Labor Day Weekend 2013

This Labor Day weekend was no different than the ones I've had in the past.
We headed up to Pine Valley on Friday afternoon and got to enjoy the 
cool weather and beauty of this valley! 

Our little dog is always quite excited to be going somewhere different
and jumps around the backseat of my car.. probably not the best idea but 
I can't really control her!  

(too bad I can't get this picture to flip) 

 Some beautiful views of Pine Valley.. 

The whole weekend it was really rainy so we mostly stayed indoors
and played Catch Phrase, Phase 10, Uno Attack and Golf. 
It was actually the perfect weather as the temperature was only in the 70's. 

On Saturday afternoon we had a big BBQ with lots of friends..
Nielson's, Condie's and Randall's all came over for a big meal
and to play a fun game of Catch Phrase. .

The game was a lot of fun but really intense with that many players.
It's always so much getting together with these families.. 
I consider most of them like Aunt's and Uncle's and always look forward to seeing them.

On Sunday we had a nice relaxing day at the cabin and then my mom and I
decided we should all go on a hike.
We found a nice trail along the Santa Clara River in the park, so we got everyone
ready and started off on the trail. 
It was beautiful! It was cloudy outside and was the perfect temperature
to enjoy the outdoors. 
My dad had turned around and decided to get the truck for us
and pick us up at the end. 
The hike itself I believe is like 2 miles or so, and we went a little further than that
because we weren't quite sure where the actual ending was. 
In our last stretch it started to pour and so we kind of tried to run fast to the truck.
It was a perfect ending though and we made some great memories in the forest! 

 It was a pretty perfect weekend. 
The rest of our Sunday was spent playing games and eating a delicious
Spaghetti dinner! Did I ever mention how good we eat when at the cabin?
It's amazing.. my dad always plans out great meals and my mom
makes or buys the best kind of desserts.. 
I always gain weight when eating in PV. 

My dad also got his golf cart kind of 'pimped' out so it'll go a little faster
and has a lift on it. It's pretty cool now! 
However, the battery had issues and Adam and I dyed right on the slope
coming up to the cabin and had to get pulled by my Dad... 
it was funny to witness.. 

 The rain all weekend was so relaxing and fun to watch.
There really is not a prettier or more relaxing place to be than in Pine Valley..

As you can see.. Tana is always passed out on our drive home.. just like a child..

I'm already greatly looking forward to General Conference up there soon!