MAY! SOO much to look forward to!

Oh I am so excited for this month!! I have soo many exciting things going on! This month couldn't come fast enough... I can't wait for everything! I have so many exciting things going on in May.. I'll give you all the run down..
  • Freakin Graduating from College!
  • Mom (2nd), Dad (12th) , Liz's (17th) Birthday
  • Mothers Day, May 9th
  • May 8th -Softball Tournament in Vegas
  • Adam's patriarchial(?) Blessing May 16th!
  • Carrie Underwood Concert/Vegas May 22nd!!
  • HAWAII!!! Leaving May 30th!

Okay so that is everything I think. I am so excited. My parents got Adam the Carried Underwood concert tickets for his birthday! We are staying at the Orleans where she is performing! We are SO excited! But.. I think I am most excited for Hawaii. I am in much need of a vacation! I have been slowly getting things for the trip that I need and got two new super cute swimsuits, I can't wait to wear!

I am way excited to have my husband there with me in Hawaii. I have been twice before and the last time I went him and I were dating and now my next time around we are married and he is coming! i couldn't be happier! He has been once before too, but not to the place where we are staying. I am excited for him to see how beautiful it is and to experience all the fun island things we get to do! Also.. it is our last big family vacation before my brother Trevor leaves on his mission to Flordia in August. We may do smaller family trips through out the summer, but this will be the last big one! and..... my grandparents are coming too! I love them! I can't wait to see them! And I really am not even worried about the six hour flight..Adam on the other hand? I'll probably have to drug! ha :) So... obviously since I have gone on about this for a whole paragraph you can see I am way excited for this trip! :) And all the other fun stuff for May!


So my brother in law Tony left this morning and he totally helped us with our yard! Our yard finally looks like a real backyard! When we get it all finished I'll post some pictures! Adam bought a really sweet fountain that he put in the middle of the yard, and then he bought me tons of flowers to have around our house! I love flowers and have wanted to buy some for our yard for ... well ever since we've been married! So i was really suprised when he got all of those! When i got home from work and pulled into the garage, he told me he had a suprise for me and to come around back, it was really cute how he did it! He picked out pink gerber daisy's because those are my favorite flower, and we used them at our wedding so he remember and bought me some and then planted them in this really pretty pot! He's very thoughtful! :)


School is basically over!

Its been almost three weeks since I last wrote on here! wow! Life is crazy! I'm so excited because I have only one more test and then I am officialy done with school.....for now! :) I will graduate and get my bachelors in May! It's going to be kind of weird because I am not walking for graduation. I really did not feel like going to Snow College and sitting in a ceremony and walking all by my lonesome! Since I am a distance education student they do our graduation early (this weekend) two weeks before my final, and it's in Snow College.. who wants to go to Ephraim? ha sorry. So anyway, I am getting my diploma mailed to me! yippee! I am taking a break from school for the next year, and then I will apply for the masters program and see if I get in and can start on that in 2011! I am way happy to be able to take a break this next year and just start on some hobbies! Adamtells me I really need to find stuff I like to do... so I am focusing on that! I love crafts, so I am going to start doing some crafts with my friends and i want to start running again and hopefully be able to do 5k's etc.. I don't know if I 'll ever be able to do a marathon though! My mom did, but she is amazing! Anyway, that is my goals for when school gets out!

These last three weeks have been pretty busy with finishing school stuff, and Adam has played in two softball tournaments! One was in Delta and one was here in St. George...Delta=not my favorite town! And Adam has started working with my brother and taking over his business, Xtreme Mobile Wash-they have been busy getting things set up that way! My brother in law Tony, came down and has been staying at our house this last week! he's soo fun, and he's very handy! He's been helping with our backyard and i've really appreciated it! He's nice to have around! haha.

My brother got his mission call to Tampa Bay Florida, English speaking! He can't wait! He leaves August 11! i am sooooo excited for him, and relieved that he is staying in the U.S. i did not want him going foreign! :)

I also had to share this amazing new body soap that I bought and love! it smells delicious and its cheap! I got it at Target for like $3! it's by softsoap, and its Nutri Systems (purple). it's yummy!

I think that sums up everything that is going on this week.. Kind of boring!!