Life Lately..

I've definitely been slacking on this blog lately. 
So I'll just do a re-cap of what has been going 
on this last month.

My baby sister turned 17.. 
I can't even believe it. 
She is growing up so fast and turning into quite
the mature woman. 
She has so much talent and the biggest heart.
I can't wait to see what's in store for her
future, cause I know it'll be amazing.

I'm lucky I got to celebrate with her
at Olive Garden and with a yummy
homemade cake afterwards.

A few days after Tay's birthday was this little babe's 
blessing day. 
Isn't she the sweetest? I am literally obsessed with her. 
When she gets a little older I am certain she'll get tired
of me always snapping pictures of her :) 
I'm so lucky to be a part of her life though and to see her grow! 
She looked beautiful in her white blessing
dress and her dad gave a short but sweet blessing.
I was happy to be a part of her big day. 

I decided to go back to blonde..

It looks a lot more blonde in this picture than it does
in real life.. but I'm loving it being more blonde
than before.. 
Change is always a good thing! 

We celebrated my mom's birthday a week early since she
would be up at Womens Conference on her actual birthday.
This lady doesn't look a day over 29, I tell ya. 
She's just the best!
We enjoyed a pool party and some fun in the sun..
We ended the night with a delicious ice cream cake
from Cold Stone! 
I am so ready for these summer days by the pool! 
The weather here has been weird..
I'm ready for real summer weather and pool time

This guy came back through town.
Although it was really brief it was still fun! 
We basically hung out at our house and then went to 
my parents for a little while the last night he was in town.
He came from his long stay in Australia and Hawaii
to play baseball in Missouri again. He will then be
passing back through town hopefully in October
so we can see him again! 

Him and Adam are soul mates..

I am going to miss him! 

I wanted to remember this cute gesture from Adam.
He is infamous for leaving cute notes for me but 
these ones were especially needed. 
I was heading out of town that day for Womens Conference
and was happy he made me a lunch for work 
and included cute love notes.
The simple things in a marriage are what end up mattering
the most. 
I hope we can always remember the simple gestures and acts
of kindness! 
This guy sure knows how to make a girl feel special! 

Just a typical Sundayfunday..

Life has been pretty busy lately and just 
seems to be going by so fast! 

I received a new calling in my church as the 
Secretary in Primary. I am pretty excited and nervous! 
I am not sure what to expect.
I have been a primary teacher before with Adam and
we have been doing the ward bulletin now for almost 2 years
so it's going to be a new experience but I'm excited
for the new challenge and the opportunity
to meet new people and see the cute kiddos. 

Adam started working for my Dad this week actually.
He really wanted to work for him again and my brother
seems to enjoy it, so he's back out in the construction
field! He loves the fast-pace work day and meeting 
new people. I think it's a good fit for him.
It's also a nice schedule having 
the nights free, and the weekends. 
Not to mention his boss is a little 
flexible with his schedule :) 

I am in the process of figuring out the rest of my life too 
I have been contemplating back and forth for several
years about my career and what I really, truly wanted to do.
I always envisioned myself working and being a mom.
I feel cool and lucky that I received a
 bachelors degree and the thought of more
school has never scared me. 
I wanted to be a school counselor so bad a few years ago
and took all the right steps to try and achieve that..
I got a little side tracked and I'm just trying to figure out the
right path for me and my future. 
I am hopeful I'll figure out school soon and be able to
start working towards that career again..
obviously the sooner the better.
I used to be so impatient .. still am a little :)
but the thought of a 2 year program doesn't seem so
long anymore when I look at my life the last 4 years. 
I think I can do it.. and I also am hopeful
I'll be able to be a mom someday and that will all
just fit in nicely. . 

Most posts to come soon on wonderful
Women's Conference, Mothers Day & Dad's birthday..