Dax: 3 Months Old

Daxton turned 3 months old
on July 30th 

This very well may be my most favorite little age yet..
we've only had 3 months of 'age' but I am loving this new
little stage with Dax. 

This month he has become a lot more interactive and very happy.
People have been asking me lately if Dax is always this happy
and smiley.. and I reply with Yes he always is! :) 
He really is a very happy boy and loves to smile at everyone.
He brightens up my days for sure. 
That smile is going to be a heart breaker one day..

This month he has continued to be really strong and lift his head up great
He now will sit up in my arms and likes to look around
and loves to watch TV.. I know probably a bad thing this young.
He is very entertained by the TV and loves watching NASCAR though.
He hasn't quite rolled over yet, but I am certainly trying to get 
him to have lots of tummy time and hoping he'll do that soon.

He is now eating 6 ounces of formula
We are still on Similac and I haven't been brave enough to try 
a store brand or start mixing it but I think I will
soon because I am getting tired of how expensive Simliac is. 
I had to officially by the big bottles and 
we longer are using the small 'baby ones' -how sad! 
He will go 3 hours between feedings and I know for those 3
hours he'll be happy for the most part. 
He only  has melt downs when he is hungry or overly exhausted. 
Within those 3 hours we usually play for awhile and then have a little nap.
He has been still sporadic with naps and will take sometimes a long
one in the morning and then one in the afternoon but
is still doing small 'cat' naps every few hours. 
He has started spitting up more which is not fun.
he also still gets those dang hiccups and
will burp it seems like after a couple hours since his last feeding.
it's so funny but they are so loud! 

He is the best sleeper though at night! 
I have been so blessed with a good sleeper. 
He will go to bed anywhere from 8:30-9:30 and sleep usually
until 6-7:00 a.m., it's simply the best.
He's been doing this for a little over a month now 
and I'm so proud! 
I've been strict with his routine though and make sure
that our nighttime routine stays the same! 
We do a bath around 8:00-8:30 followed by lotion and pj's
and then a bottle, maybe a little story and then rocking to bed.
Adam and I both cherish this time with him.
He is perfect and we love putting him to sleep. 
He loves his binky when he is really tired, otherwise it's hard to leave in 
But I think he is loving that thing more and more.
We still usually have to hold it in his mouth as he doesn't have the
'sucking to keep it in my mouth' thing down yet. 

He's been drooling a lot and I thought maybe
he is going to start teething early but I don't have any
other definite signs yet. 
He likes to put things in his mouth though.
He loves his little teething rings
and will bite and suck on those toys. 
It's quite messy really.

He is loving his little 'Fuzzy' which is his stuffed dog
that his dad brought him when he was in the hospital still
He's been grabbing it and loving on it. 

This boy is big for sure!
He is growing out of his 3-6 month clothes.
He has been in them for a little over a month now
but some things are getting tight and way too short.
he is very long! 
He is now fitting comfortably in 6 months.. they aren't that big on him
for some reason I am surprised and I don't know why..

He had his first real swimming experience this month. 
Adam and I took him to my parents pool one evening.
He didn't quite realize he was even in the pool I don't think.
He was way too fascinated by his hands in his mouth
but I think he liked the warm water.. it probably felt like a bath
with mommy and daddy :) 

He's been outside a little more and has cute hats to wear
and of course sunscreen..
his poor pale skin.

This month Dax has also started to notice our dogs more.
If he is sitting on my lap he will look at Luke or Montana and smile
or even giggle. It's quite funny that he now recognizes these fuzzy pets

This month he also started giggling and we noticed some of his
ticklish spots, which has been great. 
Under his chin has been the spot lately.
His dad really got him going one night. 
He will kind of giggle/laugh with a little scream-it's so funny. 
I can't wait until he is laughing more and more! 

We also tried sitting him in his bumbo this month.
His first few tries were hard but now he is doing good
and can sit up for the most part on his own.
Unfortunately, his poor chubby legs don't fit good in it already
so I don't know if he'll be one to sit in it very long :( 

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