Welcome Home Elder!

Well the day finally came! I thought this day would never come.. haha.. Elder Meserve is finally home after serving the Lord for 2 years in Tampa Florida.
I couldn't be happier or prouder! He flew into St. George on Saturday July 14th around 4 p.m. He had a really good turn out at the airport, I was impressed! Here are a few photos before of all of us freaking out and prepping ourselves! :)

Here we are at the airport watching his plane come in! SO excited! Sweet Linzi is so ready to see Trev!

And the final moment... My mom started to cry so of course, I started to cry soon after.. It was such a surreal feeling to see my brother walk up to all of us after 2 years of not getting any of his big bear hugs! It was THE Best!

 And there you have my picture overload!

After we left the airport we went right away to get Trev released. We were lucky and able to do it right after and in town. The whole experience was kind of hard. I have never experienced a 'release' of a missionary before and I felt so bad for what Trevor was going through and having to give up the title that he became so fond over for the last 2 years. Everyone got emotional and it was really hard to see my brother get upset over taking off his name tag. I don't think I'll forget that feeling. I was so proud of him at that point though for diving into the Lord's work and being such a great missionary! Our family is truly blessed because of his sacrifices. Afterwards we went up to my parents and Trevor had never seen their new house in person so he got a grand tour and then lots of family was over for dinner! It was a fun overwhelming night! The very next morning was his homecoming talk. It went SO well, he sounded so mature and grown up. Taylor also sang an intermediate hymn and did fantastic. After the talk everyone came to my parents house for a luncheon. It was a great day with lots and lots of family and friends! Adam & I were a little out of it the whole weekend due to our lack of sleep from the heat stroker which was conveninetly the same weeekend! :( but we survived and enjoyed every minute of having Trevor back! This week has been awesome and I've got to see him almost every day! I think he's adjusting really well.. my family and his sweet girlfriend Linz are definitley helping!
We are leaving for Hawaii on Thursday and that will be a lot of fun to have us all together and enjoy some much  needed 'sibling/family' time!


Recent Happenings..

Here are a few things we've been up too lately.. 

Tuachan - Seen Hairspray but want to see Aladdin more! Free tickets so we couldn't pass them up.. even though Adam looks like he's not enjoying himself, he is :) 

My weekend activity.. or at least it seems :) Las Vegas

Rough Life...

Pool Time on Saturdays in our hot hot town! 

One of our good friends had their precious baby boy in June.. and I love him! He's very content because he never cries when I hold him! 

My cute companion

The only 4th of July picture that I have, sad huh! 4th of July consisted of swimming, eating, the movies, swimming, shopping and watching Fireworks at my parents! 

These two are best friends.. 

Just our usual Sunday chats and dinners.. 

More Pool Time... Love It 

Well there's kind of an update on the Holden's! We've been keeping pretty busy with work and lots of family time! We are getting really excited since my brother will be home in 2 days.. 2 days can you freaking believe it?! I'm super anxious and excited to see him! He flies in on Saturday at 4:20 and I can't wait! Then exactly 2 weeks from today I will be off of work and on my way to Vegas to then be on my way to Hawaii with my family.. This month can't get much better! Unless maybe I won a million dollars, but other than that I'm so happy! :) The next time I plan to post will be ALL about Elder Meserve's return! YAY! 

New Wood Floors! YAY!

A few months ago we had decided we wanted new carpet and new floors for our house. When you have a dog they definitely wear out your floors/carpet a lot quicker, not to mention when you have an old roommate that brings a 6 week old puppy not trained.. yep, that'll get your floors! 
Anyway, we were set on ripping out our old carpet and then getting new carpet for our 3 bedrooms, and then getting wood floor for all of our living space, kitchen etc. Adam's good friend/sponsor owns a flooring business and was able to give us a reasonable deal on wood flooring and carpet. This was seriously one of the longest projects ever!! 

Adam decided to be proactive and help out by ripping out our carpets himself and that way when they came to do the floors it would save a little time for them. They first came back on June 2nd and did our carpets in our bedrooms.. I was SO happy that part was done. I think remodeling is a lot worse, 10X times worse than moving because you have no where to put all your junk.. Anyway they realized they didn't have enough of the wood we wanted to even come close to finishing up our living/dining/kitchen areas.. so we basically had to live with half a wood floor piece and just our tile for 3 weeks! It was a pain to have everything half done for that long amount of time. It was nice, however, to have my parents place to stay while they did our carpets and then did the rest of the wood. 

Just our luck that the wood they ordered would end up being discontinued..  so then we had to make a decision to go with a new wood floor color and look or go with the similar one but it would be back ordered a few weeks. We decided to go with a whole new wood. I actually love the wood we ended up with! It's not as 'gray' as the last one was and definitely looks like more real, natural wood. Even though this remodeling project took us 3 weeks and was hell to take everything out and put in back in order I am so glad we did it! The floors have been so easy to clean and look so much nicer and cozier! 
Here are a few before and after pictures! 

I'm so glad we did this change and I'm so happy with the wood! I'm just so glad it's finished and cleaned.. I think I had anxiety for about 3 weeks just with how bad everything looked and how dirty it got.. much better now though :) 

Fathers Day 2012

Oh man.. I'm behind again on my blogging! ..

Well I have a few recent happenings to document on.. A  few weeks ago was Fathers Day. Since Adam's Dad doesn't live close to us we mostly celebrate it with my parents. On Sunday morning my dad decided he wanted to go to Mesquite for a buffet brunch! We headed down in the morning and enjoyed a nice brunch with him! Afterwards I went back over to my parents house and hung out with my dad for the remainder of the day. It was a great Sunday and it's always fun to hang out with my dad! 

I have the best dad in the whole world.. but really I do :) I love him so much and cannot say enough nice and wonderful things about my dad! He's set such a great example for all the men in my life and for me :) 
Love you Dad! 

 I am usually getting picked on one way or another in my family! 

Hot RayBands that I want