Dax: 5 Months Old

5 Months Old on September 30th, 2014
Weighed 21 lbs at 5 months and 2 weeks :)

This little big cutie turned 5 months a few days ago! 
Where is my time going?
This babe has really stolen our hearts. 
He is happy and has such a great spirit about him! 

I had one of my friends friends, (Did you get that?) who has never
meant Dax before tell me how special he is. 
She said 'I know I've never meant him, only seen his 
pictures, but he is so cute and smiley 
and she said there is something about him really, that is special'
This friend is not LDS, but really thinks something of my son! :)
Obviously as his mom, I sure think so. 

This month we started on solid foods! 
What a little adventure that has been! 
He has loved everything we've tried so far..
Rice Cereal was my first attempt and
his first few bites he was a little confused
but then got right into that spoon and was eating like a champ.
He has tried oatmeal (which he really likes)
sweet potatoes, apples and squash. 
I did rice cereal for the first few weeks and then
moved to oatmeal and then to the good stuff.
He is on squash now for a few days and so far so good.
I have to find a high chair for him, he is still sitting in his bumbo to eat.
He still eats 7 ounces of formula too and in this month
we made the transition to just Costco brand formula
which is great for our wallets! 

He is still sleeping great. We've had a couple funny nights
where he woke up around 4 a.m. just cooing and talking.
hahaha and smiling up at me! Then I can give him his binky
and he'll usually fall back asleep.
For the most part though, he is still going to bed by
8:00 ish every night and then waking up around 6-7:00 a.m.
He typically sleeps through the night and on occasion 
will wake up just happy and ready to talk for a minute. 
He is still in our room at least for the next few days. 
I just ordered our monitor so we are expecting that
soon and we will be making the big transition to the crib.
I'm actually quite worried about it! 
I am afraid he'll hate his crib and wake up a lot more. 
We will see. 
As far as naps go he is still sporadic. 
some days he is taking like long morning and afternoon naps
and other days he is taking little half hour ones so
he is confusing me! 
And since I'm working during the week days I don't get to 
see his napping schedule as much! 

This month he has loved his jumper more and more.
He has one at home now too and loves it! 
He usually can stay in there for a little while playing.
He also has started sitting up.
He will sit supported just fine
but even has started to sit on his own although a little wobbly
still he is doing it and is so strong.
He doesn't really like to lay down and play so much anymore
he wants to be sitting up and be in on the action. 
He hasn't rolled over yet though but I think that'll 
come with more time spent in his crib. 

He still laughs his little head off.
Some days I can get him laughing really good by just 
being by goofy self and Adam can tickle him like crazy! 
he will also laugh at our dogs as they walk by or play by him.
I have let him get close and try to 'pet' them a little bit and
he loves them! 
My mom has two bull dogs at her house and they adore Dax and 
he loves on them!
He will pull on one of their faces and grab his cheeks

and the dog just sits there and takes it! 
It's so cute! 

He also loves staring at the TV still.. When I'm trying to feed him
if the TV is on he gets easily distracted
and then he'll let out a chuckle and smile as he watches it
I would love to know what he thinks is so funny. 

He is still healthy and I couldn't ask for anything more.
I'm a little bit more paranoid as we get into cold/flu season 
but I sure hope he'll be just fine. 

He has started getting more of his little personality, which is so fun!
But he also has gotten more attitude.
He has started to arch his little back when he gets pissed
like when I'm trying to buckle him in the car seat. 
He has started arching his back really bad..
and then he'll start doing that and scooting right out of his little rock n play
I mean, he hasn't literally scooted out, but I imagine 
he will soon. 

We also could be close to getting a tooth! 
He seems more drooly and wanting to chew on everything
more than usual. My MIL swears one is floating up, 
so who knows, that could happen soon !

This boy sure is simply the best baby ever. 
he is loved by so many people
and brings joy and laughter to us every day! 
Almost every day I am wondering how I got so lucky
with the perfect baby.

Love our baby D!

Dax: 4 Months Old

4 Months Old on August 30th

Weight: 18 lbs 13 oz / 95th percentile
Height: 27.5 inches / 95th percentile
Head / 90th percentile 

How are we already 4 months old? 
Where is my time going with this baby who isn't really
even a baby anymore.. 

This boy has sure grown since our last doctor visit 
which was back in July. 
He is obviously in the 95th percentile and is 
still our little football player in the making.
He is healthy as can be and besides a little
eczema with his little skin he is doing great. 

At our doctor visit we had his 4 month shots. 
But he did awesome until the last poke
but he calmed right down when I held him.
He is a trooper for sure! 
The night and days afterwards he barley acts
fazed by the shots. 
His legs have a little bruise this time and some knots
but he acts perfectly fine. 
I even gave him some Tylenol but he only had two doses
and was happy as can be and normal. 

He sure surprises me with how good of a baby he his.
yeah, i'm sure every mom says how good their baby is
so it probably doesn't mean anything but 
Dax gets babysat a lot and everyone says he is great
He is so freakin happy I can't even stand it! 
he will give you a smile just like that and
doesn't even need barley any reaction from you
to smile or giggle.

This last month he has been so happy and really into 
giggling and laughing. 
I've noticed more he really gets the laughing part down
and he loves any kind of attention he gets..
which lets be honest, is a lot! :) 
He is very observant of his surroundings lately
and looks like he is really soaking it all in.
He loves to be held in a sitting up position so he can look around
no more tiny baby holds unless he is sleepy

He is up to drinking 7 ounces of formula now
and the last few days I have been thinking I could even up
that to 8 ounces with how he's been eating. 
I finally started mixing Costco brand with Similac for his bottles
and its been working great. 
I've done it gradual but see no big difference.. yay! 
The doctor has given us the go ahead with solids
so we are going to start that soon. 
I don't know why but I am quite excited to start this new
little adventure of food with him! 

He is still sleeping greaaaattt! 
Oh I am lucky in this department for sure. 
The last two weeks he has decided he is more sleepy and gets tired 
around 7:30-8 so we've been doing his routine sooner
and putting him to bed around 8:00-8:15 p.m. 
and he knocks right out. 
It's a blessing for me for sure with school starting and all. 
He is great with this bedtime routine still . 
We do a bath and lotion and then get our bottle and binky.
He is great at sleeping through the night
and is still waking up around 6:00-7:00 a.m.
I am hoping he won't have some horrible nights like I've heard with
4 month olds, so keeping my fingers crossed! 
He is still in our room but is quickly growing out
of his rock n play sleeper.. I know it's getting time.
As soon as I decided on a monitor he is going to go in his crib.
He doesn't sleep there long during naps in the daytime 
so I sure hope this isn't a sign that he'll hate that bed at night too. 
We will see! 

He is very playful and has started to really grab at his toys. 
He still loves his play mat and I can lay him there while I get ready
in the mornings and he's very content. 
He also got to try out a jumper from Grandma M! 
and he loves it. He is getting good at bouncing more and more. 
He still gets hooked on the tv for a few minutes and 
will stare if its on.. lets say he loves football and nascar already
I am thinking he may be on the verge of teething. 
He's been very drooly and wanting everything in his mouth
The other night he was really fussy too for no reason
and the only thing that eventually helped was Tylenol. 
He has been biting hard on his toys lately and his bottle's nipple. 

He hasn't really rolled over. 
Technically when we are up in Bountiful a few weekends ago
he rolled from stomach to back but Adam had places his 
arms underneath him for some extra help and he did it! 
We were excited, but he hasn't done any rolling since. 
He still will hold his head up great, but also
isn't in love with tummy time. He doesn't last all that long still . 
We've been sitting him up supported more and in his bumbo.
He loves it, he really loves to see everything going on around him. 
He still loves the car seat and driving and riding in the stroller. 
He also has found his toes these last few weeks and 
is starting to grab at those things and pulling off his socks! 

He has a pretty good schedule over all and is such a 
light in our lives that we can barley imagine what it was like before him.
He is perfect in every way! 

Dax: 3 Months Old

Daxton turned 3 months old
on July 30th 

This very well may be my most favorite little age yet..
we've only had 3 months of 'age' but I am loving this new
little stage with Dax. 

This month he has become a lot more interactive and very happy.
People have been asking me lately if Dax is always this happy
and smiley.. and I reply with Yes he always is! :) 
He really is a very happy boy and loves to smile at everyone.
He brightens up my days for sure. 
That smile is going to be a heart breaker one day..

This month he has continued to be really strong and lift his head up great
He now will sit up in my arms and likes to look around
and loves to watch TV.. I know probably a bad thing this young.
He is very entertained by the TV and loves watching NASCAR though.
He hasn't quite rolled over yet, but I am certainly trying to get 
him to have lots of tummy time and hoping he'll do that soon.

He is now eating 6 ounces of formula
We are still on Similac and I haven't been brave enough to try 
a store brand or start mixing it but I think I will
soon because I am getting tired of how expensive Simliac is. 
I had to officially by the big bottles and 
we longer are using the small 'baby ones' -how sad! 
He will go 3 hours between feedings and I know for those 3
hours he'll be happy for the most part. 
He only  has melt downs when he is hungry or overly exhausted. 
Within those 3 hours we usually play for awhile and then have a little nap.
He has been still sporadic with naps and will take sometimes a long
one in the morning and then one in the afternoon but
is still doing small 'cat' naps every few hours. 
He has started spitting up more which is not fun.
he also still gets those dang hiccups and
will burp it seems like after a couple hours since his last feeding.
it's so funny but they are so loud! 

He is the best sleeper though at night! 
I have been so blessed with a good sleeper. 
He will go to bed anywhere from 8:30-9:30 and sleep usually
until 6-7:00 a.m., it's simply the best.
He's been doing this for a little over a month now 
and I'm so proud! 
I've been strict with his routine though and make sure
that our nighttime routine stays the same! 
We do a bath around 8:00-8:30 followed by lotion and pj's
and then a bottle, maybe a little story and then rocking to bed.
Adam and I both cherish this time with him.
He is perfect and we love putting him to sleep. 
He loves his binky when he is really tired, otherwise it's hard to leave in 
But I think he is loving that thing more and more.
We still usually have to hold it in his mouth as he doesn't have the
'sucking to keep it in my mouth' thing down yet. 

He's been drooling a lot and I thought maybe
he is going to start teething early but I don't have any
other definite signs yet. 
He likes to put things in his mouth though.
He loves his little teething rings
and will bite and suck on those toys. 
It's quite messy really.

He is loving his little 'Fuzzy' which is his stuffed dog
that his dad brought him when he was in the hospital still
He's been grabbing it and loving on it. 

This boy is big for sure!
He is growing out of his 3-6 month clothes.
He has been in them for a little over a month now
but some things are getting tight and way too short.
he is very long! 
He is now fitting comfortably in 6 months.. they aren't that big on him
for some reason I am surprised and I don't know why..

He had his first real swimming experience this month. 
Adam and I took him to my parents pool one evening.
He didn't quite realize he was even in the pool I don't think.
He was way too fascinated by his hands in his mouth
but I think he liked the warm water.. it probably felt like a bath
with mommy and daddy :) 

He's been outside a little more and has cute hats to wear
and of course sunscreen..
his poor pale skin.

This month Dax has also started to notice our dogs more.
If he is sitting on my lap he will look at Luke or Montana and smile
or even giggle. It's quite funny that he now recognizes these fuzzy pets

This month he also started giggling and we noticed some of his
ticklish spots, which has been great. 
Under his chin has been the spot lately.
His dad really got him going one night. 
He will kind of giggle/laugh with a little scream-it's so funny. 
I can't wait until he is laughing more and more! 

We also tried sitting him in his bumbo this month.
His first few tries were hard but now he is doing good
and can sit up for the most part on his own.
Unfortunately, his poor chubby legs don't fit good in it already
so I don't know if he'll be one to sit in it very long :( 


Dax: 2 Months Old


2 Months Old on June 30th
Weight: 15lbs 5 oz
Height: 24.5 inches

Because of Adam's grandmother's passing we had to re-schedule

Daxton's 2 month check up about a week out. 
He was seen on Wednesday, July 9th.

I was dreading this appointment since he was going to have

to get his first 'real' round of shots.
During the appointment we also found out that he had
a little ear infection :( 
I was kind of traumatized and felt like a bad mom
for not knowing that he had that.
He was coughing a little more than usual
and had a little congestion but acted so happy still. 
Anyway, we had to get a prescription of Amoxcillian
and then I also found out he has a little case of eczema. 
I had to get a prescription of cream and a few samples
of lotion and baby body wash for him.
Eczema runs in both of our families.
My sister has had it really bad her whole life and so does
my niece on Adam's side. 
Dax has done really well considering he has an ear infection.
He is still so smiley and happy
and he didn't act super different.
After his shots that night I just wanted to hold him
and cuddle all night long.
He acted a little more fussy but he just had this screams here
and there that Adam and I thought were so sad.
Luckily that didn't last too long and he has been acting
totally fine even with this little ear infection. 

Dax is becoming so fun! 
I have really noticed in the last few weeks how much more alert he is becoming
He definitely recognizes mine and Adam's voices and faces.
In his 2nd month of life he went on two big trips.
We went to Colorado when he was 5 weeks old.
He did fantastic while driving. 
I was very worried on how that would go but he did excellent.
On our drive out to Colorado, which was 10 hours, he woke up for the first
time in Paige, AZ and again at 4 Corners, then not until we arrived
in Alamosa. 
He slept basically the entire time except when eating. 
The week we were in Colorado he was a bit off.
I think he just could tell he wasn't in his usual environment 
so he was a little more high maintenance and was up 
a little bit more through out the night. 
My mom and sister were such a huge help to me
since I was in school that whole week.
On our drive home he did well too.
We stopped in a town called Montrose
and he ate again in Grand Junction and then not until 
Richfield and then we made it home. 
He is a happy baby so I am lucky. 

Our second trip at his 2 month mark was to Bountiful

with Adam's family and to Park City, UT for my family reunion.
He did quite well to both places. 
I could tell he was a little off at Adam's family's house
because he was waking up around 2:30 and then again at like 5 a.m.
I think he was too warm sometimes.
He is definitely his father's child and likes the ac on and cool
During our stay there Adam and I had gone out to lunch together
and I came back to Dax kind of fussy with his Grandma Holden.
She sat him up and he turned to look at me and I said 'hi buddy'
and then he instantly stuck out his bottom lip and puckered
and started crying and crying.
It was the first time I think he really recognized me. 
I took him in my arms and he calmed right down. 
it was awesome. 

The other thing I have noticed this month is his 

fist to the mouth! 
It is by FAR the cutest thing I have ever seen.
He now recognizes, a little, that he has hands and arms
and so he shoves them in his mouth 
not like just a finger the whole dang fist
I can now see him do that sort of randomly and 
also when he gets really hungry. I have loved this new little development.
It's so fun that when I lay him down he no longer is wailing his arms
all over like a crazy person but he'll bring them slowly into his mouth.
He also will start grabbing, a little, his toy on his play mat. 

In this month we also bought him a little play mat with lots of toys

colors and a piano at the end that he can kick
He loves it! 
He is very content under there for at least a half hour if not longer
I am happy he is getting some stimulation and looking at colors.

He has been doing pretty well with his sleeping.

The month of June was hard because we had two trips basically
but this last week (mid July) he has started sleeping through the night. 
He has gone to bed between 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
and then has woken up somewhere between 5-6:30 a.m.

He also has really started getting use to our night time routine.

He was one of those babies that had his 'fussy period' during the evening.
I remember Adam coming up thinking this kid always cried, but 
that phase has since passed and I am so thrilled.
Now he usually wakes up around 5:30-6 p.m. and will eat.
Then he is content and we try and keep him awake.
He will play with us and play under  his play mat.
Then I start his bath around 8-8:30 p.m. and he loves this.
I think this little routine is helping him realize it is night time.
After bath time we have his last bottle and he usually goes out 
with that very fast. I don't do a whole lot of rocking or 'putting' him to sleep.
I am also needing to try and get him to fall asleep on his own 
so he doesn't always have to rely on someone to put him down
and I also need to try the crib in the next little while.
This month so far has been so fun and I love getting to know this little guy
I also have loved his smiles and almost giggles he is doing.
It is so fun and makes me so much more in love with him. 

Dax: 1 Month Old


1 Month Old on May 30th
Weight: 12lbs 4 oz
Height: 23 inches

I can't believe our baby is 1 month already! 
I have had so much fun being home with him and 
soaking up this month with him.
Dax got blessed at his 1 month mark on June 1st! 
But a separate post of that will follow shortly! 

In the first month it was a lot of getting to know each other.
Dax has been a really great baby though.
He hardly ever fusses unless he is hungry or tried. 
He has been a good sleeper but wakes up every 2-2.5 hours to eat.
He went to Taylor's high school graduation at just 3 weeks old
and did awesome! He slept the entire time! 
He is also very happy! He is smiley periodically and will sometimes
give the biggest smiles! 
His first big smile was only when he was a few days old! 
I caught it on camera when we were sitting at the doctors office! 

I haven't done any sort of a routine with him yet really.

It has been hard to establish  much when he is unpredictable 
and so little still! 
He loves being held and cuddled 
and he has really liked his rock n play sleeper that we got him.
It vibrates and I think this really helps soothe him. 
In this month he has gone from drinking 2 ounces, 3 ounces, to 3 1/2 ounces
and then all the way to 4 ounces. He is a great eater. 
He loves his car seat and can fall asleep pretty easily.
I have had some school work I have had to do so I have
had to part with him for a few hours a day to get it done.
He has gone to my mom's but done well and 
in those short amounts of time I have missed him.
It is awesome that he'll recognize my voice and Adam's voice.
When we were at my parents house Adam was talking
on the opposite side of the couch where he was at
and his head was cranked to look towards Adams voice.

We ventured out to dinner with him when he was just a week old 
to Roy's Pizza. just Adam and I and babe. 
He slept the whole time so it wasn't scary
but it was sure fun getting out. 
Then we went to Rib Chop House with my family
and I was so nervous to go out but he did great again 

In his first month of life we had one weird situation with his belly button.
Once his umbilical cord fell off there was another little piece in there
that would not fall off. 
It protruded out like a little puss pocket looking thing and was just
weird. So I had to take him a couple times for this silver nitrate treatment.
He did not like it, but it was like a match looking stick that
we had to rub on that part of his belly button.
I did the treatment for about a week but it made his skin
black and it burned him I think so I just stopped.
That weird looking thing eventually disappeared and all is good now.

He is literally so strong! 
From about the time he was a day or two old he has been lifting that head of his.
He would lay on my chest and then crank his head up,
almost like he was trying to look up at me.
He has continued to do that and get stronger.
He isn't a huge fan of tummy time though but 
is still a strong baby so I'm not worried. 
He was born with a good head of hair but within 
a few short weeks he started to loose that cute
strawberry/blonde hair..
but he is hanging on to a patch in the back..

This month has been great with him.
We are learning every day new things that work for him or
things he likes and it just takes practice and patience
both of which I am becoming a pro at I think.
Every day I just think how crazy it is that we are parents
and this little boy is ours and we get to raise him.
What a crazy journey!