Day 22

Day 22  - Something you Crave for A lot

Here are just a few things that I love and definitley could eat a lot of! First, DQ Blizzards..(who doesn't crave these a lot?)
Secondly, the diet d p. again, Third Extra Gum or any gum really,
Fourth popcorn ( I love popcorn!), and last but so not least Cafe Rio! I also crave Durangos a lot but they didnt have a picture on the internet for me to grab :(

Day 21

Still trying to finish out this blog challenge!
Day 21!
'What makes you different from everyone else?'

Well I'm loving friendly outgoing enthusiastic positive (most of the time) & happy
I don't know? Does that make me different from everyone? Probably not!
But no one is amanda marie meserve holden :)


Day 21

Day 21
'A Picture of something that makes you happy'




Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream :)

Tropical Vacations

Diet Dr. Pepper ...yum!

Day 20

Day 20..
'Someone you see yourself marrying'
This is a hard one!
Well I love my husband!
I would marry him again today :)


Day 19..

Day 19
Nicknames you have and why you have them

I haven't really had a ton of nicknames.. You really can't shorten 'amanda' all that much.
my  mom always called me manda panda (kinda catchy I know?) and
my sister called me mandy and Adam calls me cute little names that couples do sometimes.. one name he calls me that has stuck but I don't love why stinkers - not even sure why I have that it's not cute, haha.
That's about all the nicknames I can think of!


Day 18

Day 18

Okay.. I think we'ved one of these similar posts before but anyways.. plans/dreams/goals..
Do I do all three? They are all three kind of different?

1. I want to become a social worker - most recenlty I would like to look into getting certified for certain counseling like LSAC.
2. I want to get my masters degree.
3. I want to travel a lot this year if I can because last year was very limitied.
4. I want to go camping this summer.. Adam & I got a tent when we were married and haven't ever used it!
5. I want to work on saving money, getting health/dental insurance, and staying out of debt
6. I want to build a home (this one is in my far future haha)
7. Stay on track of eating healthly and exercising
8. Help Adam achieve his goals!
9. Get another vehicle hopefully a truck.. if gas prices went down a little
10. Learn how to cook.. period..
11. Re-decorate my house.. it's so ugly.

Well that is plans/dreams/goals in a nut shell. I obviously have a lot more than that but I am not going to continuing boring you with my dreams haha.


another win in softball

Adam's team came out with another win last weekend for softball.
They played down in Mesquite and for once this year the weather was actually beautiful
at least during the day so we were able to finally enjoy the sunshine!
It was a pretty fun weekend. Liz & Jeff came and stayed at our house and the boys played Friday night and then on Saturday. They went undefeated 7-0 and won sweet sweatshirts
and a plaque! Pretty glad that Adam's team so far has won every tournament that they've played in! :)
The weekend before that (first weekend of March) was Nascar weekend, Pretty big deal in my family. Those of you that know, this is a yearly tradition and my family gets pretty excited. This year was the first year without Trev.. definitley a little weird but Linzi came in his replacement and she's so fun! :) We stayed at the South Point Hotel & Casino and we just went to a few movies, went shopping, and ate at yummy places! We also took out Elder Alvarez again (his family lives in Trev's mission and they met before). It was pretty fun!
Sunday was the actual race day and it was pretty nice out! Poor Jeff Gordon ended up finishing early due to complications w/his car (I think).. so my dad and adam were pretty mad but it was still a pretty good race.. and I didn't fall asleep or anything!
It was a great weekend and I was sad that it was already over.. weekends go by way too fast when your havin' fun!
Here are some pictures of the softball tourney and then of Nascar. I didn't take very many sorry! :(
All the wives in our cool sweatshirts!

cutest dogs ever - Jagur & Montana

Liz & I

in Vegas

girls driving to Nascar

Cheesecake Factory!

Day 17

Day 17- If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be and why?

Well I'd probably switch lives with this little gal..

Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills..
and for a few reasons..
 She has cute pups.
she doesn't really have that much she has to do all day!
Looks like a nice life :)
She has a good marriage to her husband and she was super funny and entertaining on the show. .and the best part..
She lives in this gigantic house! Who wouldn't want to
 switch lives with her and enjoy this for a day?

I could try and live like this :)


Day 16

Day 16
So since my Ipod is dead.. I decided to skip Day 15! So Day 16..
Another Picture of Yourself ..


-Day 14-

I am SO behind on this blog challenge - here goes Day 14 -

Day 14

A Picture of You and Your Family!

Family picture w/grandparents in Hawaii

Dad, Mom, Taylor, Trevor, Me &  Adam

All the kids - famour ' jump' picture - cleary I caught the most air

Thanksgiving 2010 - (minus Trev)

Me and my beautiful mother!


Day 13-

Day 13-
Write a letter to someone that has hurt your in the last few days.
Well since no 'person' has hurt me in the last few days this is the best i've got.

Dear Scale,
Why do you dissappoint me so? When I stood on you last week and was totally thinking I would get more than .9 ounces I was really pissed off. I totally thought you'd help me and I would satisfied.. Well that didn't happen! Please do not hurt me tomorrow when we meet again.

Love me!


Day 12

Day 12
How you found out about blogger!

Well I can't really remember how I found out about blogger. My friend Tasha had one and I think people starting putting their blog addresses on facebook so I started browsing around and looking at everyone cute blog and decided that I wanted to start one! I don't have a ton of stuff to talk about all the time! but.. it's fun so far :)


Day 11

Okay Day 11! Yay! I am so behind on my days..
oh well.
So Day 11 says another picture of you and your friends.. Well pretty sure
ya'll have seen tons of pictures of me & my friends so  I decided to do something a little
bit different. One of my other friends was doing a blog challenge on her blog and
they had different items each day so I stole this idea from that other blog challenge.
What's in your make up bag?

So about a month ago I switched from using my old 'bag' to a more convenient way of storing
all my make up products. I decided it might be kind of cool to actually show you so I took some pictures!

Okay for some reason I cannot get this picture rotated but you get the gist. This is what I now put all my make up in! I'm actually loving it because it's so much more organized than a bag was for me!

This is my top drawer: face make up - foundation, bronzers, blush etc.

Drawer #2: eyes - eyeshadows, eye-liners, mascara etc. 

Drawer #3: brushes, sharpeners, and extra stuff that had no place to go! :)


hmmm.. is this a bad thing? :)

All of my lip glosses in my purse! haha

Currently my favorite lip gloss! Buxom! My mom introduced me to it and I love it!


Aside from Blog Challenge

I thought I'd write a quick update on regular life aside from the blog challenge..

I don't know if I ever wrote this or not but Adam got a new job back in January at Sunhawk Recovery center (with troubled youth).  So far he loves it! He said it is a lot better than where he previously worked and everyone there is awesome. Lucky for Adam he already has two or three good friends that work there so that's an added bonus. Right now he is on call for hours but has been working almost every day the last 2 1/2 weeks. We've been really lucky! 
I am really happy for him because he seems to be really liking it over there! It has been weird having him gone more hours again. He once in awhile has to work all day Saturday or Sunday so that is different, but I am getting use to already! And I really like having the extra income! 

Aside from us both just working and working.. league softball started back up (I may have already mentioned that). Adam is now playing twice a week Mondays & Wednesdays and yes I have been supporting on both nights! haha.
He has also been playing in a lot of tournaments too which have actually been fun and turned out great for the team because they took 1st place in both tourney's that they played in so far!

This weekend we are heading down to Vegas for Nascar w/my family! I am super excited! I love going down to Vegas and speding some time w/my family! This year we are taking Linzi down with us in place of Trev. I am excited to have her come along. I think it'll be good for my parents too because there will be six of us instead of just five :) And I am okay watching Nascar but I have to admit that I enjoy going shopping, eating out and hanging out w/my family more..
Well I think that about sums up life in the last little while :)

Day 10-

Day 10-
Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyper, & mad..

Okay Well I love basically all kinds of music! When I am in certain moods I kind of just listen to whatever. Genres of music that I love to listen to when I'm
happy: rap, pop, up-beat country
sad: slow songs, or cute old country songs
bored: anything, duh cause your bored
hyper: again probably pop, some good rap or dance music
mad: some good agression songs, rap, punk rock

Songs I currently love right now:
'Whats my name' - Rhianna & Drake
'Raise my Glass' - Pink
'Stuck Like Glue' - Sugarland
'Drop It Low' - lil wayne?
'Bottoms Up' - Niki Minaj & Drake
any Lady Antebellum 


Day 9

Day 9 - Something you're proud of in the past few days!
hmm.. Past few days?

Well I am proud that I finally got feeling better and some what got back on track with eating healthy and exercising.  I have been doing good so far this week! We'll see how the rest of the week goes haha.

I am also proud that I went to my own ward last Sunday!

I'm proud that Adam & I didn't spend a lot of money this last weekend. Usually on the weekend we start spending on our money on stuff to do.. but this weekend was pretty chill so I was glad!

That's all I can think of that I was proud of these last few days! :)