Valentines & Baby Oakley

Another Valentines has come and gone already..
how time flies! 

This year was very low key for Adam and I.. like more
so than any other year I think.
We both worked through out the day and I was given
beautiful flowers at work.. Even though flowers
do die within a week I do love receiving them at work! 
He did good this year! 

My dad also surprised me this year and got me
chocolate covered strawberries, which were delicious! 
My mom dropped by my work that day and delivered them
and a nice big diet Pepsi.. so I definitely had a 
great Valentines Day.. 
After work Adam and I  just laid around our house and got Five Guys
to go and ate at home.. Like I said, very low key..
It's kind of the type of Valentines night you would probably
have if you had children, which we don't, we are just
that boring! :) 
Luckily, that weekend we went out and saw 
'Silver Linings Playbook' and had a nicer dinner.
I really liked that movie! Jennifer Lawrence won 
best actress for it! I love her! 
It was a great way to spend the day of love..
It's always amazing each year when I count how many
Valentines I've had now with Adam.. I think we are on like
7 or something.. I guess I should count better.

In other news.. I got to spend some more
time with my beautiful little 'niece' Oakley.. 
I am just completely in love.. It's totally
different I think when your really good friends have babies
and you spend more time with them. I haven't ever
felt so connected and so very much wanting a baby
as I did when I held her and saw Kris being
'mom'.. I think it'll be the same feelings once my
bff Chelsey gives birth to her girl.. I can't wait, her baby
is being a little more stubborn and won't come yet! 
But I am very much excited to meet and hold her too! 

Isn't she to die for? She's so beautiful and I am in love with
all her brown hair! She's just the sweetest! 
I can't wait to watch this little girl grow! 


Wedding of the Year..

My baby brother got married on February 8 this year! 
I could not have been more happy and proud of him! I'm so 
glad he found his sweet bride Linzi. . and that they
chose the beautiful temple to be married
for time and all eternity. 
I am so grateful that my husband and I could be
a part of their day and be in the temple with them.
I was so blessed that I got to see him get married..
and I won't forget his special day. 
They are the perfect couple and in fact in a way I am 
jealous of how well they mesh and compliment each other.
Even if my parents could have arranged his marriage
I don't think they could have chosen better. 
My brother got back from his mission last July and
him and Linzi were instantly inseparable. 
We all knew they would get married really soon
and wouldn't wait too long. 
They got engaged in October and started planning
for a February wedding.
The day was perfect! It was really cold outside, but
right as they came out of the temple that morning
it was sunny and they were able to get some 
gorgeous pictures. They looked so happy
and excited for their future! 
After the temple we had a really delicious luncheon
at the Opera House, put on by the same sweet
lady, Kelly, who catered my luncheon as well. 
Then we got ready for the reception since we had to be 
there early for pictures. 
They picked the Bell Tower for their reception and it 
turned out stunning! The decorations were so pretty
and the food was yummy! I don't have a lot of pictures
to put on here from the wedding day, since I was busy
mingling around, but when we do get their official pictures
back I'll post some of them! Here's just a few
that I tried to snap quickly! 

I loved our gray dresses we wore and my sister and I 
got these smoking hot high heels to wear that were
adorable, but were not 5+ hour shoes.. 
The groomsmen including my husband, Adam
helped decorate their car and did a really good
and nasty job! 
The bride and groom were sent off with awesome sparklers
and were on their way to paradise in Cancun. 

Happy Wedding Day! 


Best Friends & Baby Showers

I had the absolute pleasure of planning and attending
2 of my very best friend's baby showers these last few weeks.

Krystal is due with a baby girl on February 13th
and Chelsey is due with a baby girl on March 1st. 
I couldn't be happier for my two best friends! 
They are both going to make incredible mom's and
I'm so glad I got to be a part of their journey to motherhood!
I am hoping any day now that Kris is going to pop..
she is keeping me updated every so often and I have
a small feeling that baby girl isn't going to last until February 13th..
but we'll see :) 

Kris' shower was on Saturday, January 19th! 
I love LOVE planning showers/parties so I had told
Kris from the get go that I was going to plan her baby shower.
I was really happy to have one of her good friends, Kelsey
 be willing to help out as well.
I think it turned out great! She had a lot of good friends
there and I had planned a couple of fun games. 
Kelsey and her family did our delicious lunch 
and I took care of the decorations and games.
I was really sad I didn't get any pictures of the decorations
but I did pom poms hanging from the light fixture
and they were pink & zebra printed and then 
a fun little backdrop of balloons and streamers for the
present table. 
It was really fun to see Kris getting ready and excited for baby girl! 
I am really glad that she gave me the honor of
hosting her shower! I had so much fun! 
Here are a few pictures that were taken at the shower 
that day..

Kelsey's Mom is a hoot! 

About a week later I got to attend Chelsey's shower here
in St. George. Chelsey has been my life-long best friend..
and I wouldn't have missed her shower for anything.
Her mom and sister in laws hosted an awesome shower
in the morning with delicious crepes! 

Chelsey got a lot of great gifts and looked awesome pregnant..
of course!
 It was also wonderful to catch up with all of my girls.
I adore this group of gals and love our random get together's.
Yep, I'm the last one of the bunch to pop out a baby..and i'm
just going to soak up all the advice and encouragement I can
for now! 

She looks great pregnant right? 
Fun little fact about this picture: Once I put my hand on her cute
belly.. baby girl kicked me to say 'hello'! I was so happy she wanted
to say hi to her aunt amanda! 

  Me and the Belly's 

I can't wait to meet these two incredible baby girls! 

I unfortunately didn't get any pictures, 
but the same week as Kris' shower
was my soon-to-be sister in laws Bridal Shower, 
which me and Taylor through.
It was so much fun! I loved the decorations and games..they were
a blast and my mom did amazing with the food! 
We only played a few games, but everything turned out
pretty much how I wanted it too. I love
the details that go along with these parties
and I really enjoyed hosting them!