General Conference Weekend in Pine Valley

I could get use to this view every morning. This April we 
decided to go up to Pine Valley again with my family
for conference weekend. It was a little colder than we would
have likes this year but it was beautiful nonetheless! 

We mostly played games, listened to conference, enjoyed the
sunshine and beautiful surroundings. 
It was a really quiet weekend with just my parents
Adam and I and my sister Taylor. 
It was even a bit too cold to ride the Razor around! 

Our dog is always in heaven when she is up there!

I loved all the conference talks this year and was really happy
when my husband and dad decided to go to the Priesthood
Session there at the Pine Valley chapel. 
There is just something special about my husband going off with
my dad for that special 'guy' night! 

That Sunday we had the privilege of having sweet baby Oakley
and her parents come hang out with us at the cabin.
I am in love with this little babe. 

The pictures of my parents holding this little angel just
melt my heart. It makes me very excited for the day that 
I give them grand babies and that warm feeling I will
have when they are holding my babes. 
I just love seeing them interact with Oakley! 

I am so happy that I've had the chance to be a part of
her life so far especially when I don't have kids of my 
own yet.. it's so fun to get some time with this sweet spirit! 
I am also dying to meet my best friends baby girl..
which I'm hoping will happen soon! :) 

Another Conference weekend down and now 
we will patiently wait for October! 


Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of throwing my beautiful
cousin Kelsey a baby shower! 
She is expecting a baby girl May 9th and I couldn't
be more thrilled for her. 
She is going to make the best mom.
She has the kindest heart and the sweetest spirit! 
Not to mention a great hubby by her side! 

I really really enjoy throwing these showers and parties.
I have done 3 of these showers in the last few months and
I enjoy doing it some much. 
I secretly wish I could do this for a living..

I had decided to do a cute 'Ready to Pop' theme for Kelsey
because she honestly looked like she was going to pop.
She also had been having contractions and thought
her baby girl may come earlier so 
we were all happy when baby didn't make her arrival on or
before the big party. 

My mom helped me a ton with the shower and made
these adorable pink cake pops and popped yummy
pink popcorn. I also found these adorable stickers on
Etsy and had them customized for Kels. 
I also did cute little advice cards for the mom to be.

I didn't post these pictures but I did a cute 'Ready to Pop'
banner which we hung behind the mom to be's chair 
and you can see a little bit of the cute wall for presents.
I did two fun games. One was kind of like the 
'Price is Right' where we had a basket full of baby
related items and everyone got to ask the basket's
total worth. 
Then we had a game of word & candy bars..
guessing the candy bar that best describes the word..
this game was a hit at my last friend's shower
that I through so i knew Kelsey would love it. 
She then got to open presents! 
She had a pretty good turn out, probably between 30-40
which was perfect! 
It was such a fun night! 

My beautiful Grandma, Aunt and cousins..


Spring is in the Air..

Oh how I love my St. George this time of year! 

I have other pretty pictures, but can't get them to turn the
right direction.. but this one isn't too bad is it? 

I am not sure why this Spring season I have been so obsessed
with the weather and the beauty all around me..
Usually I love my seasons and embrace each one as they come
and we go on to the next.. but for some reason I am
really soaking up the beauty here in town. 
I love this time of year.. despite the crowds
and all the bustling around me
 I love the blue blue skies
and gorgeous trees blooming! 

My yard has a big tree that drapes over our fence and 
it had huge white blossoms that were to die for and sadly
they are already gone and are now green leaves.. 
until next time I guess! 

I'm heading up to Pine Valley for the weekend and it's so
gorgeous up there too that I can't wait to get up there! 
A little colder than I might like,
 but it'll be beautiful nonetheless! 

I've definitely hit my Spring Fever..


Weekend with Ty & Sheena

 A few weekends ago my cousin Ty and his cute wife Sheena
came to visit from California as they were passing through town.
I love his wife! I've only met her a few times but 
she is the sweetest and we get along really well. 
Ty and Adam are long lost bff's. They are obsessed with each other
and after they met last year at my Grandpa's funeral 
they text each other often and when they saw each other
it was like no time had passed...
it's a real 'bromance'. . 

When they got into town on Friday night we all met up for pizza
at my parents house and just hunt out with them.
Saturday Adam had planned a golfing trip for the boys.
My dad, Adam, Ty and my Uncle Kelly went out to Sand Hollow for
some golfing. It was a really cold morning and they left around 7 a.m.
but the course (from the pictures I saw) was absolutely beautiful
especially in the morning sun. 
They all seemed to really enjoy themselves out there
besides the chilly wind. 

Us girls stayed back in town. I got dropped off at my parents house
around 7 a.m. and jumped into bed with my mom..
We were both planning on going back to sleep on that Saturday morning
but decided we were hungry and were craving Kneaders. 
We ran through their drivethru and grabbed their 
French Toast.. which I had never had before and fell in love.

After breakfast we got ready and decided to do a little shopping
at Ulta, Blue Linen and some outlet stores. 
Sheena is pregnant and expecting a baby boy on 
August 5th. . which also happens to be my Grandpa's birthday
so it's pretty special. 
We are really excited for them! She has the cutest baby bump
I've ever seen! 
We also took her to Swig and enjoyed a Sugar Cookie..
and I got a Diet DP with coconut.. Heaven.

Once the boys were done with their golfing experience we
met up at Apollo Burger for lunch and then headed back to my
parents for a little nap..
We wanted to go see a movie but the day kind of slipped away
and we ended up making plans for dinner at Sakura that night.
It was a lot of fun at dinner but St. George during the spring 
months is totally packed and we had like 1-2 hour wait to actually
eat our food.. it was crazy.

We enjoyed our time with them both though and my Grandma
who came into town with them! 
Sakura lighting is the worst for pictures..


After dinner we headed back to my parents to let Adam and Ty
spend a little more time together.. :) 
They had to leave back to San Francisco on Sunday morning really
early so we didn't stay out to long with them on Saturday night.

Not the best photos ever.. but this is typical of my family..
(photo bombing or just laughing)

I loved having my cousin here for the weekend! It was so fun to
hang out with them and see the cute baby bump! 
I hope I can see that cute baby when he comes in August!


NASCAR in Vegas

I've been a bit behind on my blogging these last few weeks..
 but now I can do quite a bit of catching up!

So a few weekends ago we went down to Vegas with my family
for the NASCAR races. 
Since this is an annual thing I always look forward to going
down to Vegas with everyone! 
Adam left earlier that day and headed down with my brother
and parents and I drove Linzi and I down later that night.
It was a lot of fun this year with my brother back and my sister and her
boyfriend came too so it was all 8 of us! 

That Saturday before the races we went and did this Pole Position racing
and it was a blast! Of course with my sister in law being like
a pro drag racer, she obviously won our 2 races that we did. 
She was intense and if you got in her way she just rammed you..
She's pretty much the coolest ever..

I'm proud to say that I came in like 4th and 6th so 
I wasn't ever last. . that went to Adam both times :) 
After our racing we just went around to some shops and went
and saw Safe Haven, which I really liked! 
Afterwards we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, which is
among our favorites. 

 Cute Newlyweds..

This would have been a cute picture if I could get it to rotate
but I still want it on here anyway! 

The next day was the race. We headed to the track
really early that morning to beat all the traffic 
and to walk around their trailers and stuff.
 I typically don't need to get myself a shirt
or get really into the actual race itself.. I'm more
there for the 'social' part, but it was really fun this year.
And Adam of course, had to get me a Kasey Kahne shirt..
which I'll wear because he's hot! 


It was a beautiful almost spring day! 
And who wouldn't want to get their first burn of the 
season in Las Vegas? ha! 
I really had fun watching the race this year since Kasey was in first 
place most of the time! 
it's always more enjoyable anyway when
all of the family gets involved!

Well until next year..