D images..
which are just amazing. 
I can't believe we made this incredible little human that
is thriving and growing inside of me! 
It's truly a miracle. 
I can't stop staring at his pictures and can't wait to meet him! 
I was so glad the Ultrasound came back positive
I am excited to hear what my doctor will say next week when
we meet with her. 
This little babe was already measuring at 3 lbs! 
I can't believe 3lbs already.. 
She also said she could tell he was taking a few breaths on 
his own in there and was also making some sucking motions
which she said was great. 
He also was being a little kicker in there..
We were watching him and she showed us how
she had the ultrasound tool and would be pressing on him 
and he would kick back! 
It was crazy to see these two feet kick back at her and
respond to her. 
I loved it. 

The next morning I decided to take my Glucose Tolerance Test
at the Instacare at River Road. 
For this test you had to fast so I did not eat anything
after like 10 p.m. and did not get to each anything till all the testing was over.
It was the LONGEST morning of my entire life..
I thought I may die a few times that morning 
but I survived :) 
I got there around 8:15 a.m that morning and was informed
I would be getting my blood drawn, as in not just a simple finger prick.
I was tricked.
I swear my doctor just said 3 finger pricks every 3 hours.. 
not full blown needle in arm draw so much blood..
and I had to do that 4 times, not 3! 
I had to get my blood drawn initially and 
then drawn every hour for 3 hours. 
So it's really a 4 hour test with 4 times of blood drawing.
I was not a happy gal.
But the cute little girl that came to get me and draw my blood
was so pleasant, cute and so nice to me. 
She made the experience bearable because she was also 
really good at her job. 
I brought some school work and my ipad so I could sit around there
and do some work. 
Yeah, you can't leave for those 4 hours.
After my initial blood draw came back good I 
was given the go ahead to drink my sugary disgusting beverage. 
 I got the orange flavor and just tried to guzzle. We have to drink it
within 5 minutes I know I did it a lot faster.
It wasn't good..
So then I got to sit there for 4 hours.
She came to get me for my second draw and I felt fine..
Right after I really started to feel sick and light headed.
I think the starving part was the hardest for me.
I didn't feel well because I was so hungry. 
Luckily I could go walk around in the larger waiting areas and
use the bathroom and drink water..
My mom came to see me too while I was there waiting
and that made everything feel better. 
I ended up having to get pricked 5 times because one of my veins
decided to not work after she got the needle in there. 
I  really had had it and felt sore and starved.
I was also really nervous that I could have diabetes
and I really did not want to have any complications or problems going forward.
Adam was a saint and text my mom to ask her if she could bring
me a Cafe Rio salad for lunch since he couldn't.
I ate that thing so fast, it never tasted so good. 
I called my doctor's office around 4 that day to get my results.
I was so nervous! 
But, luckily the nurse said oh you are way negative
and your blood levels look perfect, so you are good to go! 
I was so relived.. then a little mad I had to do that long test anyway! 
But glad to hear that me and baby are doing well so far
and I can enjoy an ice cream here and there :) 

After that test I was so relieved that everything for both 
me and my little man were good.
It's just a relief when everything is going smoothly
and happening as it should. 
I've been so blessed this pregnancy. 
I'm so thankful! 

One of the most special things happen on Friday night. (February 7th)
I was laying on my left side to get comfy and go to sleep.
Adam was laying next to me watching T.V. 
I really felt him active in there all the sudden and I
thought okay if I feel him more than once I will 
make Adam move and put his hand there to feel the movement.

After I could feel about 2 distinct kicks on the outside
with my hand on my belly I told Adam to be patient 
but come put your hand right here on my belly. 
I was still laying on my left side, so his hand was placed
just on the right side of my stomach. 
Within just a few seconds we felt a huge kick followed by another kick.
Adam quickly pulled his hand back and was like
'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh that was crazy!'
He did say it was kind of creepy and alien like too.. but oh well :) 
Then he placed his hand on my belly again and kind of probed
at our little babe to see if we could get a good reaction out of him.
It was the funniest thing because right when Adam kind of
poked at my belly we felt another kick! 
It was such a special and crazy moment for both of us.
I had been dying to have him feel kicks on the outside
and I was so looking forward to that.
Hopefully Adam will get the chance to feel him a lot more
these next few weeks. 
There really is nothing like noticing the incredible 
miracle that is happening right in front of us!