Life in the Making: 20 Weeks..

Well I am officially half way through this pregnancy! 
Is that even possible? 
I don't think so..

So at 20 weeks my little babe is the size of a Banana! 
Weighing in at 10.2 ounces and measuring 6.5 inches long! 
Babe has developed taste buds and is gulping down amniotic fluid each day.

I have been loving being pregnant quite frankly.
Everything has been going so smoothly for me.. so far. 
Everyone asks me still how I am feeling.. and it's pretty much always the same.
I know this will change as I grow and get much larger..
I am feeling large though! Can no longer button ANY pre-prego pants!
Work pants are still doable with my favorite little hair tie.. thank goodness.
Is it weird that I am actually excited to get a bigger belly? 
I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

This week one craving I've had and would still like to have more of
as I am writing this is Funyuns Chips.. yum.
Besides my undeniable continuation of wanting sweets, not much else has changed.
Although as I read today, baby will acquire tastes to what I'm eating..
I feel I should definitely start eating more fruits and veggies.. 
Wish I had a craving for those! 
I love go squeeze (the to-go applesauce) 
and chocolate pudding cups! Those are my frequent every day eats.
Hey, I told Adam it says its calcium amount is equal to an 8 oz
glass of milk! Since I hate milk I feel like I'm making up for it! 
I also love cereal! I never disliked cereal before
but being pregnant I want it a lot more! 

Another unfortunate symptom, and  maybe TMI but I'm still sharing..
is the lovely increase of vaginal discharge! 
And don't worry I make sure I talk about it to Adam 
so he knows exactly what is going on.. he hates me talking about it
 but who cares.
This is pretty much like nothing I have experienced before.
And none of my friends or mother ever talked about it
so there you have it, that's been real fun.
Also, due to this increase, which I guess means
all my membranes are softening etc.
My nose is stuffy almost every morning.. but doesn't last long

I think about two weeks ago I felt him move for the first time.
It was a little flutter but very distinct, not like my own stomach noises.
It was really low below my belly button and on my right side a bit.
It kind of startled me while I was at work and made me so happy! 
I think I also felt another flutter of movement a few nights ago.
I can't wait until I can feel these movements more! 
I keep saying that and everyone keeps telling me 
oh don't worry you definitely will! 
I know that but I still want to feel it now.. I'm impatient! 

I've noticed that my feet hurt after a day of a lot of activity.
It's so weird, I don't know if it's just the extra lbs I'm carrying around or what
but my feet hurt, like I've been shopping in a mall all.day.long,
after a day of like cleaning a lot and running a  few errands.
I think it'll be time to make Adam give me foot rubs.

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago.. I loved it. I didn't eat as much as I thought
I would.. but was really satisfied with all the yummy food and desserts.
Luckily I am not sick during this holiday! 

I think I am up about 11-12 lbs so far.. not too excited about that
but would rather have the extra pounds than be deathly sick! 

At our 20 week appt everything looked great.
I had to get my iron checked, by them pricking my finger.
I was a 13, they want you above 11 so I was right on target.
And luckily my blood pressure and all the measurements
of the baby checked out perfectly. 
Our doctor said the ultra sound checked out perfectly
and he's measuring just right on track! 

I have started buying stuff for baby boy! 
We found some cute things at Old Navy during their Black Friday sale.
Adam and my dad picked out some things during the madness
and they are actually pretty cute.
Then I went to Gap with my mom and found the cutest little boy outfits.
We ended up purchasing a few in 3-6 month range. 
It's so hard to know how big this little guy will be though! 
I was born at 6lbs and Adam was born at 9lbs 
so we have a wide range of possibilities! 
For my own sake I am hoping he can come out a little small..
please oh please! 

We haven't started doing anything for the nursery yet.
We did kind of discuss our thoughts and possibilities 
so I am glad we are on the same page about
a 'theme' and so forth! 
Hopefully we will be able to get working on a few of those things
here in the next few months.

I am barley finished with my first semester of graduate school
and will have a nice month completely off! 
I am hoping we can get some things done during this time frame! 

Can't hardly wait already to hold this little baby boy! 


We Are Having A..

Baby BOY! 

We are so excited! 

We had our official ultrasound at 18 weeks 5 days. 
Adam's mom came down and stayed with us a few nights 
so she could be a part of the ultrasound.
We had the appt early Monday morning November 25th.
Both of the grandma's came along.
Our ultra sound tech was a bit of a hag and not friendly at all! 
I was so disappointed in her but we still got the results we wanted.

Baby boy cooperated for us and showed us his 'goods' 
so there was no denying he is a boy! 
I was pretty shocked that he was a boy for some
reason I had a very small intuition that it was a girl..
but nonetheless I am just as happy to be pregnant and getting
a beautiful baby either way! 
We got very cute profile pictures and a little picture of his foot! 
He had his hands up a lot by his cute little face
Adam and I think he was waving hello or giving us the 
'hang loose' sign! 
Either way.. it was completely adorable! 
We fell in love all over again just seeing him in there moving around

I had originally wanted to have a Gender Reveal party for Adam and I 
but he wasn't totally convinced by my idea.
He decided he wanted to find out together at the ultrasound
and then I could throw a party for family and friends.
I am not one to miss out on any party planning! 
So.. that night we had all of our family and friends over
at my parents house for our big reveal.
My mom was amazing and had cute decorations set up for 
boy or girl 
and got the black balloons with secret blue confetti in them for
all the family to pop! 
It was the perfect night and just how I had in visioned it in my head! 

We had everyone pop the balloons at the same time! 
And then everyone screamed and we got to show them
the cute ultrasound pictures! 


Life in the Making: Week 15, 16 17 & 18

Time is kind of just flying by for me! 
I keep telling myself I am going to post weekly updates for my self 
but I am seriously such a slacker and can't seem to find a free moment
but I am going to keep trying! 

So I am already on my 19th week of pregnancy! 
19 weeks.. 
I am really surprised at how fast time has gone by 
for me when I really think about it.
Although it also feels like I've been pregnant for awhile! 

So a little recap on my last few weeks of pregnancy..
Everything has been going super well for me. 
I still feel so lucky. 

On Friday November 15th we had the opportunity to get an ultra sound.
One of our good family friends is an ultra sound tech,
which he does for the heart. 
He offered to do an ultra sound for us whenever we wanted
 so we took  him up on his offer. 
I had both my parents, grandma, sister and her boyfriend
along with Randy & LaVonne and Adam in the room.
It was a little crowded and kind of overwhelming at first
but obviously so so worth it to see our little babe. 
It was AMAZING. Really there isn't anything like seeing
that little peanut doing flips somersaults and rolling around in there.
We got to meet it for the first time and it was just awesome.
With Randy we got to look at it for a really long time
and he was able to tell us what everything was..
which was great. 
Adam was kind of quiet afterwards and just seemed to really
take it all in, like wow there really is a baby in there.
I kind of felt the same way.. like what a miracle it is
and just how crazy that we are going to be parents. 
After that Randy was able to put all the little video images
on a disc for us which was great. 
We have a lot of little clips that are like mini videos
and I'll cherish those forever. 
I am hoping we will get some more shots soon! 

I am still feeling good. I am definitely more hungry 
especially in the morning time! 
I am still trying to eat relatively healthy but am not stressing over that.
I haven't had any weird cravings except for sweets! 
I really want to just skip the main meal and go straight 
for dessert.. but I don't .. don't worry :) 
I am in maternity clothes now for the most part. 
I can still pull off work pants and a most of my work shirts
and haven't gotten any maternity work pants yet. 
When it comes to jeans I am all about maternity jeans or leggings! :)
Around week 11-12 I felt like I did a little 'popping' out..
over the next few weeks I feel like I've relatively stayed the same
size but I like taking pictures to compare.
We haven't really bought anything for baby yet.
I did get a super soft gray minky blanket at the what women want expo
but we don't know the gender yet, so I had to keep everything neutral.
I also haven't wanted to really buy anything quite yet! 
I am definitely getting the bug to go shopping though! 
I am feeling a little larger in front for sure but I am 
really liking it because it's just more of a reminder 
that this is real! 
Adam has liked seeing my belly grow a little bit and 
seems way excited. I know in a few weeks he'll be able to feel the baby 
move on the outside and I can't wait for that moment! 
Speaking of movement..
I am pretty sure I felt this little babe move last week on
Wednesday November 20th! 
I was at work and I just got sat down on my chair
all the sudden I felt a weird little flutter on my lower stomach
and it felt weird.. not like gas or anything else :) 
I am pretty sure it was the baby! It was just weird..
I told my  mom and friend and they both decided that had to be the babe.

I haven't felt anything since then though! I am sad!
Hopefully soon I'll feel it moving! I can't wait for that! 

During my 16th week of pregnancy I went down to Phoenix for the Nascar
Race with my Dad, Adam, Brother and Linzi. 
It was a lot of fun but a quick trip. 
We left here Friday morning and then drove back home Sunday night.
We had amazing dinners, did lots of shopping on Saturday, saw a movie
and then experienced raceday in Phoenix. 
The seats were pretty good and Adam loved it.
He had never been and I hadn't been down there for years !
I have a few pictures from the race that I'll have to blog about later. 
That Sunday it was so hot in Phoenix. . I mean not 100
degrees hot but it was like 85 and I was wearing pants and toms.
By the end of the race day my feet and ankles were so swollen.
I was so uncomfortable.
I then had a 6 hour drive home and it didn't help that I was

swollen... Even the next few days the swelling didn't exactly go down fast.
It eventually did :) Just a fun part of heat and pregnancy. 

For the most part I am still loving being pregnant
and soaking up this time as much as I can. 

Here is my 15 week picture which was on Halloween! 

Week 16 picture..

We are really excited to find out gender! 
No intuition yet on what it is so we will be surprised! 
My ultra sound is really soon! I got it moved up so 
we actually get to do our official ultrasound at
18 weeks 5 days! 


Life in the Making..

I have been keeping a record of all these little 
pregnancy milestones and finally feel ready
and have a spare moment to start my blogging journal
of this amazing new adventure I have now encountered! 
I will try to post each week with a picture and an update
mostly for my records, so I apologize in advance
if these posts start to bore you to death.

I took my first 'belly shot' at 5 weeks.. 
a whole whopping 5 weeks pregnant here. 

And now 7 weeks pregnant here...no changes.. yet :) 

And my first picture with my little chalkboard update..
12 weeks very close to the end of my first trimester..
And not a good shot of the belly..even though there isn't much

My first trimester, which I am now out of it, was actually a breeze.
I always thoughts once I was pregnant that I would be deathly sick 
and miserable, but I guess that was the pessimistic in me. 
I know that I have been SO lucky as I have heard horror stories 
of other pregnant ladies.
I really haven't even been able to tell a huge difference in being 
pregnant versus not pregnant, which is weird.
I guess because I've been relatively symptom free..
The only big noticeable changes I experienced was bloating, I felt so bloated 
I thought I was gaining a  ton of weight. 
I felt a lot of 'period like cramping' at the beginning. 
I remember texting my friends to see if that was normal..
I also was a lot more hungry than usual. Whenever I wake up in the morning
I have to eat something usually right away as to 
avoid feeling those starving hunger pains. 
I remember the week before I found out I was pregnant I was so tired and 
I remember looking at the clock and it was 8:30 and I thought ..
well that's weird I usually go to be between 10-11..
So needless to say, tired, pure exhaustion has been a big
pregnancy symptom. I am tired most of the time and have to go to bed by 9,9:30-at the latest.
I've also been lucky in the skin department. 
Again I've read and heard stories that ladies break out terribly while pregnant.
I have again somehow.. and so far.. lucked out. 
I have actually had more clear skin than before I was pregnant..
how did I get so lucky? 
Anyway, I have been loving that as well. .

As far as weird pregnancy cravings.. I haven't really had anything crazy yet.
I do remember a distinct moment around like 7/8 weeks where I really wanted
french frys and fry sauce specifically. 
We went and got dinner at Five Guys and I ate way too many of those.
The next day I felt kind of sick and really bloated, so I have kind of stayed
away from the really greasy frys. 
The biggest change for me has been my not wanting diet soda.
I use to be the one to always run to grab a fountain drink
and I haven't had a soda in weeks. 
I decided to stop drinking it around 6 weeks because it made me feel
kind of gross and again more bloated. 
I also was craving water.. lots of water! 
I have had it about twice since then, and I don't think it's disgusting when
I drink it, but I also don't really want it.
Anyway.. water and vitamin water and juice.. I love! 
I also am always wanting sweets.. chocolate or ice cream suffice.
I am trying to limit myself though which is hard. 

We had told our families we were pregnant right away but 
I really wanted to keep it more of a secret from everyone else
until we reached the 2nd trimester. Adam on the other hand,
was having a difficult time keeping tight lipped. 
I had told him in the beginning we would announce it 
on facebook and to the rest of our family and friends once we
had our first doctor visit. (I was hoping to hear the heart beat that day)
Around 6 weeks pregnant we went to Pine Valley for Labor Day weekend.
My family hosted a big dinner with 3/4 of our closes family friends
that my parents do a lot with. 
That day my mom kept telling me she can't keep her mouth shut
and she was going to spill the beans. . Adam was the same way.
So a little ways into dinner, when I was discreetly talking to 
my other prego friend.. my mom blurts out,
'What are you talking about over there Amanda?'
putting the spotlight on me to announce my pregnancy..
I can't remember exactly how it went..
but basically everyone was told that night that I was pregnant..
a tiny 6 weeks pregnant. 
I did swear them all to secrecy for a few more weeks though..
and it all worked out well. 

We had our very first doctor appointment at week 8. 
We were really excited to go to the doctor and I was anxious just to 
have the pregnancy 'verified' by someone else.. if that makes sense? 
Unfortunately, at our doctor visit we didn't get to listen to the heartbeat  yet
our office said they usually do that at the 12 week appt when it's easier to catch.
I did have a very lengthy appt with my gynecologist. I hadn't quite chose my OB doctor yet.
I love my doctor and so my first two visits were with her.
She was extremely thorough with everything.
I had to take a lovely pee test for protein and sugar
and then get a pap smear, pelvic exam all that fun stuff.
I remember the doctor felt my uterus and said well you are definitely growing! 
That made me feel better. since I was already feeling huge.  
I did have to get  a blood test too.
I hate getting my blood drawn. Probably worse now since my little fainting episode
but all went well and I just looked at Adam the whole time, and was relaxed.
We got a butt load of information that first visit and it was a little overwhelming.
They gave me a bag of goodies and magazines and
a sheet of what medicine I can and can't take. 
The first visit was different than I had expected, since I went in to it 
thinking I would get to hear the heart beat and stuff.. but I am glad I got such 
a thorough examination and I looked healthy and normal. 

I have loved getting my weekly updates on the size and development of baby.
I downloaded the Bump app and Sprout app, which are great. 

At our 12 week appointment I was really anxious since this was the day
we would hear the heart beat, hopefully. I remember being
nervous just in hoping that it would have a healthy heart beat
and that there was a baby growing inside me! 
We invited my mom to come along with us since this is her first grandbaby
The appt was really simple and quick. We walked in and got situated in our room.
My doctor came right in and talked about all the things that were found
in my blood. She said I checked out great.. and didn't have anything weird pop up.
That's a relief! 
Then she got out a radio looking device.. and placed the cold thing on my belly.
Instantly we heard a strong and fast heart beat! 
It was seriously magical.. unlike anything I've heard before. 
Adam and I couldn't help but go crazy over this little heart beat..
Even my mom was pretty elated. 
I was amazed that some little living human was growing inside my belly.
That was weird but so special. We were very fortunate because we got 
a long listen to that beautiful noise and Adam even recorded a little bit
of it on his phone for us to send to family. 
That appointment was awesome.. that's it! 

I haven't had any major anxiety or felt really stressed out with this little one coming..
I of course get terrified thinking about the actual birth.. but I am going to enjoy 
not thinking about that while I still can.
I have been stressed about  the weight gain. 
I wasn't in ideal shape before pregnancy so I was nervous on the weight gain.
I have done well and only gained about 4-5lbs my first trimester. Which they say is normal. 
I am nervous how the rest of it will go but I also have a good friend 
who never could have children of her own.
She keeps things in perspective for me and tells me to enjoy this 
time in my life, for some never get to experience it..
And she said to enjoy the time when you do have an excuse to eat what you really want.
I am trying to keep her story in my mind so I don't get 
overwhelmed worrying about my weight. .
and can just enjoy this journey! 

Already so in love with this little babe and can't wait to meet him/her! 

Well like I said I am using this blog as my pregnancy journal 
sorry in advance for all the pregnancy related blog posts..
i'm hoping to keep very good track so I can look back at this one day! 


The Greatest Gift I've Ever Received..

Most of you out there already know that... WE ARE EXPECTING.. it's for real, 

We honestly couldn't be happier and feel more blessed. Blessed is definitely the word that comes to mind when I think about this whole pregnancy. Most of you probably don't know but Adam and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 1 year before I found out, actually almost exactly a year, as I stopped taking birth control in August 2012. There were a lot of ups and downs during those 12 months and 12 times of thinking we may not get pregnant for a really long time or maybe not ever.  I had watched several close friends of mine get pregnant quickly and deliver the cutest babies and a part of me was just happy and excited for them and the other part was worried and anxious if I'd ever be in their shoes. So to say I am beyond blessed and excited for this little gift from heaven is an understatement. I know there are a lot of people out there who can't have children at all or who do have to wait years and years before getting pregnant, so I am very thankful and not taking this experience for granted. 

We found out on a sunny Sunday on August 18th. . . . 

I had been keeping track of my cycles each month so this made it easier for me to obviously know when to get down for business. This month I had used an ovulation kit for the 2nd time. The first month it did indicate I was ovulating so that was awesome but we were still unsuccessful. This month I used it again hoping it would work. By Sunday that week I was getting a very strong impression/feeling that I was pregnant. I am not usually late and I let myself go about a week late before taking a pregnancy test. See, I had taken pregnancy tests before, due to my over-eager husband, even when I was only a day late if that. . therefore I did not want to take a pregnancy test only to get my hopes up. After a few days passed that I was 'late' which as a woman we kind of know our bodies usually and I'm very regular so I started to get that feeling but wasn't totally sure so just kind of went with it. I remember going to Pine Valley for that Friday and Saturday and completely forgetting to take anything up in case I needed it, and for some weird reason I had a calm feeling that I probably wouldn't, but this didn't stop me from thinking every minute through the weekend that my lovely period would eventually come. But it didn't. I had decided I was going to put off taking a pregnancy test until I was like 35-36 days and that way I knew I was very late. . For some reason on Sunday I came home from church and I just thought I should go ahead and take the test.. I was thinking of taking it without Adam knowing, and then possibly surprising him, but instead started talking to him about being late and he immediately wanted me to take a test. I had a few pregnancy tests in my cabinet so I broke one out and just did it. It was really nerve wracking and I was SO nervous. . I just kind of had a feeling I was pregnant.. We left it in the bathroom and I tried to be calm and go about my business for 3 minutes..When the time was I up I tried to just ask really calm for Adam and go look at it in the bathroom... Once I saw the plus sign meaning pregnant I was like 'uhh.. Adam, come here come here!!'.. and he came in and saw it and grabbed the door for some balance and said 'holy shit I'm going to be a Dad'.. hahah. we were surprised. The light purple stick in the picture was my first one, I wasn't totally convinced, so I decided to go buy 2 more at the store and those both said positive!! I also still couldn't believe it so I bought a few more and took like 6 total all saying positive. Adam kept making fun of me for wanting to take so many tests, but I was just so shocked. It really was setting in for Adam or I but we immediately wanted to tell our close family mostly our parents. I know once I did get pregnant I would tell my mom right away, I couldn't go through any of pregnancy without her knowing! Adam decided to give his parents a call and they were absolutely thrilled and thought we were just joking at first. Then we decided to think of some kind of a creative way to tell my family. We went to Barnes  & Noble and bought a Grandma book for my mom that we were going to give her and then decided to get some pacifiers and a card for my younger sister that said 'Will you hold on to these for the next 9 months for me?'.. We then headed over to their house still kind of flustered and in shock! 

Once we got to my parents we just wanted to hurry and tell them.. we couldn't really sit and hang out with this kind of news! Right away I took Taylor down stairs because I thought she might scream or something and I didn't want my parents to hear or see her. We gave her the little card with the binkys in it and she opened it up and was like.. 'What your pregnant!' It was so cool and she gave me a big hug! (I had some recordings but I think they were on Adams old phone that we gave away so I'm really sad). . Anyway we then went up stairs and thought we had to hurry and tell them. My parents were both in the kitchen and were getting some leftovers out.. Adam decided we should just set the book kind of in front of her instead of giving her an actual 'present' so we did and she couldn't really tell what it was and then I set my phone by her of the above pictures of all my positive pregnancy tests.. It took her a second to get it but once she did she screamed a little and said a few times 'you think you really are?' it was so funny and then she gave me a hug.. My dad was funny and was getting his plate of food and was kind of like oh cool.. typical guy! It was really special to be able to share this awesome moment with my mom and sister. Adam spilled the beans to my brother the next day at work and couldn't contain himself.. but we did go to dinner that night to Texas Roadhouse and met Linzi and Trev there. Before we started eating I sent Linzi a picture of the positive pregnancy tests.. and she text back like 'whaat!' it was funny. We then called Adam's family and Facetime with them and I held a little poster up saying 'Baby Holden due April 2014'.. They all were way happy! I was 4 weeks at that time.  We still can't really believe we've been given this gift!  It's definitely been a little whirlwind since. . .

I am due April 23, 2014.. And we really couldn't be happier! 

I think this little babe wanted to hang out in heaven with our Grandpa's for a little while 
before deciding to join our family! 


Colorado Trip in October

This past month I got the chance to go back to Colorado and visit both my Grandma's and the rest of my family. My mom asked me to go back with her a few days early so we could help my Grandma clean out her house a bit, so I was very excited when I got the chance! I flew on Tuesday with Linzi and Trevor who had work off and we were able to get some things done. As you can see below we kind of love Pink. 

My Grandma loves this ice cream, so we had a fun ice cream party one day while we were there. The first two days we were there without our husbands and my sister, we helped clean and my mom and I also went up to Denver and took my Grandma to one of her doctor visits. It wasn't anything way exciting or fun, but it was nice to spend some quality time with her. 

This picture I took outside of our hotel room, but you can't really tell but it snowed hard one morning while we were there. 

I was glad when this guy got into town.. He sure is special but I love him! We had a lot of fun shopping in hobby lobby! 

Once the rest of our family got into town we headed to my other Grandma's house and were helping her find a broken pipe. . which involved lots of digging and Adam getting into her tractor.. It was fun to be around the whole family! 

And we had lots of good laughs and poor Adam kind of squished in there.. but he did a good job digging! 

Whenever we are back in Colorado it involves a lot of traveling back and forth between the Grandma's houses since they live in the same town. Therefore, lunches, afternoons and dinners are all mixed around with each family. This is a picture I took of my Grandma's wedding dress, I just wanted a picture of the simplicity and tiny tiny wedding dress of my Grandma Shifflets. 

And this is my Grandparents on their wedding day, even though it's not the best picture, again I wanted it for my records. 

One fun night at my Grandma Shifflets my cousin Kipp came over and was having a major dance off. We were getting a kick out of it! 
He's actually pretty dang good, but the pictures don't even do it justice. 

My dad still loves to photo bomb all my pictures. . 

We rented an Escalade which was a lot of fun.. but as you can tell a little squished at times. 

We went and visited my Grandpa's grave sites while we were there. We haven't got to see them both done and so that was nice. It also makes it easy for our family because they are right by each other so that helps. It was kind of weird not having them around but I don't think that'll ever get easy. I miss them both so much! I know they are in heaven watching down on me and my little family! 

Lunch at Taco Casa with the Meserve clan
Just a random picture of my Grandma's backyard, just wanted a picture. I have a lot of memories running around back here and seeing my grandpa on the porch

The last night we were in town we went to dinner with my Uncle Jim, Aunt Vickie and their sons. It was fun and we ate at a great hamburger place!  Our cousin Myles has a sweet baby girl Maci.. Good thing Trev and Linzi aren't planning on having kids soon.. haha.

After dinner we went and grabbed frozen yogurt and then headed to Myles' house for some games.. it was so fun! 

And as you can see.. we were all quite exhausted! 

The trip was a really fun trip and it was so nice to have the whole family around to spend time with our family in Colorado. I wish they all lived closer! The next day we left bright and early for our flight out of Denver. I liked flying instead of driving.. the drive is 12 hours and I was certainly glad for options of flying instead of driving! 
Some memorable things from this trip.. I got to spend some time going through my Grandma Shifflets jewelry and I got to pick out a few rings that I love.. 
At my Grandma Meserve's we went through a  binder that she is putting together of all my dad's experiences and then a lot of family history, such as marriage certificates, death birth etc. it was really cool! 
We also got to hit up all the good 'eat spots' and were happy to get everything in that we wanted to! 

I really enjoy going back there and hopefully can go back plenty of times as I get older!