Hospital Stay..

Since I had a C Section I was in the hospital for 
4 days.. technically more like 3 since I had 
Dax late Wednesday night and we went home Sunday morning.

I have to say it was actually pretty nice staying in the hospital those few
days with our precious new baby. 
We had numerous visitors, lots of love, busy days full of
admiring our new babe, and lots of family and friends sending
good wishes. 
We had great nurses that were seriously so nice
and understanding of our new journey into parenthood
and our overflowing of visitors and grandparents. 

Once we were in our recovery room the night Dax was born
Adam and I went to sleep.
It was after all like 2 :00 a.m. 
Dax got sent to the nursery because I was still in and out
of anesthesia and we were just plain tired. 
Adam stayed the night with me and slept on the uncomfortable
little chair in the corner of our room.
We both did not sleep well.
I was up every couple of hours 
I was in and out a lot and kept thinking to myself
I am mom, I have a baby that is waiting for me..
I have a baby! 
It was by far the most surreal feeling I've ever had.
I also already missed this little babe so badly
and I had just met him a few hours ago.
I couldn't wait to get him in a few hours..
So it was not a good night of sleep. 
I also couldn't eat anything yet. 

My first day in the hospital I was still very immobile.
I had my catheter and IV still in and was not feeling up
to getting around to walking, obviously. 
I also felt really good. 
The nurses kept asking me how I was feeling and if I needed
to take any percocet or ibprofen yet. 
I kept telling them I felt fine really and didn't want any percocet
but they did give me ibprofen to help with the swelling.
That first day the pain wasn't too bad.. 
because I still had some anesthesia in me.. 
Then it wore off..
and the hell of recovery began..
But back to the blissful first day.
I had Adam there with me when we first woke up so that
was good. I wasn't able to eat yet so i couldn't order breakfast
yet or anything. 
I was still on the liquid diet. 
That morning when they brought us Dax it was so unreal
This was our baby! 

I remember just admiring him and we took tons of pictures. 
It was just our little family. 
Then our parents obviously wanted to come right over.
I think both of our mom's got there pretty fast that morning.
I was overwhelmed with lots of congratulatory texts and messages. 
It was so wonderful. 
We really didn't even have time to watch TV or read books or anything.
I talked a lot to my family and our friends. 
That first day we had a slew of visitors. 
Obviously our parents were there and very present. 
We then had my Aunt Amy and Kelsey come visit 
They weren't there for too long but got to see us and meet Dax
Then my boss' wife and daughter, Michelle &Kendra came to visit.
It was so sweet of them! 
Then my president in the primary presidency with me
came for a quick visit and that was sweet.
My brother came by and Linzi and her brother Tanner.
Then my dear friend Kris came real quickly to see him.
It was a lot of visitors are first day! 

Honestly, it all is a blur unfortunately and I became incredibly tired that
night due to all the visiting and talking.
I remember wanting to go to bed at like 8:30 but didn't until 10 or 11. 
Adam didn't stay the night with me the rest of the time.
I was fine with it because I could get good rest
and he was really uncomfortable on the tiny chair in the 
corner and not to mention the nurses coming in 
every few hours to give me my medicine wasn't a good interruption. 

The next day was the hardest day for me. 
The anesthesia had completely worn off I had my IV's taken out
and my catheter out. 
I also just felt it all at once. 
I had to practice getting in and out of bed and getting
to a point where I could go to the bathroom. 
It hurt so bad. 
It was like a really really bad stinging feeling 
and I remember my right side was super painful 
which is where they tie the knot and close up the incision. 
Since I really couldn't do much, Adam was the one
changing Daxton's diaper and even feeding him the first little while.
I tried breastfeeding my first few days there to but
unfortunately Dax didn't latch well and he demanded more
than what I was producing for him so we were supplementing anyway.
I even had a lactation consultant come meet with me a few times
I had really wanted to give breastfeeding a try at least and was
honestly just surprised I could even breast feed so that was nice.
However, the bottle worked better for us! 

This day I was also able to eat normal food and I loved
the turkey cranberry sandwich they had.. 
It was also nice to get waited on for your every need..
like ice and water or cookies :)
I had great nurses this day too that were willing to help me
with everything.
My first attempt at going to the bathroom and all that fun stuff
was not good. I did not realize the intense pain that I would feel. 
I had no desire to get out of bed.. and had no idea the pain that 
C sections entail 

We still had my parents around a lot and Adam's mom. 
It was nice to have them by our side and help love on Dax.
We also had my doctor come in to check on me 
and the pediatrician for Dax. 
Friday was still as busy as the day before. 
We had a few more visitors and our parents around. 
I remember my dad coming and he would tell me to get up and get
moving and walking as to feel better.
I would do laps around the hospital. 
At first they were small and I would only do one
but then I got stronger and I could do a full 2 laps! 
My dad helped me and would be by my side
and Adam would be on the other side
while I pushed the cart with Dax in it. 
I didn't think I would ever be able to walk again
after this surgery though, haha. 
It was encouraging to have my Dad around. 
He pushed me every day I was in the hospital
to move move move! 
He would help hold my hand and make sure I had been
walking that day.
I always rolled my eyes at him or something
but I really did need him there and I was so happy
that someone cared for me so so much...
since I now knew what it felt like to love someone completely
and unconditionally. 

Saturday I was able to attempt a shower and felt better
afterwards, but it was really hard. Adam obviously had to help me
and wash my hair for me. It was really difficult doing those basic tasks.
That day our friends Kris and Ladd came by. 
It was great to see her and share this moment with her.
She took some close up photos of Daxton for me too
and also helped me pull up my lovely 'diaper' when I could not do it myself, ha.

Every night after our visitors and company we were exhausted.
I got my dinner or snacks for the night and Adam went home.
Saturday was my last night in the hospital as we were planning to leave Sunday.
It was important to get a good nights rest that night before the crazy
of home started for us. 

It was hard to be apart from Adam during the nights 
and send my sweet baby away to the nursery. 
I knew he was taken care of. The nursery was amazing
and the nurses knew exactly what to do with them.
I was so happy I never heard horrible screams or cries from Dax.
I did from other rooms, but he was just content and happy. 

There was one early morning that I will never forget with him! 
I think it was Thursday night into Friday morning or it could have been
Friday night into Saturday morning, not sure, anyway
I had sent him to the nursery for the night around 10 and Adam had left as well.
I had been getting good rest, but still getting some pain meds every few hours
Between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. a sweet nurse opened my door
and asked if I was awake and said I think this little guy needs his mommy.
They said he had been fussy and nothing was helping him. 
She handed him to me all bundled up in his little swaddle 
she soon left the room and it was just Dax and I. 
I had him on my left arm snuggled up to me and his eyes were
big looking up at me and just staring..
he looked content like 'this is what I wanted, thank you' 
I tried to soothe him by talking to him since I knew
he would recognize my voice..
It was just a 'moment' for us and one I'll never forget.
Him just staring up at me and me looking down at this teeny
life that now needs me and wants me. 
It was so great and makes me emotional just thinking about it. 


The next day on Sunday May 4th we were released from the hospital
It felt good and I was ready.
A few hours before I think I panicked a little bit thinking 
" I don't know if I'm ready to leave yet" 
"I'll stay in the hospital to get waited on and have 
helping hands all around me"

But then I got excited to bring home my new baby! 
That morning we went through all the fun check out procedures.
Adam was their first in the morning to help me
and then our parents came as well. 
I was able to get packed and felt relatively fine
as long as I had pain meds.
We had to watch a video on safe traveling with an infant
and read up on lots of materials. 
Dax and I both had to get checked out from our doctors and 
get the go ahead to go home. 
I wanted to get Dax changed into his 'going home' outfit 
and get a quick picture of him in his 'brand new' sign..
He screamed and screamed... not a fun time. 

Eventually I got him cute and we got all packed up.
I remember we left just before noon. 
They didn't wheel me out I had to walk - haha I remember thinking..
hmm this is a long walk out you know!? 
But I made it. It was so sunny outside and it felt so good to 
get that fresh air! 
I sat in the back seat with Dax and our parents 
followed us behind in their cars.
Adam drove incredibly safe.. and at one point turned on his hazard lights.
haha.. luckily we did not live far away. 

My mother in law had decorated our house cute with 
'new baby boy stuff'
She had a cute sign out front of our house with the
announcement of Dax. 

I was really grateful for this stuff, it meant a lot to me! 
I remember pulling up to our house and getting ready
to unload everything. it was just so unreal to be home
and now a family of 3!! 

As we got in Adam put the carseat down on our couch
and our dog Montana was kind of being crazy and trying to sniff all
around and we got a little picture of them meeting for the first time
Tana was not impressed. 

And then real life began.. 
with out precious little baby boy! 


It felt great to have so much support there with us through
my days in the hospital. 
Obviously I could easily soak up my time there since I did not
have another little babe needing my attention..
Adam and I quickly realized this would be the only time
where it was going to be easy in the hospital...
next go around we will have Dax with us and we will be 
worrying about someone else too! 

I could not have asked for better nurses.. 
I loved meeting them all and having them help me
even though I felt completely helpless.

I was so glad to be in St. George close to family and friends
and at a great hospital.

I am going to miss the turkey cranberry sandwiches.

I had one for almost all my meals.. 
I hate to admit that. 

I am going to miss the fun quiet moments Adam and I shared
as a little family of 3 for the first time. 
I will always cherish these memories..
even though it was in a small crunched hospital room

I loved watching people meet Dax for the first time
and love on his cuteness..

I loved hearing the nurses comment on how cute he is
and how big he is :) 

I'm so glad I had the support of Adam's mom and my parents.

I am so happy I was able to recover well
and start this crazy journey of motherhood.