Birthday Boy..

Last Monday the 12th of June was Adam's 26th Birthday.. yes two.six.. we are getting old! 

We kind of celebrated Adam's birthday over the course of a weekend. His parents from Salt Lake came into town on Friday to stay with us (which in our 3 1/2 years of marriage, they never have) so it was really fun! On Saturday his Dad made us a delicious breakfast, and we went out to this really cute antique shop in Santa Clara and his mom bought me the prettiest candlesticks ever that match our house perfectly. Afterwards we went to Five Guys to take his parents there because we love that place! They have really good hamburgers and fries. We then went over to catch the movie the Avengers. Adam didn't love the movie, but I thought it was pretty good! That night we planned a dinner with both of our families which Adam chose La Frontera. It was yummy and we enjoyed the time with both of our parents and my sister! 

Later that night we went up to my parents house for cake and ice cream. We are currently still under some remodeling with our floors so we have no table in our house yet.. post to come soon about that mess.. but anyway I got Adam a really cute cake at Harmons with the baseball theme! :) haha.. he loved it! 

Since we basically celebrated his birthday with his family on Saturday night we didn't do a whole lot for his actual birthday on Monday. Lucky for Adam he had the day off, but I was stuck working all day. He had to go get his license renewed... yep, getting up there in age, so that wasn't very fun. But that night my family stopped by to give him their gifts and say hi, and then it was off to Monday night softball in St. George. I guess for Adam's birthday it suited him well being with his friends, and playing softball .. definitely in his element.  

I know I say it every year but I can't believe that we've celebrated this many birthdays together already. It's weird to think this is the 6th birthday I've celebrated with him! And I can only hope there are at least 90 more to go! :) I love my hubby and am so grateful he's in my life...

Happy Birthday Adam! 


25th Birthday -yikes!

I know I'm so lame......so my birthday was last Saturday June 2nd.. 25th birthday to be exact and I can.not. believe it! I do feel old.. and I feel like I should have a lot more accomplished at age 25.. but oh well :) 

Lucky for me, my birthday happen to hit on a Saturday so I was blessed that family and friends weren't working! Adam surprised me first thing that morning with a delicious Perks beverage! 
Then we were off to my parents house because our house is under some re-modeling (post about that later) Adam was able to enjoy some pool time while I got myself ready. My mom made us some spa dates and I was beyond excited! I was in major need of a pedicure and I hadn't had a facial in forever, so I was ecstatic! The facial felt amazing and was so relaxing, the pedicure was of course great as well. We went to St. George Day Spa and the girls were so friendly! I was grateful that my mom had this awesome idea for my birthday. During our spa visit my grandma Betty called me.. She always sends a card and money on our birthdays but never calls, so I was really excited to talk to her. I don't get to see her enough or talk to her so I was really grateful she called me and thought of me on my day. She's the sweetest and it meant SO much to me that she called! 

After our spa day Adam wanted to take me shopping.. he says I'm way too picky to have him grab me something so it's a lot easier if we just go together and I get what I like. . which I guess is a smart idea :) Unfortunately this mall trip didn't make me happy and I found nothing I liked.. so off to get my cake at Cold Stone. Adam ordered me a delicious ice cream cake this year. Once we met back up at my parents we went to Pancho & Leftys for the bday dinner. I was really glad Linzi could come along too! 

Typical picture of us two.. Adam being a goof.

After dinner we headed once again to my parents to open presents, cake and all that fun! Some close friends stopped by too to say hi and give me a sweet gift! I always feel so loved on my birthday.. whether its phone calls, texts or lovely facebook posts - I just love all the handy ways now-days to say happy birthday! 

I really couldn't have asked for a better day.. All I wanted was to be with my family and close friends.. I have amazing friends, one that's so far away but yet knows me oh so well and got me the cutest gift ever! I also have such amazing family that seem to always know what I'm in need of or wanting at the time! :) Thanks to this guy for making me feel so special every day but especially my day of birth! 

Well.. quarter of a century old now.. Better start getting serious about life's big decisions huh!?

hmm.. maybe next year :) 


Memorial Weekend 2012

On Friday I got off work early at 4 p.m. and Adam, Tay and I headed up to Pine Valley. I was so excited for a nice relaxing and fun weekend in PV. Friday night we hung out inside and watched two movies. I was pretty bummed out because it was windy and really chilly up there Friday and Saturday. 

Saturday was a relaxing day inside. We did go for a nice walk and just played games, watched movies and then went to Branden Iron. It just opened this last weekend and it was really good! They also opened a cute little ice cream/fountain drink/candy shop next door that we are excited to try out! 

On Sunday we had another really lazy day and went for a pretty drive. I really wanted to go on a fun hike, but since it was so cold this weekend we couldn't so I'm definitely preparing for next weekend when I can! 

After 3 lazy days in Pine Valley I was really sad to leave and get back to regular daily life.. We did have a fun Memorial Day in St. George and went and saw What To Expect When Your Expecting - it was really cute and funny! I'm so grateful for the wonderful memorial weekends that we get to have and I'm so thankful for all the amazing people that have given us our freedoms! 

This dog was all tuckered out after her long weekend full of play haha..