Dax: 4 Months Old

4 Months Old on August 30th

Weight: 18 lbs 13 oz / 95th percentile
Height: 27.5 inches / 95th percentile
Head / 90th percentile 

How are we already 4 months old? 
Where is my time going with this baby who isn't really
even a baby anymore.. 

This boy has sure grown since our last doctor visit 
which was back in July. 
He is obviously in the 95th percentile and is 
still our little football player in the making.
He is healthy as can be and besides a little
eczema with his little skin he is doing great. 

At our doctor visit we had his 4 month shots. 
But he did awesome until the last poke
but he calmed right down when I held him.
He is a trooper for sure! 
The night and days afterwards he barley acts
fazed by the shots. 
His legs have a little bruise this time and some knots
but he acts perfectly fine. 
I even gave him some Tylenol but he only had two doses
and was happy as can be and normal. 

He sure surprises me with how good of a baby he his.
yeah, i'm sure every mom says how good their baby is
so it probably doesn't mean anything but 
Dax gets babysat a lot and everyone says he is great
He is so freakin happy I can't even stand it! 
he will give you a smile just like that and
doesn't even need barley any reaction from you
to smile or giggle.

This last month he has been so happy and really into 
giggling and laughing. 
I've noticed more he really gets the laughing part down
and he loves any kind of attention he gets..
which lets be honest, is a lot! :) 
He is very observant of his surroundings lately
and looks like he is really soaking it all in.
He loves to be held in a sitting up position so he can look around
no more tiny baby holds unless he is sleepy

He is up to drinking 7 ounces of formula now
and the last few days I have been thinking I could even up
that to 8 ounces with how he's been eating. 
I finally started mixing Costco brand with Similac for his bottles
and its been working great. 
I've done it gradual but see no big difference.. yay! 
The doctor has given us the go ahead with solids
so we are going to start that soon. 
I don't know why but I am quite excited to start this new
little adventure of food with him! 

He is still sleeping greaaaattt! 
Oh I am lucky in this department for sure. 
The last two weeks he has decided he is more sleepy and gets tired 
around 7:30-8 so we've been doing his routine sooner
and putting him to bed around 8:00-8:15 p.m. 
and he knocks right out. 
It's a blessing for me for sure with school starting and all. 
He is great with this bedtime routine still . 
We do a bath and lotion and then get our bottle and binky.
He is great at sleeping through the night
and is still waking up around 6:00-7:00 a.m.
I am hoping he won't have some horrible nights like I've heard with
4 month olds, so keeping my fingers crossed! 
He is still in our room but is quickly growing out
of his rock n play sleeper.. I know it's getting time.
As soon as I decided on a monitor he is going to go in his crib.
He doesn't sleep there long during naps in the daytime 
so I sure hope this isn't a sign that he'll hate that bed at night too. 
We will see! 

He is very playful and has started to really grab at his toys. 
He still loves his play mat and I can lay him there while I get ready
in the mornings and he's very content. 
He also got to try out a jumper from Grandma M! 
and he loves it. He is getting good at bouncing more and more. 
He still gets hooked on the tv for a few minutes and 
will stare if its on.. lets say he loves football and nascar already
I am thinking he may be on the verge of teething. 
He's been very drooly and wanting everything in his mouth
The other night he was really fussy too for no reason
and the only thing that eventually helped was Tylenol. 
He has been biting hard on his toys lately and his bottle's nipple. 

He hasn't really rolled over. 
Technically when we are up in Bountiful a few weekends ago
he rolled from stomach to back but Adam had places his 
arms underneath him for some extra help and he did it! 
We were excited, but he hasn't done any rolling since. 
He still will hold his head up great, but also
isn't in love with tummy time. He doesn't last all that long still . 
We've been sitting him up supported more and in his bumbo.
He loves it, he really loves to see everything going on around him. 
He still loves the car seat and driving and riding in the stroller. 
He also has found his toes these last few weeks and 
is starting to grab at those things and pulling off his socks! 

He has a pretty good schedule over all and is such a 
light in our lives that we can barley imagine what it was like before him.
He is perfect in every way! 

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